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Work Permit in Micronesia

Why is Work Permit Needed?

A work permit is a document that allows a foreigner to work legally in the country for a fixed period. A valid work permit guarantees a degree of protection with an authorized paper trail to your employment. The Federated States of Micronesia’s Department of Resources and Development maintains scrutiny on issuing work permits.

About the Micronesia Job Market

Micronesia is a small island country in Oceania, consisting of four states, all spread across the Pacific ocean. Fishing and farming are the primary sustenance of its economy. Despite having tourism potential, the isolated region does not attract many visitors. So there are limited job opportunities here. Know a few critical things about Micronesia’s job market.

Work Permit in Micronesia

Number of Expats:


Expats Job Websites:

Popular Industries for Expats:

NGO Volunteering, Teaching English, Specialist roles in Government projects, Retail Sales and Marketing

Types of Micronesia Work Permit Available

Micronesia has one federal government, but each of its four states has its own customs and immigration process. So before applying for a Micronesia work permit, it is vital to know the types of Micronesia work visas available. A Micronesia work visa, depending on the nature of your employment, are as follows: 

Private Employer Workers

This worker’s permit is issued only upon compliance with all National laws relating to authorized private employment. Holders of this permit can also apply for their immediate family dependents. 

Government Worker Permit

This work permit is granted to a person employed with the FSM national, state, or municipal government or the government of a foreign state. It is issued upon presenting the official employment contract and is valid for the duration of the contract. 

Non-government Worker Permit

This work visa is issued to a person entering FSM for non-government employment. The employer has to apply for this permit along with proof of compliance. 

Foreign Investor Permit

To seek this permit, you must qualify as a foreign investor defined by the Foreign Investment Act 1997. This permit is issued to only those named in the foreign investment permit under relevant state laws. 

Foreign Government Official Permit

Issued to any official of a foreign government and contractual personnel of a foreign government or international organization entering FSM to engage in activities in their official capacity. 

Researcher Permit

This is a permit granted for research in the fields that are in the best interest of Micronesia citizens. The permit may be issued with certain restrictions in research activities to preserve the best interests of its citizens. It’s valid only for a period of reasonable time for the completion of the research. 

Missionary Permit

This permit is issued to a non-citizen who can provide documented proof of being a licensed/certified minister, clergyman, or missionary of bona fide religion. This permit is valid for one year. 


This work permit is for individuals engaging in wholesale or retail sales of goods and services or taking orders for the purchase without establishing their own business within the FSM.

Requirements for a Micronesia Work Permit

Each Micronesia work visa goes through the Federated States of Micronesia’s Department of Resources and Development. An applicant has to submit the following documents for a Micronesia work permit:

  • Official employment letter
  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance from home country or most recent place of residence
  • Medical certificate
  • For Research Permit, the application requires all information about the type, duration, staff involved, methods, and equipment of the research. In addition, the living arrangements of the applicant also need to be stated.

Before entering FSM, you will have to submit the duly filled FSM Immigration Arrival and Departure Record (FSM Form 5004).

Micronesia Work Visa Application

The process of Micronesia work visa application begins with documentation and paperwork. The digital resources in FSM are limited. Ask your employees to reach out to the country’s Department of Resources and Development and confirm the exact documents required for their visa type.

  • Gather the necessary documents
  • Make your application 
  • Pay the fees
  • Wait for the processing of the visa

All non-citizens, except for US citizens, need an entry permit to enter Micronesia. So employees should wait till their visa is granted before making travel plans or tickets to the country. 

Timeframe for Micronesia Work Permit

The timeframe for a Micronesia work permit depends on the kind of visa for which you are applying. However, if all the documents are provided correctly, it should ideally take 5-7 days for processing. 

Micronesia Work Permit Cost 

We have outlined the cost of different work visas in Micronesia below:

Visa TypeFees
Government Worker$5
Non-government worker$50
Foreign Investor$100

How Multiplier can help with a Micronesia Work Visa

Multiplier is a global EOR solution with local entities in over 150+ countries. With a network of trained experts, we can help you manage a team of employees from around the world. In addition, our qualified HR suite guarantees end-to-end solutions to all users. 

Since work permits in Micronesia can get tricky with each state, you can rely on us for issuing the applications. Using our SaaS-based solution, you can request a Micronesia work visa. We will handle all the documentation processes from the beginning. Be rest assured to remain updated about every development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dutch nationals do not need a visa or work permit to work in another EU country. However, they require both visa and work permits to work in a European country that is not a member of the EU.

The validity of a Micronesia work permit depends on the type of your visa. Usually, work visas are issued for the specific period of employment, typically a year or two. Therefore, employees should keep checking their work visa validity to renew their visa at least a month in advance.

Visit the nearest Division of Immigration and Labor office with a valid passport and your entry permit to renew your work permit. A work visa renewal should be made 30 days before the expiration of your current permit. Failing to do so will force you to leave FSM and apply for a new entry permit.

Yes, a Micronesia work permit for Indians is necessary to work in the country. But Indian tourists do not need a visa to enter the country.

A US citizen can stay in Micronesia for up to a year. Those arriving from the Schengen Area can visit for 90 days. However, all other travelers can stay for 30 days in Micronesia.

Are work permit hurdles slowing down your hiring process?

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