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Work Permit in Mexico

Why is Work Permit Needed?

According to Mexican Immigration law, a foreign national must have a valid Mexico work visa to work legally in the country in exchange for remuneration. The visa is issued after a process of verification and inspection by the Immigration agents.

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Work Permit in Mexico

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Types of Mexico Work Visa Available

Here are the most significant types of work visas for Mexico which allow a foreign national to enter the country and also work in some cases.

Non-Working Tourist Visa

‍This visa is also called the “Visitor Visa”. It doesn’t give authorization and permission to perform activities that are allowed for remuneration in Mexico. Therefore, it is ideal for people interested in staying in Mexico for a short time; they do not require permission to engage in activities to receive remuneration in Mexico.

The foreign national can stay in the country for up to 180 days, and this visa cannot be extended or converted into a working visa.  

Working Visitor Visa

‍This is also known as a “visitor visa”, but it gives the authorization to work in Mexico for remuneration. It is a common type of visa issued by foreign nationals to work in Mexico on a temporary basis. The foreigner can stay in the country for 180 days with authorization to get remunerated for working in Mexico. This visa cannot be extended or converted into a working visa.

This visa is issued and can only be obtained from Mexican Consulate or embassy post getting approval from the National Immigration Institute.

Temporary Resident Visa

Also called the “Residente Temporal” visa, the temporary resident visa applies to employees who plan to stay in Mexico for more than 180 days but less than four years and also intend to work. The visa is applicable for employees who have a long-term arrangement with a Mexican employer.  

This visa is issued for the purpose to get a Residente Temporal permit. Within 30 days of arrival in the country, the visa holder must apply for the Temporary Resident Permit. With this visa, the employees also have approval for multiple entries to and from the country.

The temporary resident permit is only issued to people who have investments in Mexico or are invited by a Mexican company to engage in work activities or those who have acquired real estate or have a family in the country.

This visa can be extended for up to 4 years. The temporary resident visa cannot be extended after four years, but it can be changed into a Permanent Resident visa on request.

Permanent Resident Visa

‍This is also called the Visa de Residente Parmanente, which allows foreign visitors to stay in Mexico for an indefinite period. This visa is ideal for people willing to take a permanent residency status in Mexico or eventual Mexican Citizenship.

To get this visa granted, the person must have family connections in Mexico and sufficient income to sustain themselves. Or they must have four years of regular status as a Temporary Resident.

Requirements for a Mexico Work Permit

The majority of employees will require a permanent resident visa to stay in Mexico for work. However, not all employees can be eligible for a permanent resident visa. The requirement includes having family connections in the country, having a sufficient monthly income, and holding four years of regular status as a temporary residential visa holder.

In this case, it is ideal for employers to apply for a temporary resident permit on behalf of their employees to work in Mexico.

While some requirements may differ, some standard documents will be required to apply for a Mexico work visa. These are:

  • Visa application form
  • Valid passport
  • A copy of the migratory document
  • Valid photo ID
  • An invitation from a private or public institution
  • Valid proof of finances, employment, and the relationship with the Mexican citize

Mexico Work Permit Application Process

  1. Before applying for the Mexico work visa, employers must issue a job offer to the foreign employee. The job issuance will prove that the foreign national will acquire a position in the company in Mexico. According to the Federal Labor, the employer must have 10% of the business entity of foreign nationals, and if the foreign nationals occupy the technical positions, they cannot be taken by a Mexican national.
  2. The offer letter must include general information on the position, like the activities, the duration of the work, and the salary.
  3. Next, the employer must submit an application for the work permit to the INM on behalf of all the foreign employees who will be hired along with all the required documents. Based on INM verification and after analyzing the company’s case-by-case basis, the application will be approved. It takes approximately 30-45 days to get the approval status. After getting the approval, a letter is sent to the foreign employee and the employer.
  4. After the work permit is approved, the employee will be required to submit the necessary documents and the visa application to the consulate. Once the documents are approved, the consulate schedules the appointment for an interview to approve the visa.
  5. The employee will also be required to present the medical examination results before the date of the interview. The employee is responsible for getting examined at least five days before the interview.
  6. After the interview process is cleared by the employee, they can collect the work permit and the visa from the consulate. The next is that the employee has to travel to Mexico. Upon arrival, the Migration Official will verify the duration of stay for the foreign employees depending on their type of visa.
  7. On arrival of the foreign employee and their family, each member has to register with the INM within 30 days. Family members have to apply for a dependent visa, and if they wish to work, they will be required to apply for a Mexico work permit separately.
  8. Once the employee has registered their arrival in Mexico, they will be required to commence the employment arrangement for the duration with the employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When the process of exchanging a Residency visa for a Resident card or renewing the existing Residency Permit is under process, one cannot leave the borders of Mexico. One has to request a one-time temporary exit and a re-entry permit from the local immigration office for exceptional cases.

There are many ATMs available in Mexico within short distances compatible with credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid visa cards. The local currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso.

According to the 2012 Immigration La, the Points-based qualification system was suggested as one of the routes non-Mexicans may require to get residency in Mexico. However, it is not implemented yet, and there is no known date as to when it will be implemented. Until then, the foreign employees have to seek different routes like financial stability and family unit to get the Mexico work visa.

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