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Background Checks / Employee Screening in Uruguay

Uruguay is home to one of the most developed economies in South America. With a substantial GDP of 59.32 billion in 2021, the country is one of the most attractive destinations for establishing trade and businesses. 

Uruguay is the entry and exit point for goods that arrive or leave Latin America via the Atlantic Ocean. The country also promotes free trade and is renowned for having a skilled and highly educated workforce. 

Establishing a company and recruiting staff requires thoroughly screening hundreds of candidates. Companies can conduct a thorough background check in Uruguay to select the right candidates for the job. 

Read on to know more about conducting employment background checks in Uruguay to find and recruit candidates that are fit for your organization.

What Is Employment Background Verification?

Employment background verification is one of the most crucial stages of recruiting a workforce to a company. It helps establish the candidate’s authenticity for determining if the candidate is fit for employment. 

During the stage of employment background verification, the HR of the organization conducts a thorough check of the academic and employment history, criminal archives, financial status, social media profiles, work authorization reports, medical data, and related records of the candidate. 

In Uruguay, a background check is mandatory to ensure transparency in the recruitment process and to preserve an organization’s reputation.

Benefits of Background Checks in Uruguay

A few advantages of conducting an employment background check in Uruguay are given below:

  • Section of highly qualified candidates during the recruitment process through informed decision-making
  • Improvement of compliance with the industry, federal, and state laws and regulations
  • Secures the organization against frivolous liabilities
  • Reduction of risks associated with negligent hiring
  • Lowers employee turnover period 

Employee background screening in Uruguay is legal. A pre-employment background check in Uruguay plays a pivotal role in hiring trustworthy candidates for the organization. However, the process of employee screening in Uruguay has to comply with the laws and regulations of the state. For the background check to be legal, the records of an employee must be in the context of the employment. 

The Data Protection Law, 2018, protects candidates and employees against unrestricted and unlawful background checks. If a company fails to adhere to the Data Protection Act, 2018 while conducting an HR background check in Uruguay, the candidate may seek redressal of rights at the Uruguayan Data Protection Authority.

Things to Know When Performing a Background Check in Uruguay

Conducting a pre-employment background check on candidates helps appoint reliable candidates. It also helps protect the company’s reputation and assets while mitigating liability risks. 

The employment background search in Uruguay involves acquiring the following information from the candidate to create a complete record of the potential employee:

Employment history

  • It is quite likely that the candidate has disclosed the work experience details in the resume and during the interview. 
  • During the employee history background check, employers would get to verify the employee’s employment history. It involves confirmation of past job designations, timelines of employment, past salary slips, and bona fide certificates obtained from ex-managers.

Education history

  • An important part of employment background checks in Uruguay is verifying a candidate’s academic record. 
  • A thorough check of the degrees, diplomas, and other educational certificates help to confirm the candidate’s eligibility for the job. 
  • If the job requires the candidate to hold a professional license, the employer can also check whether the candidate has received the license from the right authority. 

Criminal record

  • A criminal background check in Uruguay is paramount, as hiring a habitual offender would permanently damage a company’s reputation. 
  • Companies conduct a criminal background check to preserve the organization’s renown and ensure the employees’ safety. 

Credit report

  • The credit report reveals a wealth of information regarding the financial status of a potential employee. 
  • A comprehensive background check of a candidate’s credit history discloses the social security number, credit score, past or present debt situation, delayed payments, and non-clearance of debts. 
  • Conducting a credit history background check in Uruguay helps in hiring a candidate who is financially aware and responsible. 

Social life

  • A company background check in Uruguay also includes screening candidates’ social media profiles. 
  • A thorough background check of the candidate’s social life reveals their personality. 
  • Conducting a social media background check provides the employer with information regarding the public discussions and social activities that the candidate engages in online. 
  • However, it is important to comply with Uruguay’s background check law while going through candidates’ social media profiles so that there is no infringement of the candidate’s privacy.

Information Essential for a Background Check in Uruguay

An employee background check in Uruguay is essential for the transparent and effective recruitment of company candidates. Companies must have the following information to conduct an exhaustive background check in Uruguay:

  • Candidate’s full name
  • Present and past residential addresses
  • Date of birth of the candidate
  • A recent coloured photo of the candidate
  • Social security number of the candidate
  • Offer letters, salary slips, experience letters, exit letters and other documents about previous employment
  • Academic degree certificates, mark sheets, and other relevant documents
  • Documents of internship experience
  • A self-declaration of criminal records attested by a gazetted officer
  • Driving license, passport, and other government ID proof documents
  • Reports of drug test
  • Criminal history report from local police stations
  • Financial status information such as credit card debt, credit score, outstanding loans, and other assets and liabilities

Process Involved in Background Checks in Uruguay

During background checks in Uruguay, HR thoroughly screens several candidates to prepare a detailed background check report. Throughout the process, the employer has to ensure constant compliance with the background check law of Uruguay. The step-by-step process of conducting a background check in Uruguay is given below:

Step 1: Disclosure to the candidate

  • The company must disclose the pre-employment screening check after making a job offer. 
  • In the disclosure, the company must state that the candidate can take up the job offer only after passing the different tests that form a part of the background check in Uruguay.
  • The HR has to obtain written consent from the candidate about the employee background screening check in Uruguay. 
  • It is mandatory to ensure the candidate is not coerced into giving consent to the background check. 
  • The company must notify the candidate of the agency that will conduct the employee screening check on behalf of the company. 
  • Ensure that the background check in Urguay is related to the job profile. 

Step 3: Investigation of the candidate

  • The background check agency obtains detailed information about the candidate from various relevant sources to cross-check the candidate’s resume. 
  • At this stage, the agency obtains the employment history, academic records, criminal records, social media profile data, and bank reports of the candidate by contacting relevant authorities.
  •  The agency then prepares an investigation report that is submitted to the company.

Step 4: Review the investigation report

  • The company reviews the report and provides a notification to the candidate. 
  • The candidate either receives a “clear” notification of the eligibility for employment or a “consider” notification of failure.

Industries and Situations That are Most Suitable for Background Checks in Uruguay

In Uruguay, every company, regardless of sector or industry, risks damaging its reputation and losing assets after hiring fraudulent candidates. Industries that recruit candidates from across the globe have to run stringent background checks to confirm the candidates’ authenticity. 

Moreover, any company requiring the candidate to hold a license, such as that of a doctor, nurse, driver, teacher, professor, or other professional, must run a mandatory background check in Uruguay. Further, suppose the company requires one to care for children, aged people, women, or the disabled. In that case, there must be a strict criminal background check in Uruguay and other screening tests before hiring a caretaker. 

A list of the industries and sectors that mandate background checks in Uruguay is given below:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal services
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Energy and utilities
  • Transportation and construction industry

How Multiplier Helps with Background Checks?

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Frequently Asked Questions

An employee should have attained the age of 18 years to start unrestrictive working in Uruguay.

The standard probationary period in Uruguay is three months.

Generally, the working days are from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM.

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