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What it Means to Be the “Most Implementable” and Leading Employer of Record in G2’s Fall 2023 Report

Let us finish clearing some space in the trophy cabinet… Okay.

While our trophy cabinet may be metaphoric, the awards from G2’s Fall 2023 Report in the Employer of Record (EOR) category, in which Multiplier was named as a leader and ranked first place in the Implementation Index for EOR, are all too real.

In such a fast-paced business world, honors like this don’t come easy, and we have to thank our partners and clients for their unwavering support and trust. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the highest customer satisfaction score of all contenders in our category. And that’s only the beginning .

Leading the way in an ever-evolving business world

The business world is fast-paced and evolves quickly, which means companies hoping for international growth must seek efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. We understand these struggles and sympathize with businesses lacking the tools to handle the complexities and headaches of international markets. It’s also why we’re so proud to gain recognition as a leader in G2’s Fall 2023 Report for Employer of Record, as it shows how vital Multiplier is for helping businesses cope with evolving needs.

Multiplier’s workforce management tools simplify intricate processes, seamlessly facilitate cross-border operations, and ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations. Companies using our workforce management solutions save incredible time and resources, offering the freedom and flexibility to pursue goals and achieve their core objective.

We are immensely proud of this remarkable achievement. Multiplier’s unwavering commitment to simplifying global workforce management has propelled us to the forefront of the Employer of Record industry. This recognition in G2’s Fall 2023 Report reflects our pivotal role in addressing the evolving needs of businesses worldwide.

We owe this achievement to our clients and partners, whose trust and support have fueled our journey. As we continue to innovate and redefine workforce management, Multiplier remains a beacon of excellence in the Employer of Record industry.

— Multiplier’s CEO and co-founder, Sagar Khatri

To be the best, you’ve got to…be the best

In addition to being “the most implementable” Employer of Record, Multiplier earned an astonishing 56 badges, demonstrating our continual dedication to providing useful tools and practical and efficient solutions for global workforce management, business expansion support, and payroll.

Just take a look at these numbers: Recent data shows that EOR services can reduce the time it takes to onboard international talent by 50% while saving 30% on compliance costs. Decent, right? I bet we have your attention now. Employer of record (EOR) services are vital for many modern businesses and their growth potential, making all of us at Multiplier immensely proud of our high-ranking EOR status.

The solutions Multiplier provides encourage expansion, growth, and improved talent acquisition. Our top position in the G2 Fall 2023 Report isn’t just something for us to high-five about around our Global HQ. It’s a true testament to how our solutions better serve you, and the entire business world, as a result of the work of our entire organization.

Aside from being recognized as a Leader in Employer of Record, Multiplier also achieved the highest rank in the following categories:

  • Payroll Momentum Leader
  • Multi-country Payroll Momentum Leader
  • Multi-country Payroll Fastest Implementation [Mid-market]
  • Multi-country Payroll Best Relationship [Small business]
  • Multi-country Payroll Best Estimated ROI [Mid-market]
  • Most Implementable Payroll [Overall and Mid-market]
  • Employer of Record Best Relationship
  • Leader in the EOR Category – Grid Report
  • Best Relationship Index in Small Businesses – Report 
  • High Performer in the Mid-market segment for Multi-country Payroll

While we’re proud of each and every accomplishment on this list, it’s so rewarding to gain recognition for our efforts with payroll solutions.

Payroll is notoriously difficult to manage and creates the most intricate (and infuriating) problems. With Multiplier, businesses overcome these challenges and reap the rewards of seamless and straightforward payroll processes.

Additionally, “most implementable” is another significant point of pride, as simplistic implementation is a valuable and much-desired trait of any leading software. We provide advanced solutions for complex problems, but our software is easy to use and continually evolves to suit employers’ needs. Our awards in the G2 Fall 2023 Report demonstrate consistent efforts to optimize all aspects of workforce management and tailor solutions to suit the needs of varying business sizes and industries.

Multiplier: The best and most implementable solutions

Are you looking for a way to navigate the intricacies and challenges of global employment? Multiplier’s award-winning workforce management solutions save employers time, money, and resources. Talk to our experts today to learn how we can facilitate your business growth.

Supriya VS
Supriya VS

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Supriya is the Senior Product Marketer at Multiplier.

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Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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