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Background Checks In Taiwan

Taiwan is a small East-Asian country with a population of about 24 million, with an extraordinary literacy rate of 98.5%. Being near the Chinese market and establishing free trade agreements with the world’s manufacturing hub, Taiwan has gained immense recognition as a hiring haven. 

Companies of varying sizes have often gravitated towards Taiwan to acquire affordable talents and leverage the country’s abundant resources. Responding to its new-found demand, Taiwan has introduced legislation, such as the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), that promotes and allows employment practices while protecting the data of its citizens. 

Background checks have always been an inherent part of hiring, and Taiwan is no exception. However, the rise of worldwide data thefts has alerted the country for obvious reasons. Therefore, employers must follow the government’s strict protocols while conducting a pre-employment background check in Taiwan.

This guide will help employers to organize an employee screening in Taiwan by discussing the steps to conduct pre-employment background checks

What is Employment Background Verification? 

Employment background checks are a verification process to confirm a candidate’s information, such as educational records, employment history, or any other relevant information. These checks ensure the accuracy of the provided information. 

An employer can conduct an HR background check in Taiwan either by themselves or with the help of a dedicated third-party contractor. Reference checks from previous employers and educational organizations fall under the most common verification checks. However, per the job type and responsibilities, an employer can request more information about an applicant. 

Benefits of Background Checks in Taiwan

Conducting a background check in Taiwan encompasses several benefits to a company. These benefits are listed below. 

False information

  • An impressive literary rate might be one of the many reasons companies look for employees in Taiwan. However, the common occurrence of false information for acquiring a job is not excluded.
  • An employment background check in Taiwan, coupled with verification of educational qualifications, allows an employer to identify information falsification, if any.

Improving workplace culture

  • Candidates with positive views towards work and situations, in general, are great additions to a company’s workforce. 
  • A comprehensive social media HR background check in Taiwan allows employers to build and improve their work culture by bringing in positive-minded individuals.

Reducing unforeseen risk probabilities

  • Companies are held accountable for the misdeeds of their employment outside work. 
  • Malpractices conducted by an employee toward a company’s customers can also have a detrimental effect on a company. 
  • Conducting a criminal background check in Taiwan with prior acknowledgment of the state allows employers to reduce the chances of unforeseen future risks. 

Are Background Checks Legal in Taiwan?

Background checks in Taiwan are legal, but the country enforces some restrictive protocols through the Employment Service Act. It prohibits employers from obtaining information not related to employment or job-post requirements. Some common examples are certain information, such as medical and psychiatric test records. However, for certain expectations, an employer can access restricted documents. 

Employers can also transfer the responsibility of conducting background checks in Taiwan to third-party companies. However, the previously mentioned rules also apply to them. Furthermore, for a third-party company to conduct a background check on an employer’s behalf, they must notify their aspirant regarding the following information.

  • Name of the third-party company 
  • The purpose of collecting the data 
  • Types of data to be collected 
  • Methods to use for data collection 
  • The possible effects on an applicant’s job prospects if they refuse 
  • Rights of the candidate per the Personal Data Protection Act

Things to Know When Performing a Background Check in Taiwan

A pre-employment background check in Taiwan is regulated by the Computer Processed Personal Data Protection Act (CPPDPA), and employers are only allowed to acquire information in the public domain.

Employment history

  • Employment history applies to candidates who have relevant experience per the listed job. 
  • A company can reach out to an applicant’s previous employer for verification. 
  • A company background check in Taiwan must only be carried out per the information the applicant provides. 

Education History

  • Educational history applies to every applicant, irrespective of working experience. 
  • Employers can reach out to the listed educational institutes to determine the accuracy of the provided academic accomplishments and certifications. 

Criminal record

  • Conducting a criminal background check in Taiwan is restricted. 
  • Jobs that require the verification of criminal records are provided access to the said record from any Taiwanese court.
  • The records are searched against an applicant’s name from a database maintained by the Judicial branch in Taiwan.  

Credit report

  • Credit reports are excluded as a necessity while conducting an HR background check in Taiwan. 
  • Roles that require finance management can request a credit report from the concerned government agencies. 
  • However, it should be done after receiving a candidate’s acknowledgment. 

