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Global Workforce Management

What is global workforce management?

Global workforce management is the practice of overseeing a workforce that is located in multiple countries. This includes ensuring HR compliance and managing support for employees who are located in different locations.

Distributed teams can often feel disconnected and disengaged. For that reason, ensuring effective cross-border communications and employee well-being programs is a key part of global workforce management. It’s also important to help facilitate global mobility through training and development programs. This encourages employee satisfaction and retention by presenting them with new opportunities. It also supports company growth.

Other key tasks in global workforce management include payroll and benefits administration. This can be challenging because each country has different legal requirements and currency exchanges can make payments complicated.

By using a global HR solution such as Multiplier, companies can streamline the entire process of global workforce management, covering compliance, handling all payments, sending out important equipment, and ensuring that employees have a great experience from onboarding onward. In a single easy dashboard, employers and employees can access all important information.

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