Upfront, Simple and Affordable Pricing

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Hire Employees

Onboard full-time employees in countries where you don’t have entities

What’s Covered

Starting From

$400 /month onwards

Pay Freelancers

Onboard and pay freelancers across the globe in minutes

What’s Covered

$40 /month

Run Global Payroll

Pay and take care of your international employees by ensuring timely payroll & competitive benefits

What’s Covered

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The preferred choice of leading global organizations

Fair & Simple Pricing

Employ global teams — with zero hidden costs.

We believe in transparent, fair & straightforward pricing that lets our customers enter new markets & scale their business rapidly.


Effortless, Flexible and All-in-one

Employing and onboarding international employees is now remarkably easy

Local Contracts

Multilingual compliant contracts crafted by legal experts

International payroll

Pay your international employees in their local currencies in minutes.

Benefits administration

Take care of your employees by providing local benefits of global standards

Expense & leave management

Manage expenses, leaves and time sheets from a single platform

Highly rated by global finance HR legal operations teams


and Secure

A cutting-edge solution that allows you to onboard, pay and provide benefits across borders compliantly and stay connected with your global teams.


Local business entities in over 150 countries across APAC, Europe and Americas


Secure cloud AWS, GDPR compliant and enterprise-class data protection policies


Onboard global employees in a few clicks—hassle-free yet completely compliant


Strong team of legal and tax experts on-site to craft compliant contracts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing starts from $400 per month per employee. This includes our top-of-the-line EOR services with no hidden costs. And for freelancers, $40 per active contract per month.

No, we do not impose a minimum limit on hiring employees or freelancers/contractors from any country. Our objective is to help you scale up without any minimum fee or requirements.

No, we do not include any onboarding, setup or hidden charges in our EOR management fee.

We provide our solutions across 150+ countries across APAC, Europe and Americas.

Multiplier’s comprehensive EOR solution lets you employ compliantly in 150+ countries. The platform stands out for its multi-country payroll, localized benefit administration, infrastructure readiness, equipment services, IP protection, 24×5 customer support, & more all with an upfront and transparent pricing schedule. We also assist in faster employment contract generation and employee onboarding.

We accept payments in USD (United States Dollar) / SGD (Singapore Dollar) / AUD (Australian Dollar) / EUR (Euro) / GPB (Pound Sterling).

For our EOR solutions, our fee covers:
• Employment Contract Management
• Payroll Management
• Maintenance of compliance with local laws
• Administering benefits and insurance
• Visas and work permits
• Legal employee termination
• HRMS modules such as expense filing & reimbursement, leave management and timesheets

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