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Breaking the barriers for quicker hiring

As businesses are catering to the changing workforce expectations amid a paradigm shift in employee hiring and management, we are excited to announce that we have made Multiplier feature-rich to manage your global employees effectively.

Meet our new and improved self-serve onboarding update for you.

Let us walk you through the stellar improvements to the product. We have made Multiplier a self-serve onboarding solution. What this means for our users is that it’ll enable any employer to register with Multiplier and onboard international workforce in minutes.

Releasing a contract is now a minute’s-job

Creating a contract is the most time-consuming task, especially when you area hiring globally. And in some countries, it is also mandatory to share employment contracts in their respective local language.

Our revamped platform allows you to create multilingual employment contracts with minimum intervention in a matter of minutes for most countries. We are committed to making this process easier and quicker to reduce turnaround time for you to employ talent quickly.

Add Incentives and Allowances

Win the race for talent by offering attractive allowances through Multiplier. To include additional pay components such as joining bonuses, variable bonuses, and sales commissions, simply select “+ Add an Additional Pay Item” and choose your preference.

Provide ESOPs on the platform

ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) has long been one of the most alluring incentives for employees in startups and high-growth companies. ESOPs encourage a sense of ownership among employees. For employers, they help lower attrition rates.

Forget tax and compliance complexities, with Multiplier you can provide ESOPs with ease. Customize ESOPs for your employees, designate vesting periods, vesting schedules, cliff periods, and do so much more.

Companies can now self-sign up onto the platform

We have made it simple for companies to self-register with Multiplier without any hassles or approvals. This means getting started quickly. If you still have a unique scenario to discuss, you can connect with us for a demo and we are always here to help.

How to self-register with Multiplier

1. To self-register, head over to our home page and click on the signup button.

2. Enter your credentials to register.

3. Once you are logged in, provide basic information about your new employee.

4. Provide employment details such as fixed pay, additional pay items, and other contractual obligations.


Not a month goes without calculating payroll and expenses.  With our new update, overseeing expenses is now a breeze. Using the expenses module, view and manage requests for various expense types, make reimbursements on time and win employee trust and confidence.

Freelancer Payments

Freelancers are also a part of our mainstream workforce, who manage ad-hoc projects. In order to streamline the payment process for freelancers, our platform sports a dedicated section to manage their invoices from a single window.



The revamp also introduces the reports section to view the expenses between a selected period. You can also filter expenses based on the status of the payment: approved, paid, or rejected.

Time offs

Leave management is one of the primary components of the HR department. Having a clear-cut system in place becomes extremely crucial for managing global employees. We have introduced a dedicated section that helps you view and track the time offs requested by your employees.

Our entire effort goes towards providing you with the best Multiplier experience. With these valuable updates, we are confident that you will find onboarding and managing global teams seamless and intuitive.

Self-register now and experience quicker onboarding. Let us know what you think of the new updates.

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Binita Gajjar

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Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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