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FarEye is the leading delivery management platform, transforming deliveries into a competitive edge for retail, e-commerce, and third-party logistics companies. Leveraging orchestration, real-time visibility, and branded customer experiences, FarEye simplifies complex last-mile delivery logistics. With a presence in over five offices globally – USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, India, FarEye serves more than 150 customers, making it the first choice for last-mile delivery management


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“I faced the daunting task of managing our global payroll transactions and legal compliances. I needed a solution that was unified, comprehensive, and timely. That’s when I discovered Multiplier’s platform for EOR and multi-country payroll. Their easy-to-use platform and exceptional support immediately stood out to me. Multiplier became our perfect partner, expertly navigating GDPR and other statutory obligations. Today, we rely on Multiplier to efficiently handle our global payroll needs, ensuring smooth operations and compliance across our international workforce”

Rakesh Kumar

Senior Manager – Global Payroll and Compliance at FarEye Technologies

The Challenge

FarEye encountered significant challenges while managing their global payroll and compliance processes. These challenges affected their operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. Despite working with leading service providers, FarEye struggled with several critical issues that hampered their ability to maintain seamless operations and support their international workforce effectively.

  1. Delayed salary payouts: Ensuring on-time salary payouts for employees in various countries overseas was a persistent issue, affecting employee satisfaction and trust.
  2. Compliance challenges: Adhering to local government regulations and timely contributions to statutory bodies were not smooth, leading to compliance risks and potential legal complications. 
  3. Inaccurate Visa processing: Delays and inaccuracies in visa processing for expatriate employees caused significant disruptions, as previous providers failed to meet promised timelines.
  4. Lack of transparency: Service charges from previous platforms were one-sided and not competitive, lacking the necessary transparency to justify costs.
  5. Lack of dedicated support: Absence of a dedicated point of contact resulted in uncertainties about service deliverables and timelines, leading to operational inefficiencies.
  6. Impersonal communication: Heavy reliance on emails and automated systems lacked the emotional understanding and urgency of human interaction, failing to resolve urgent issues like medical emergencies promptly.
  7. Impact on employees: The lack of transparency and human touch in communication caused distress among expat and local employees, who felt unsupported during urgent matters.

These challenges highlighted the need for a more reliable, responsive, and human-centric service provider to manage FarEye’s global payroll and compliance operations effectively.

The Solution

FarEye partnered with Multiplier to address these challenges. Today, FarEye uses Multiplier to employ 10+ global employees across 5 countries, along with managing:

  • Timely salary payouts:  With efficient workflows, Multiplier’s payroll system ensures accurate and timely salary disbursements for overseas employees, meeting strict SLAs.
  • Compliance automation: Multiplier automates compliance checks and handles all local government regulations and statutory contributions, ensuring timely and error-free adherence.

Rakesh adds, “Multiplier has been exceptional in ensuring robust security and compliance with ISO, SOC 2, and GDPR standards. Their use of secure tools like 2-factor authentication and restricted access levels within the platform guarantees data confidentiality and security, which is crucial for managing sensitive employee information. This commitment to security has greatly enhanced our trust and confidence in their services.”

  • Reliable Visa processing: Multiplier provides reliable visa processing services, managing all aspects of applications and renewals promptly, eliminating delays and inaccuracies.
  • Transparent and flat pricing: Multiplier provides sustainable and competitive service charges, backed by thorough market research. Clear agreements on deliverables ensure that clients know what to expect and when.
  • Personalised customer support: Multiplier offers in-country experts, facilitating smooth negotiations and personalized support. This human touch ensures customers feel understood and supported in their needs, while receiving  timely and empathetic responses to their queries and issues.
  • Personalized support: Multiplier’s approach to personalized communication reduces the stress and uncertainty for employees. This helps employees feel more secure and supported, especially during urgent situations.

What Worked with Multiplier? 

  • Smooth onboarding 
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Globally compliant, locally relevant benefits 
  • Timely payouts & real-time reporting
  • Quick 24X7 humanized support

The Result

  • 40% annual cost savings
  • 100% compliance with local regulations
  • Industry’s best 99.5% payroll accuracy
  • Iron-clad security with ISO, SOC 2 Type 2 compliance & GDPR standards

“Cost savings are a priority, but they’re meaningless if tasks are delayed. With Multiplier, we achieve both cost efficiency and timely completion, keeping our employees focused and content. The personalized support and human touch from the Multiplier team truly set them apart. Our overseas employees rely on Multiplier to handle everything from salaries and insurance to visas and taxations, allowing them to concentrate on their work. Their responsiveness and commitment to understanding our needs have saved us significant time and reduced operational costs by almost 40% annually, making Multiplier an indispensable compliant partner for our global expansion and payroll needs.”

Rakesh Kumar

Senior Manager – Global Payroll and Compliance at FarEye Technologies

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