All-in-one global HR partner to employ, pay and manage your international team

Our Professional employer organization (PEO) solution can provide you reliable support in onboarding and managing employee payroll, benefits, expenses and other HR services where you have your own entity.

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How Multiplier PEO works?

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) can partner with your organization where you have an entity established and take the responsibilities of managing both your full-time employees and independent contractors. It can undertake administrative responsibilities such as payroll, benefits administration, expense reporting, leave and timesheets management.

Setup and run your payroll in minutes

Run multi-country Payroll

Seamlessly run and handle international payroll for your global workforce in 120+ currencies and bring them all down to a single monthly invoice. Manage the entire cycle from the platform, including managing payslips, allowances, bonuses, taxes and other deductions

Pay your freelancers on the go

Add freelancers to the platform and allow them to raise invoices and expenses through Multiplier. Clear them all in their preferred currencies in a matter of minutes

Do it all with the most affordable international employment platform

Compliantly run and manage payroll and benefits for your international team with Multiplier at low cost—no transfer fees, no hidden charges and no surprise elements on your invoices; everything’s upfront and transparent.

Offer customizable & homogenous benefits to your International employees


Provide global employees with best-in-class, locally competitive benefits and insurance that our experts constantly update to meet with regional regulations and norms


Make sure all your employees across borders are receiving world-class and homogenous benefits and insurance. Customize insurance policies by picking the right package for the right employee including the dependents coverage—everything in minutes.

Get a centralized view of all your documentation, employee requests and approvals

Get excellent visibility into every document, payment and expense

Manage your workforce better by bringing documentation around the employment, offer letters, payslips, insurance, expense receipts, time offs and LOPs together to a centralized platform.

Manage expenses & reimbursements seamlessly

Empower employees to submit reimbursement claims for any work-related expenditure and link them all to their payroll cycle.

One comprehensive platform for international payroll, compliance and benefits

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A cutting-edge solution that allows you to onboard, pay and provide benefits across borders compliantly and stay connected with your global teams.

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