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Background Checks/Employee Screening Montenegro

Montenegro is a Balkan country in Southeastern Europe, providing easy access to countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Croatia. The economy of Montenegro is in a transition period, and it is expected to grow by 39.15% by 2027. Agriculture plays a significant role in the revival of the economy. The banking and tourism sectors are also crucial sources of income. 

 Companies can establish their business in Montenegro and start hiring in the country. However, while hiring in Montenegro, companies need to conduct a thorough background check and follow several laws, including the employment act and Labor law. Also, before hiring, you should conduct an employee background screening in Montenegro to avoid future issues with employees. 

What Is Employment Background Verification?

An employment background verification is a process to verify a candidate’s validity and ability to work. It involves verifying the key elements of a candidate before hiring, including educational qualifications, employment history, and others. 

A pre-employment background check in Montenegro is moderated by its labor laws. Employers hiring in the country must abide by Montenegro’s employment act and stay compliant with HR background checks in Montenegro. 

Benefits of Background Checks in Montenegro

Organizing a background check in Montenegro can help an organization build a safe work environment. There are several other benefits of a background check in Montenegro, which are as follows.

  • A pre-employment background check in Montenegro ensures all the data the employee provides are accurate.
  • An employee screening in Montenegro helps companies to build a stable and safe work culture for all employees. It helps employers to identify suitable candidates that fit right into the company’s profile and culture. 
  • Conducting a background search in Montenegro decreases the possibility of hiring risky candidates that might hamper the company’s reputation.
  • With the right candidates in the company, employers can reduce employee turnover, decreasing hiring costs. 

Employee background checks in Montenegro are legal, but they require consent from the candidate. You need to adhere to the personal data protection law of Montenegro.

The Law on Protection of Personal Data, with journal numbers 79/2008 and 70/2009, is the governing law of personal data protection in Montenegro. It ensures that individuals, on whom background checks are conducted, have their data protected. In some cases, you might need to seek permission from the authority overseeing data protection.

Things to Know When Performing a Background Check in Montenegro

A background check ensures you are hiring suitable candidates for a particular position. During an employee screening in Montenegro, you can check the following aspects.

Employment history

During an employee background screening in Montenegro, the first thing to check is to verify their employment history. It becomes crucial when hiring an employee for a higher position. During this check, you can try to learn the following information

  • If the employee truly worked in the organization they mentioned in their resume.
  • The candidate’s work ethic.
  • Their interactions with their colleagues and their behavioral pattern (if possible)

Education history

During this check, you can focus on the following

  • If the educational qualification documents (certificates, mark sheets) submitted by the candidate are authentic.
  • Contacting the institution to confirm the information provided by the candidate.
  • If a candidate has any disciplinary action taken against them in the organizations mentioned in the resume.

Criminal record

A criminal background check in Montenegro is an essential part of employee screening. It ensures that the employee has not been convicted of any crime in the past. Employers can get the criminal record from Montenegro Police Department. 

Credit report

A credit report or a financial record check is crucial when hiring an employee for a cash-based position. It is also significant if you are considering getting a business partner. During a financial employee background search in Montenegro, you can focus on the following

  • If the person manages money well
  • If they are in any financial problems or not
  • Their money-borrowing and lending tendencies

Social life

Social media has recently become a significant tool for communicating and expressing views. You can check the social media activities of a candidate for the following

  • The social activities they are interested in
  • Various groups and pages to understand how they react under demanding scenarios
  • The causes or forums they contribute to

Information Essential for a Background Check in Montenegro

Before starting an employee background screening in Montenegro, you need to have several essential pieces of information in your hand. 

  • Full name of the candidate
  • Date of birth of the candidate
  • Full address of the candidate
  • Employment history 
  • Education history
  • Driving record (Optional)
  • Criminal record (if necessary) 

Process Involved in Background Checks in Montenegro

A background check in Montenegro requires several steps, which are as follows:

Informing the candidate

  • The first step in the background check is to inform the candidate about the verification you will conduct. 
  • You should also ask for the candidate’s consent before conducting a background check. 

Gathering information

  • Before conducting the employee screening in Montenegro, gather all the necessary information to conduct.
  • Usually, most of the details to conduct background verification are available on the resume. If some details are missing, you can ask the same from candidates.

Conducting the check

Employment record

For an employment background search in Montenegro, you can contact the candidate’s previous employer.

Educational record

To check the educational records of the candidate, you can contact the institution(s) they attended.

Criminal record

You can conduct a criminal background check in Montenegro through the Montenegro Police Department of the area. This search can report a detailed criminal report of the candidate (if any).

Social life 

You can conduct a social life background check on the applicant’s social media profiles on various platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.          

Analyzing the result

  • The last step in the employee background screening in Montenegro is to analyze the verification result for each candidate. 
  • In case a candidate fails the check, you need to notify them with the proper reason. 
  • If a candidate passes the screening procedure, you can hire them.

Industries and Situations That Are Most Suitable For Background Checks in Montenegro

Although an employee background check is suggested for every company hiring new employees, for some industries, it is essential. There are several industries that are most suitable for a background check in Montenegro. They are

  • Healthcare services
  • Care for aged persons and persons with disability
  • Financial services
  • Energy and utility sector
  • Educational institutes
  • Construction business
  • Legal consultancies
  • Government sector
  • For people who have been residents of other countries

How Multiplier Helps With Background Checks

Hiring an employee is a lengthy procedure with high expenses. You can hire a third party to complete all the requirements. 

You can also contact Multiplier to help with the hiring procedure. We use partners to deal with employee screening in Montenegro. Our expert team ensures that the employee screening complies with the rules and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A background check can fail if the information the candidate provides turns out to be misleading or false.

Agency for Protection of Personal Data and Free Access to Information is the authority that oversees data protection.

A typical background check can take 2 to 25 days, depending on the type of check.

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