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Work Permit in Peru

Why is Work Permit Needed?

A work permit acts as a legal document that secures your right to work in the country for a definite period. It is the official letter of permission that allows you to stay and seek employment in a foreign country. Therefore, having a valid work visa is essential to avoid any troubles at the time of your immigration.

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Work Permit in Peru

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Types of Peru Work Visa

Visas for Peru are issued depending on the reason and duration of your trip. To legally work in Peru, a Peruvian visa is necessary, which are majorly divided into two categories: 

Tourist Visa

A temporary work visa Peru, this permit is valid for 90 or 183 days. You can apply for work after entering the country. And once you secure a job, you can apply for a Peruvian working visa. 

Business Visa

Those looking to start or operate business activities in Peru should apply for this visa. It requires an official agreement between your government and the Peruvian government to allow business activity in Peru. It is valid for 90 days. 

Journalist Visa

This visa is issued to journalists entering Peru for reporting purposes. All journalists have to seek authorization for bringing their equipment into Peru.

Other Types of Peru Work Visa

These are classified as Resident visas. 

Independent Investor Visa

Those wishing to invest in a business in Peru should apply for an Investor visa. It requires proof of fixed investments made in a Peruvian company, employing five locals within the first year of business. It is valid for a year.

Independent Professional Visa

This type of visa allows you to work independently, not bound by any company’s contract. You need to be a member of a professional body. 

Appointed Worker Visa

Also called the Designated Worker Visa, it is offered if there is a service agreement between a foreign company and a Peruvian company to appoint a particular employee. 

Rentista Visa

This is Peru’s retirement visa. If you prove a permanent monthly income of $1000, you are eligible to retire in Peru with this visa. It is a permanent visa that does not require annual renewal. Expats can apply for citizenship after holding a retirement visa for two years.

Peru Work Visa Requirements

Since Peru allows employees to work on a tourist visa, the first step is to get the employees a visa to enter the country. Once they have entered Peru, they can start looking for a job and then apply for the Peru working holiday visa. Here’s the general list of documents needed for a Peru visa:

  • Passport with validity of at least six months from the date of arrival 
  • Copies of passport front and back
  • Two copies of the completed visa application
  • Signed cover letter explaining the purpose of visit to Peru
  • Recent photographs
  • The complete itinerary for time to be spent in Peru
  • Hotel reservations
  • Bank statements, income tax returns as proof of financial support for your stay in Peru
  • A no-objection letter from the employer if you already have a job in Peru. It should have details of your work duration and intended stay.

The Peru work visa requirements for US citizens may differ from those with other nationalities. It also depends on the type of visa for which a person is applying. For example, a business visa requires details of the business contract along with other references. Similarly, an independent professional visa requires an international police background check.

Peruvian Visa Application Process

  • To obtain a Peru work permit, the employee must contact the nearest Peruvian Embassy and make an appointment.
  • The appointment can be taken over the phone or via email in some countries. In some countries, you can directly visit the embassy to start the process.
  • Check the complete list of documents required for your Peru working holiday visa.
  • Gather the documents and attend your visa appointment.
  • You will also have to undergo an interview with a consular officer. The questions will pertain to the reason for your intended trip, basis a background check.
  • Pay the visa fees.
  • Wait for the processing of your visa. The embassy will contact you to collect your passport and visa. 

Note: Getting an entry visa for Peru is not enough. On finding a job here, you have to apply for a Peru work permit at the Peruvian general directorate of immigration and naturalisation (DIGEMIN).

Timeframe for Peru Working Visa

Most visas for Peru are processed within 5 to 7 business days. But in the case of work visas, it can take up to 30 days. Thus, it is advisable to start your application process for a working holiday visa in Peru in advance.

Cost of Peru Work Visa 

Here’s an outline of the cost for different work visas in Peru:

Visa TypeFee
Tourist Visa$30
Business Visa$30
Resident Visa$80
Journalist Visa$0

* The above prices are mentioned in Pounds on the Consulate General of Peru official website. They may vary with fluctuating currencies.

How Does Multiplier Help With Peru Work Visa

Multiplier is a global EOR solution with local entities in over 150+ countries. We can help you manage a global team with our network of trained experts. Moreover, our experienced HR suite guarantees end-to-end solutions to all users. 

By partnering with Multiplier, you can ease out the process of obtaining a Peru work permit. Our qualified in-house team will handle all the documentation processes and costs from the beginning to the end. Be rest assured to remain updated at every step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both tourist and business visas are short-term visas. A tourist visa is valid for 183 days; a business visa is valid for 90 days. A working visa is usually granted for the period stated on the employee’s contract.

To extend your visa, visit the nearest immigration office in Peru. But there are certain conditions for an extension of a visa in Peru:

  • Only visitors with a still valid tourist visa can apply for an extension.
  • For those arriving from Schengen states, the maximum allowed time on a “tourist visa” is 90 days within a 180 days period. So they cannot extend their tourist visa.
  • Peruvian business visas cannot be extended.
  • Peruvian residence visas can be extended for family reunions, employment, studying, independent and religious visas.

Peru visa requirements for US citizens does not include a visa, provided the visit is for tourism purposes. However, for business purposes, they will have to apply for a visa.

Anyone overstaying in Peru will have to pay a fine for every extra day spent in the country at the time of leaving. The penalty is approximately $1.25 for each day overstayed.

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