Global Employment and Contingent Workforce Management for Enterprises

An integrated risk-free global employment solution designed for enterprises. With Multiplier onboard, manage & run payroll for your permanent & contingent workforce worldwide, even where you have your own entities.

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Trusted by industry leaders to manage global employment and international workforce payroll and compliance

The preferred choice of leading global organizations

Local Contractor Solutions

An all-in-one platform that lets you onboard and manage your full-time resources and contingent workforce - in one place.

Generate locally compliant permanent and fixed term contracts in seconds

Offer homogenous, competitive and localized benefits and insurance plans anywhere across the world, to attract the best talent

Experience a unified system of record to manage your international workforce effectively

Managed Payroll Services

One comprehensive platform for enterprises to run payroll anywhere across the globe, where you own entities and where you don’t own entities.

Run payroll for your international full-time and contingent workforce

Manage timesheets, time offs and expense reimbursements

Make multiple payments with a single invoice in local currencies

Data Security & Compliance

Multiplier provides a secure platform to manage global payroll, benefits, taxes and compliance, allowing you to enter & expand into global markets.

We safeguard your personal data and privacy; we are fully GDPR compliant

AWS is our cloud provider and we comply with industry’s strictest standards to ensure your data is safe

Our platform is designed to meet the standards of:

  • SOC 1,2,3
  • ISO 27001/27017/27018

Best-in-class risk management

Our robust platform and our on-ground experts help you keep a close eye on regulatory changes.

Mitigate inherent compliance risks of misclassification

Gain access to centralised and localised invoicing and reporting functionality

Stay abreast with the local labor laws that will help you establish reputation as a trustworthy employer


and Secure

Bring a unified layer between you and your global team to handle employment, payroll, compliance, and benefits across borders.

The Multiplier Experience for Enterprises

Simplified Contract Management
100% Accurate Payroll Management
Best-in Class Benefits Administration
On-ground Legal Expertise
Multi-country salary calculator and payscale guidebooks
One-click payroll to employees and freelancers in 150+ countries.
Multi-currency payments and transactions at
low cost.
Best-in Class Benefits Administration
On-ground Legal Expertise
Legal Experts
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