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HR Outsourcing Companies 101: How To Choose A Partner For Growth

Human resource (HR) outsourcing is crucial for growing organizations that want to keep operational costs down as they scale. By not having to pay full-time staff for tasks like payroll processing, benefits administration, and recruitment, they can save hours each week. This allows companies to better focus on their strategic objectives while ensuring process efficiency, employee satisfaction, and scalability.

In this article, we’ll explore HR outsourcing solutions that can help you achieve these goals. We’ll also provide actionable tips for evaluating providers. Let’s dive in!

How to Choose the Best HR Outsourcing Companies

1. Define your HR requirements.

Identify which HR functions you want to outsource. This could be recruitment, payroll outsourcing, benefits administration, compliance, or a combination of these services. Take into account your long-term goals to ensure that the provider you choose can meet your specific needs.

2. Consider this key criteria.

Evaluate HRO companies by assessing the technology they use, researching their industry experience, and checking that their pricing structure can support your business as it scales.

3. Choose three companies and check their reviews.

Once you’ve narrowed your options down, use sites like TrustPilot and G2 to check their reputation. Look out for responses to negative feedback as well as the reviews themselves. 

Top HR Outsourcing Companies in 2023

1. Multiplier 

Handling everything from payroll to hiring in a single intuitive dashboard, Multiplier is the trusted partner of hundreds of organizations across the world. HR teams and small business owners can onboard, manage, and pay employees from a centralized location as well as access all key data in one place.

Multiplier’s tools are designed to streamline HR processes for a global team. This means multi-country tax calculation, benefits and compliance, and payments in over 120 currencies. It’s also easy and affordable to add employees, no matter which country they’re working in.

Key features

  • Global hiring through an employer-of-record so you don’t need to establish local entities 
  • One easy-to-use dashboard
  • Automated expenses, benefits, and leave management 
  • Cross-country compliance
  • Global payroll solution with multi-country tax calculations
  • Payments in 120 currencies 
  • Employee onboarding including remote onboarding 


  • Affordable pricing as you scale
  • A 5-star rated team and round-the-clock support
  • An intuitive global solution with everything you need in one place 

Open New Doors in HR Outsourcing with Multiplier's Global Reach

2. Rippling

Rippling is a comprehensive HR solution that includes tools for everything from onboarding to managing compliance. It’s a great option for users who want a simple, easy-to-use system. However, you should be aware that Rippling comes with a minimum one-year contract.

Key features

  • Multi-country payroll
  • Benefits management
  • Compliance support
  • Access to training course


  • Comprehensive recruitment software
  • Integration with other HR solutions
  • Affordable solution

3. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now offers a range of HR services, sold as separate packages as well as in one solution. For example, you can use ADP to manage benefits or payroll or opt for both functions in one. This makes ADP a great choice for companies that need support on a piecemeal basis, but it may work less effectively for organizations with more extensive needs.

Key features

  • Attendance management
  • Payroll processing
  • Business insurance for employees
  • Employee onboarding
  • Multi-country compliance


  • Flexible solution
  • Scalable pricing model
  • Supports businesses with under 5 employees

4. Zenefits

Though only suitable for companies with local employees due to the lack of global payroll support, Zenefits is a great solution for small businesses. In one easy-to-use dashboard, users can view details about new staff, send onboarding content, and oversee payroll management.

Key features

  • Self-onboarding for new employees
  • Workforce analytics
  • Benefits management
  • Payroll support


  • Easy solution
  • Integrations with other software
  • Affordable pricing

5. Paychex

Paychex offers more of a consultative model, with HR service advice that you can implement in your own team. If you’re looking for more of a hands-on approach, you can also use their services such as payroll and benefits management which automate key processes and save you time.

Key features

  • Payroll processing
  • Benefits administration
  • Consultation
  • HR onboarding


  • Advanced reporting functionality
  • Consultation and support
  • Integrations with other solutions

6. Remofirst

Remofirst makes global hiring easy by allowing you to employ people in countries across the world without worrying about compliance and payroll. It also comes with a comprehensive recruitment solution. However, it’s important to be aware that some users report that the software is quite difficult to learn and use.

Key features

  • Global payroll
  • Employer of record service
  • Background checks
  • Benefits management


  • Global hiring support
  • Compliance in countries across the world
  • Scalable solution

7. Bambee

Best suited for startups, Bambee helps businesses establish HR processes and save time. This means it doesn’t have as many features as some of the other options on our list, but it does come with great support and you can use it with fewer than five employees. It’s important to be aware that, with this solution, the costs will grow fairly significantly as your business does.

Key features

  • HR auditing
  • Payroll management
  • Support with HR policies
  • Compliance training


  • Can be used with fewer than five employees
  • HR support
  • HR process set-up

8. Insperity

Insperity is a good solution for a variety of businesses because of its range of packages. However, it’s best suited for midsize organizations due to the costs and expertise covered. You can use the solution to manage everything from employee onboarding to benefits all in one place.

Key features

  • Benefits management
  • Payroll
  • Compliance support
  • Employee onboarding


  • Packages for different size companies
  • Scalable costs
  • Great support

9. Gusto

Though less affordable than some of the options on our list, Gusto is an excellent choice for an HR outsourcing company because of its extensive list of features. You can use the software to manage a local team, doing everything from sending employees onboarding letters to automatically filing payroll and taxes.

Key features

  • Payroll management
  • Benefits management
  • Employee onboarding
  • Insights and analytics


  • Easy to use
  • Integrations
  • Great onboarding experience

10. Deel

Deel is an excellent HR partner offering automated software and a good level of support. Inside the dashboard, users can manage data and processes for employees across the globe. However, users should be aware that Deel is another more expensive choice on our list.

Key features

  • Global tax support
  • Employee benefits
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Compliance support
  • Employer of record service


  • User-friendly tool
  • Global solution
  • A range of reports

Successfully Partnering With A HR Outsourcing Company

A great HR Outsourcing service needs to be able to support a growing (and most often global) team. This means automated tools for leave management and benefits, a comprehensive support service, and, usually, an Employer of Record solution. To make a final decision about a specific provider it’s important to weigh up the feature-set against the costs and find a sweet spot that works for you as you scale. Multiplier provides a leading, comprehensive HR service designed to save growing teams money and time. Our packages are affordable and we offer round-the-clock support.

FAQs About HR Outsourcing Companies

1. What are the key advantages of HR outsourcing?

HR outsourcing allows businesses to avoid the costs of hiring full-time staff; for a lower fee, they can access HR expertise and the latest technology. As you scale, HR outsourcing becomes even more crucial, allowing you to maintain employee satisfaction and operational efficiency with a growing team.

2. How do I find the best HR outsourcing company?

To find the best HR outsourcing company, define exactly which services you need and then check providers’ industry experience and pricing structures. You should also check reviews and references from clients.

3. What services can be outsourced through HR outsourcing?

Using HRO companies, you can outsource any and all of the following tasks: payroll processing, recruitment and staffing, benefits administration, compliance and risk management, training and development, performance management, employee relations, employee records management, and offboarding. For a comprehensive solution, check out Multiplier.
Janki Sethi
Janki Sethi

Manager - Human Resource

Janki is Manager Human Resource at Multiplier

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