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5 Advantages Of HR Outsourcing Businesses Should Know About

Outsourcing business activities has been a popular strategy for quite some time now. Around 300,000 jobs are being outsourced by the US alone in a year and the top reason (70%) behind it is cost reduction.

With the increasing rate of outsourcing, it is quite obvious that the strategy is here to stay. Businesses outsource services like IT, accounting, and even HR and use this time to focus on innovating new strategies, winning customers, and taking care of their employees.

The advantages of HR outsourcing include certified HR professionals taking care of employee onboarding to employee benefits, compliance with labor laws and guidelines. Overall, HR professionals are expected to provide a hassle-free employee experience.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the advantages of HR outsourcing. While there are several benefits of HR outsourcing, we’ll list out the top 5 benefits of HR outsourcing that you must know about.

So, let’s start!

5 Benefits of HR Outsourcing for your Organization

When a business thinks about outsourcing HR, there’s a list of functions that comes to mind. You may choose to outsource staffing and recruitment, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, employee relations, and several others. But no matter which HR function you outsource, rest assured you’ll enjoy the benefits of HR outsourcing.

So, if you’re thinking about outsourcing HR, these advantages of HR outsourcing will help you understand why you must outsource the HR functions.

Let’s see what are the pros of outsourcing HR.

1. Save your valuable time

Saving your precious time is one of the most important benefits of HR outsourcing. You can save so much of your time that’s usually taken up by the lengthy HR processes, be it recruitment, employee compensation, or other administrative work.

The responsibilities and all the paperwork related to HR functions is not something businesses are unaware of and these tasks are unimaginably time-consuming. So, saving time is an immediate benefit of HR outsourcing that you receive.

Once you outsource the HR function, you free up a lot of time. You can use this time to work for the further growth of the business.

2. Spend Less Save More

It feels really good to save your hard-earned bucks. Right? With that being said, we come to the next advantage of HR outsourcing.

The next benefit of HR outsourcing is more savings. Even if you manage to pull down your HR expenses, the total cost of HR functions can get high. For startups, it would be unfair and risky to depend on a single HR employee to manage the recruitment, employee benefits, and payroll.  Hence, you’ll need a team of HR professionals to carry out the different functions. Consequently, you incur higher costs.

By employing an entire team of HR professionals, you’re increasing the salary expenses and including their taxes, benefits, etc.  Plus, your office expenses increase as more employees demand a larger workspace. The benefit of outsourcing HR functions is that it is no more your responsibility to manage the HR costs.

The HR department is not a revenue-generating one but it consumes a lot of business resources. As an advantage of outsourcing HR functions, here are a few of the costs you can save.

  • Salary & Training – The more HR professionals you hire, the more goes into training them along with their monthly salaries. If you look at the whole list of costs like legal costs, insurance premiums, training sessions, salaries, etc. you’ll be grateful for this benefit of HR outsourcing.
  • Payroll – One advantage of HR outsourcing is that you save on payroll costs. Since payroll management includes maintaining records, handling pay slips, tax deductions, etc. you’ll need a team to maintain an internal payroll system. And recruiting & maintaining a team for the payroll will probably cost you double.
  • Recruitment & Hiring – When discussing the costs you can save as a benefit of HR outsourcing, who can forget recruitment and hiring. Not having to deal with this HR activity is probably one of the best advantages of outsourcing HR functions. One of the most time-consuming and expensive HR processes is recruitment and if you outsource this function, you’ll significantly reduce HR costs.

3. Outsource global talent

We cannot emphasize this benefit of HR outsourcing enough. As more employers are offering work flexibility, they are gaining access to a global talent pool.

Several factors make this advantage of HR outsourcing possible. On one hand, one of the most significant factors is the growing economies and on the other, we have the advanced technologies that contribute towards the development of a global workforce.

By expanding the hiring of employees to a global level, businesses have increased the possibility of getting an ideal employee for a specific job role.

However, preparing for a global workforce has its challenges. Though this is one of the best benefits of outsourcing HR functions, businesses must manage cultural diversity and perspective differences. They must be well-informed about the methods they’re going to use for recruitment in different countries.

Partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can be immensely helpful here. PEOs can help you find the best talent for a job role, manage contacts, payroll & benefits from one platform, adhere to local labor laws, and make payments easily in multiple currencies.

4. Offer benefits to your global workforce

This advantage of HR outsourcing is more useful for small and medium-sized businesses. While the resources with start-ups or small businesses are limited compared to large enterprises, outsourcing HR can contribute to growth.

Accessing, attracting, and retaining talent is very crucial to the success of businesses, regardless of their size. The main benefit of HR outsourcing is having access to professionals who possess knowledge about various employee benefit schemes, insurance options, market trends, etc.

The advantage of outsourcing HR functions is that it helps you strategize and improve your employee benefits program. Your growth opportunities become unmatchable by improving employee communication and implementing creative employee benefits etc.

5. Simpler Risk Management

The next benefit of outsourcing HR functions is that it minimizes risk.

Keeping up with the ever-changing state and federal regulations is a challenging task. Especially, for small businesses, it becomes quite complicated to adhere to the many guidelines for operating as a business. As a result, the inability to cope with the changes may consequently lead up to non-compliance.

A major benefit of HR outsourcing is that it simplifies being compliant with laws and regulations. You can easily rely on a PEO to keep a check on your compliances like auditing, hiring, insurance, employee benefits, and numerous other aspects.

So, automatically the risk of non-compliance melts down as a benefit of HR outsourcing.‍

Enjoy the Advantages of HR Outsourcing to the Fullest with Multiplier

Are you looking for an HR outsourcing agency that can help you with the following services?

  • Recruitment, onboarding and administration of global talent
  • Hiring cross-country employees without worrying about compliance
  • Managing a global payroll system
  • Providing global benefits to your part-time and full-time employees

Well, then your search should end with Multiplier. This HR outsourcing agency can help you with all of these and much more. Book your demo to explore further.

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