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Work Permit in Palau

Why is Work Permit Needed?

A work permit acts as an official proof of employment in a foreign country. This legal document secures your right to reside and work in the country, avoiding any troubles at the time of immigration. To be able to work from Palau, an individual needs to have a valid Palau work permit.

About the Palau Job Market

Palau is a beautiful island country surrounded by crystal clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Since most of the islands forming the region are dispersed, there are only a few industries here. The most significant contribution to Palau’s economy is tourism, fishing and farming. Tourism accounts for 80% of the total GDP and employs almost 75% of the entire workforce. In case you are looking for employment here, check some key points about the Palau job market:

Work Permit in Palau

Number of Expats:

< 5000

Expats Job Websites:

Popular Industries for Expats:

Tourism and Hospitality, Teaching, Import-Exports, Construction, and Infrastructure Development

Types of Palau Working Visa

To seek employment in Palau, a valid Palau working visa or an identification certificate is needed. There are different types of work permits depending on the nature of the work and period of employment. The popular Palau work permits include:

Provisional Labor Visa

‍Also called a provisional identification certificate, it allows foreigners to enter and work in the country legally. Employers in the private sector who seek nonresident workers have to secure these identification certificates. Only after the issuance of this document can the employees apply for a Palau work permit. 

Missionary Visa

‍Visitors who provide valid proof of undertaking religious work or participating in community service can apply for this visa. 

Temporary Permits

‍This is an identification certificate issued to nonresident workers needed in the Republic of Palau for 90 days or less. The employee can extend the visa for another 90 days.

Palau Work Visa Requirements

The Republic of Palau’s Division of Labor examines every nonresident work permit in detail. An employer has to first seek approval for hiring foreign employees. No employer can employ a nonresident worker without an issued provisional identification certificate. Below is the list of documents required for a Palau work permit: 

  • An application form to the Division of Labor for a permit to employ a nonresident worker
  • Payment of non-refundable application fee
  • A standard employment contract form
  • Original police clearance certificate from country of residence
  • Original health certificate from a certified public health authority
  • Two signed affidavits from previous employers indicate the employee has at least two years of experience in the related field of work

Note: To apply for a temporary identification certificate, the nonresident worker should be between 21 and 60 years of age.

Palau Working Visa Application Process

The Republic of Palau prefers hiring local workers over foreigners. So, the first step to a Palau working visa is for the employer to seek authorization to hire nonresidents. Once you get approval to hire foreign workers, you must apply for a provisional nonresident worker identification certificate. Your employees can only enter Palau after obtaining their provisional identification certificate or the provisional labor visa. 

Once your employee gets their certificate, they must enter the country within 60 days of the date of issuance. Within ten days of entry, the nonresident worker has to present proof of completing a physical exam and obtain a social security number. The individual will then be issued a nonresident worker identification certificate valid for a year from the date of arrival.

Timeframe for Palau Work Permit

The Division of Labor reviews the applications and documents thoroughly. They ensure that the work visa application fee has been paid. They determine whether the employment of nonresident workers is in the best interests of the country. Incomplete applications are returned with explanations. It can take about 15 days to a month for the processing of the Palau work permit. However, if the application is for a managerial or a top position, the application is processed immediately if the Chief has reasonable reason to believe that any citizen or permanent resident cannot fill the position. 

Palau Work Permit Cost

Palau issues a visa on arrival which is free of cost. However, when applying for a Palau working visa, you have to pay the application fee of $50.

How Does Multiplier Help With Work Permit?

As a global EOR solution, Multiplier facilitates employee onboarding and management for international business organizations across the globe. With a local presence in over 150 countries, we efficiently provide end-to-end HR solutions. 

If you partner with Multiplier, our team of in-house experts will lead in work permits and the application process. You can request a Palau work permit via our SaaS-based system and let our experts handle the rest. From documentation to costs, we will keep you informed at all points from the beginning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

US citizens visiting Palau for one year or less do not require a visa. All tourists except Myanmar and Bangladesh will get a 30-day tourist visa on arrival.

A Dutch national does not require a work permit to work in another EU country. But they need to have both a visa and work permit to work in a country that is not a part of the EU.

The nonresident worker visa in Palau is valid for one year at a time. They can renew the visa later if required.

Renewal applications are treated similarly to new hires and will require the same documents. In addition, they have to be submitted 45 days before the expiration of the worker’s identification certificate.

The Palau pledge is a promise to act in an environmentally responsible way on the island. All visitors upon entry must have the Palau pledge stamped in their passports, which they have to sign before the immigration officer.

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