Social life

  • Comprehensive research on a candidate’s social media profile allows an employer to determine an applicant’s attitude. It helps a company deduce how its work culture will change if a candidate joins their ranks.
  • A social profile background check in Taiwan can be carried out with or without the applicant’s acknowledgment.  

Information Essential for a Background Check in Taiwan

Per the rules and regulations concerning an HR background check in Taiwan, the CPPDPA and the legislative Yuan adds two extra steps, which has a ripple effect on the essential information needed to conduct a background check. Accordingly, a list of crucial information has been given below. 

  • The legal name of the applicant
  • Date of birth, applicant’s registered address, and alpha-numeric national identification number  
  • Name of the educational institute with reference contact 
  • Name of previous employers with reference contact, in case of relevant work experience 
  • Letter of recommendation from previous employers, in case of relevant experience 
  • Letter of resignation from the previous employer
  • Relevant certifications from educational organizations 
  • Written consent or an acknowledgment allowing an employer to conduct a background check 

Process Involved in Background Checks in Taiwan

As strict rules and regulations mediate a pre-employment background check in Taiwan, an employer must follow the steps listed below to comply with specific laws and verify the required information.

Listing out the necessary data

  • Employers must list the requirement for data needed for employment purposes.
  • The data can be identified from the resume, or it can be determined from the specific job. 

Acquiring the applicant’s approval

  • An applicant’s approval for conducting a pre-employment background check in Taiwan is necessary. 
  • Employers must acquire written consent or any form of acknowledgment from the applicant. 
  • The applicant should be aware of a possible background check and the desired method to conduct the same. 

Gathering information

  • According to the previously compiled list of necessary background data, one can request the relevant information from the concerned authorities or gather it accordingly.
  • References from educational and previously employing entities are contacted, and the required information is procured. 


  • Once the employer has gathered the information from the listed sources, they are cross-verified with their applicant’s version. 
  • Educational and company background checks can be done quickly. However, in the case of certain information like criminal records or credit reports, it might take longer. 

Updating records 

  • After conducting a successful pre-employment background check in Taiwan, an applicant is selected for the listed job. 
  • Post-selection, employers must update the necessary records within their organization for employment history. 

Industries and Situations That are Most Suitable for Background Checks in Taiwan 

Education and an employment background check in Taiwan are two employers’ most common screening procedures. However, specific industries and job listings might encompass additional background checks. Some of these industries and job types are listed below for better clarity.

Education and healthcare

  • A criminal background check in Taiwan for any education-related role is necessary. Jobs that require a candidate to teach and condition the young generation are sensitive. Therefore, criminal record checks are mandatory. 
  • Job listings for healthcare professionals require employees to provide medical assistance to a specific demographic. Therefore, conducting a pre-employment background check in Taiwan for criminal records is necessary. Employers must also verify a candidate’s psychological profile by requesting psychiatric test records, if any.  
  • Employees can request medical records for jobs in vaccine RnD. 


  • Driving and criminal records often capture a person’s inability to follow traffic rules or highlight their aptitude as skilled drivers. 
  • Employers can ask for the mentioned records for specific transportation-based jobs like truck drivers or hired drivers. 

Financial Roles and Accounting

  • Credit reports are a reflection of one’s finance management. These reports come in handy for an employer looking to hire staff to manage finances for their company. 
  • Credit reports can be determined as a luxury, but with an applicant’s consent, employers can get their hands on such reports in Taiwan. 

How Multiplier Helps With Background Checks

Restrictive protocols have always made conducting a pre-employment background check in Taiwan challenging. You can collaborate with global EOR platforms like Multiplier to streamline the process.  

Multiplier is a SaaS-based Employer of Record (EOR) platform that can take off the burden of law compliance and background checks with the help of its partner companies. To add more, a centralized platform that eases up hiring, payroll processing, getting work permits, and more. Therefore, making Multiplier the one-stop solution for businesses of any size looking to hire and manage international employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is necessary to gain the applicant’s approval before conducting an HR background check in Taiwan.

Per the CPPDA, employers or a third-party company conducting an HR background check in Taiwan are only allowed to access information available in the public domain.

Ideally, it is possible to use the CV or resume as a form of acknowledgment. However, an applicant should know the preferred background check methods and their possibility of occurrence.

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