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Work Permit in Taiwan

Why is Work Permit Needed?

To work in Taiwan, one must first receive and sign an employment contract issued by the employer. Post this, the employer applies for a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor before the employee can start working in Taiwan. 
To reside in Taiwan, an employee must have a work visa and an Alien Residence Certificate which is issued after the EZ Taiwan work permit is granted.

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Types of Taiwan Work Visa

There are four types of Visa in Taiwan which one can apply for according to their reason for the visit. Know about them here:  

Visitor Visa:

This visa is issued to foreign employees who are willing to enter Taiwan for a brief time. One can access a single entry or multiple entries, and the visa is valid from 3 months up to one year.  

Working Holiday Visa:

This visa helps foreign nationals aged 18-30 years from any country to obtain the approval to stay in Taiwan for a short term; either for work or issued as a student work permit in Taiwan. The visa is valid for one year and allows a visitor to stay in the country for 180 days. 

Resident Visa:

If someone plans to stay in Taiwan for approximately six months, they require a resident visa. This type of visa is valid for three months and only allows a single entry.  

Entrepreneur Visa:

This visa was added in 2015 to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. To obtain this visa, the Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan will examine the candidate’s eligibility along with their funding, patents, and education. 

Requirements for Taiwan Work Permit and by Taiwan Employers

To apply for an EZ Taiwan work permit, one has to submit certain required documents which include: 

  • A copy of the education diploma that is Taiwanese embassy authenticated
  • A copy of the work experience certificate and proof of employment with at least five years of experience in the applied field
  • A copy of the individual income tax statement 
  • A report and receipt of the Medical examination 
  • A copy of the passport 
  • Passport-size photographs (2 required)

Required Documents from the Employer 

  • A copy of the previous year’s corporate income tax return 
  • A copy of the organization’s representative ID card or passport 
  • A copy of the organization’s registration certificate, business registration, and other permits 
  • A copy of the foreign investment letter approval which is issued by the investment commission
  • A copy of the contract of employment 

Required Documents for Visa Application 

  • A correctly filled and signed application form 
  • In the white background, 2 passport-sized photographs which were taken within six months 
  • A 6-months valid passport with no fewer than three blank pages 
  • A valid health certificate issued within three months 
  • Any other documents relevant to the profession 
  • A valid work permit 


The Taiwan authorities can also ask for more documents that can differ case-to-case. All the documents and verification records submitted should either be in English or Chinese and if required, should be translated by an official translator. The Taiwanese Overseas Diplomatic Mission should also verify the documents.

EZ Taiwan Work Permit Application Process

There are two ways to obtain an EZ work permit in Taiwan: at a Taiwanese diplomatic mission if they’re coming from a different country or the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) if they’re staying in Taiwan with a visitor visa. 

  • To get a Taiwan work permit, the employee should have a letter of invitation or an employment contract from the employer in Taiwan. The employee has to sign the contract and send it back to the employer to proceed with the Taiwan work permit application. 
  • The employer has to submit the application to the Council of Labor Affairs to issue a work permit that has a six months validity. It can be extended to a maximum period of 3 years. 
  • The employer has to meet one of the following requirements to be eligible for hiring the foreign employee:
  • Must have an operational capital of NT$5 million as Taiwanese entities for less than a year 
  • Must acquire a revenue of $NT10 million for Taiwanese entities which are established for one year or more
  • Must have a total import and export commission revenue of US$4,00,000 in the previous year
  • Must have authorities approved headquarters and R&D centers
  • Must have made a generous contribution towards the country’s economic development  
  • The required documents need to be submitted by the employee and employer along with the application for a work permit in Taiwan. It takes approximately 7-14 days for the approval of the work permit. 
  • After the approval of the work permit by the Ministry of Labor, the foreign employee has to put in an application for a work visa from the Overseas Office of the Republic of China.
  • The work visa application has to be submitted to the Taiwanese Bureau of Consular Affairs in their home country. The officer will examine the submitted documents and application and will request an interview if required. Once approved, the employee will be granted the visa.
  • Once the employee is issued the visa and work permit, one can travel to Taiwan. Here, the employee also has to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), which is used as proof that a visa can be used anytime and everywhere `without a passport when in Taiwan
  • Upon arrival, the employee also has to go for a medical examination within three days. Alongside this, the employee should also apply for labor insurance with the Bureau of Labor Insurance.
  • The employer has to apply for an entrance report at the local department of the city government within three days of the employee’s arrival. 
  • On completion of these steps by the employer and employee, one is officially registered in Taiwan with the relevant authorities and can start their employment in the country.

Timeframe for Work Permit Application

The EZ Taiwan work permit timeframe is 7-14 days, which can differ from case to case. The work visa for Taiwan is issued in 30 working days. 

How Does Multiplier Help With Work Permit? 

We are a Global EOR solution with local entities in over 100+ countries. We are here to redesign the global hiring process by enabling companies like yours to employ people from every corner of the world. Our expert-designed suite of HR solutions enables us to offer 360-degree solutions to our users.  

Using our SaaS-based solution, you can request an EZ Taiwan work permit. Our team of experts will take care of the entire process by enclosing the processing times, costs, document checklist, and keeping you involved throughout. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum duration for an EZ Taiwan work permit issued to a foreign professional is three years. However, this can be extended by putting an application at the end of employment tenure. The number of extensions is unlimited.

If you’re a citizen of Mainland China and have been living outside the country for over 4 years and obtained citizenship of another country, you can apply as a foreign employee.

No, only the foreigners entering the country with a resident visa are required to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate within 15 days of arrival.

The foreign visitors holding the working holiday visa are not issued the EZ Taiwan work permit as per Article 4 of Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign works.

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