International PEO for Global Companies

Choosing our SaaS based PEO/EOR Solution enables you to build and manage 100% pure remote teams and expand into new markets 90% faster.


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What is International PEO?

An international PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a company that helps businesses to expand their workforce by offering professional assistance to hire, manage and pay both full-time employees and independent contractors from various countries across the world.

International PEO: Breaking the Ice

Businesses joining hands with international PEO companies have the advantage of managing every HR activity related to their overseas employees and independent contractors in a seamless manner.

A Global PEO offers you professional assistance to handle human resource functions including global payroll, tax compliance, bonuses, retirement plans, health insurance and other employee benefits for small, medium and enterprise-grade companies alike.

This collaboration between your company and an global PEO to simplify your global human resource management relates to a co-employment setup.

Despite the amazing benefits of international PEO that can bring for companies, some entrepreneurs have second thoughts when it comes to taking help from professional employer organizations. This is because they think PEOs take control over their organization in a way.

But the reality is when you avail help from PEOs, you only allow them to share your HR responsibilities to assist you in handling the complex process.

Given the scenario, a professional employer organization comes only to support you and does not harm your business or take control over its core operations in any way.

Read on to know more about how a PEO comes in handy to solve the problems you face when you choose to handle international employee management on your own or with an in-house team.

Why International PEO is a Necessity

Manual human resource management for a company confined to a single workplace is time-consuming and chaotic in itself. This is because it includes taking care of everything from payroll calculation to tax filing at large.

Keeping this in mind, depending on conventional human resource management practices to carry out payroll for your remote team with resources belonging to different countries of the world only adds to the complication.

After all, the social norms and tax policies differ from one country to the other and it is difficult to keep track of it on your own every time you hire new resources or process payroll for your employees and independent contractors overseas.

To remove all these obstacles and make way for smooth HR management, a professional employer organization becomes a necessity and is not a mere choice anymore.

As a B2B partner, The global PEO manages specific aspects of employee management for your business. This way, you can hire, manage and pay full-time employees and independent contractors across the globe in a faster and more efficient manner.

How International PEO can Benefit Your Business

Take a look at the amazing benefits a global PEO can fetch for your organization below.

Get More Time for Core Business

As said earlier, international HR management demands constant attention and increased time investment. On the contrary, a PEO can save more time and energy for you by sharing the HR responsibilities of your company.

This way, you get a lot of time which you can invest in your core business activities and identify more profitable opportunities while serving your existing customers better.

So, an international PEO contributes to your business growth by taking the burden of employee management off your shoulders.

Witness Accuracy

Another important reason for the complexity of global HR management is the never-ending need for calculations. Yes, when numbers come into content, accuracy is mandatory.

When you carry out global payroll processing on your own or with your in-house team, you compromise on precision without your knowledge. This is because you and your team have multiple responsibilities within the organization.

However, little mistakes here can cost you big. Here is where a PEO comes to your rescue. HR management is a core activity for an international PEO and you have every right to expect higher precision in payroll when you collaborate with them.

No Paperwork Anymore

Record management and report generation are other monotonous tasks involved in HR management. Paperwork can, of course, be boring. Don’t worry. There is always a way out!

A professional employer organization can handle up-to-date record maintenance and help you to generate real-time reports without breaking a sweat.

The best thing is, with a PEO, you get end-to-end transparency in every step of the way even if you are not involved in the process.

Access Instant Legal Updates

Struggling to keep track of updates regarding social norms and tax bills is something that happens to business owners managing international resources. You are not alone. But the question is, how long can who withstand this when you have a business to run?

Here comes a PEO. Yes, the professional employer organization makes it a point to keep its global tax tables updated constantly. Plus, they always keep track of changes in labor laws to help organizations like yours process payroll in line with legal terms and dodge all possible violations in terms of law like a pro.

Experience Top-Notch Security

In this digital age, your business information is at risk given the higher probability of data theft. That too, speaking about HR management, it involves sensitive information from the part of both the employer and the employees. Given the scenario, you need to ensure high security for the information involved.

As a PEO has experience handling such confidential information of businesses like yours, they have advanced security systems in place to withstand hacking attacks and safeguard the data they manage.

Multiplier: The Global PEO You Need

Multiplier is a hi-tech platform that comes in handy to onboard, manage and pay your international employees and independent contractors in an efficient way.

No matter how many countries you want to look for to locate and hire talents, you don’t have to spend time and money on establishing your entity there. Yes, we are your local entity everywhere. Just sit back and relax while we help you to scale up your international team.

We understand how important it is for your organization to comply with the laws of every country you onboard people from. 100% statutory compliance is our promise no matter the number of locations involved.

With Multiplier, you get end-to-end transparency into HR management via actionable insights. This also means you do not have to bear hidden charges as long as you have us by your side.

We take care of all your HR needs and all you have to do is approve it with a click. It is as simple as that.

Want to simplify your HR management like never before? Feel free to get in touch with us at Multiplier.

Hiring and onboarding using Multiplier ensures you hire remote talent with locally compliant, fool-proof job contracts, offer emphatic benefits and disburse salaries accurately with absolutely nil errors in payrolls.

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