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Malta Employment Guide

Your quick guide on talent and labor compliance norms in Malta




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Talent Overview

The Republic of Malta is an archipelago in Europe within the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. The country’s freedom score is 71.5, making it the 27th freest country in 2022. Agriculture, information technology, and the service sector are major contributors to the country’s GDP. Malta has seen major and significant growth in GDP since 2021 and ranks 19 out of 45 for economic development in the European Union.

Major economic hubs:

Valletta, Mdina, Sliema, and St. Julian's or San Giljan

Skills in demand:

Information technology, Marketing Manager, Cloud Specialist, Developers

Malta Map

Local Universities

The top local universities in Malta are as follows:

Uni1 11

University of Malta


Local: 1

World : 905

Uni2 11

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology


Local: 2

World : 5558

Uni3 9

Institute of Tourism Studies Malta


Local: 3

World : 8977

Uni4 8

American University of Malta


Local: 4

World : 10497

Uni5 8

Middlesex University Malta


Local: 5

World : 11601

Salary Data

Some average monthly salary of jobs available in Malta is as follows:

Job Title Avg. Monthly Salary (EUR) Avg. Monthly Salary (USD)
Financial Manager 9,060 EUR 9729 USD
General Manager 8,520 EUR 9150 USD
Business Development Manager 7,110 EUR 7635 USD
Financial Analyst 5,830 EUR 6260 USD
Business Analyst 5,650 EUR 6067 USD
Project Manager 5,290 EUR 5680 USD


Malta Talent Source

Talent Sourcing Tips

Top Local Job Boards:

JobBoardFinder, JobInMalta, MaltaCareers

Number of LinkedIn users:


Top Recruitment Agencies:

JobsInMalta, ManpowerMalta, Scandistaff

Employing in Malta

Onboarding an individual from Malta, the employer must know about the employment laws, benefits, social security, deductions, and allowances. This section contains all the information that is necessary for an employer.

Employee Contract

According to the Malta labor law, the language of the employment contract must be in Maltese or English.

Probation Period

The probation period in Malta is six months.

Public and Provincial Holidays

Date Holiday Type
1 Jan New Year’s Day National Holiday
10 Feb Feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck National Holiday
19 Mar Feast of St Joseph National Holiday
31 Mar Freedom Day National Holiday
7 Apr Good Friday National Holiday
1 May Workers’ Day National Holiday
7 Jun Sette Giugno National Holiday
29 Jun Feast of St Peter and St Paul National Holiday
15 Aug Feast of the Assumption National Holiday
8 Sep Victory Day National Holiday
21 Sep Independence Day National Holiday
8 Dec Immaculate Conception National Holiday
13 Dec Republic Day National Holiday
25 Dec Christmas Day National Holiday

Employee Leaves

Type of Leave Time Period Mandatory
Annual/Earned Leave 29 days Yes
Sick Leave Based on medical reports & industry Yes
Maternity Leave* 126 days Yes


*Maternity leave is 18 weeks, the first 14 weeks the employer pays the employee, next 4 weeks is done by Social Security.


Payroll 1

Payroll Cycle

The payroll cycle in Malta is Monthly.

Payroll 2

Minimum Wage

In Malta, the minimum wage is 182.83 EUR.

Payroll 3

Overtime Pay

The overtime pay in Malta is 150% of the regular salary.


13th Month Pay:

In Malta, there is no statutory law for 13th-month pay.

Employee Benefits:

  • Social security benefits
  • Annual Leaves
  • Marriage leave benefits
  • Career Leave


Employer Payroll Tax:

Fund Contributions
Social Security Contribution 10%

Employee Payroll Tax:

Fund Contributions
Social Security Contribution 10%

Employee Income Tax:

For Married Resident Employees;

Annual Taxable Income Tax Rate Deduction
0 to 12,700 EUR 0% 0
12,201 to 21,200 EUR 15% 1,905 EUR
21,201 to 28,700 EUR 25% 4,025 EUR
28,701 to 60,000 EUR 25% 3,905 EUR
Above 60,001 EUR 35% 9,905 EUR

For Single Resident Employees

Annual Taxable Income Tax Rate Deduction
0 to 9,100 EUR 0 0
9,101 to 14,500 EUR 15% 1,365 EUR
14,501 to 19,500 EUR 25% 2,815 EUR
19,501 to 60,000 EUR 25% 2,725 EUR
Above 60,001 EUR 35% 8,725 EUR

For Parent Resident Employees

Annual Taxable Income Tax Rate Deduction
0 to 10,500 EUR 0 0
10,501 to 15,800 EUR 15% 1,575 EUR
15,801 to 21,200 EUR 25% 3,155 EUR
21,201 to 60,000 EUR 25% 3,050 EUR
Above 60,001 EUR 35% 9,050 EUR


Value Added Tax in Malta is 18%.

Offboarding & Termination

The employer can terminate based on a cause, redundancy, or due to reaching the age of retirement. Also, the employee needs to provide a reason before the termination of the contract.

The notice period in Malta is as follows;

Years Of Service Notice Period
One month to Six months One Week
Six months to Two years Two Weeks
Two years to Four years Four Weeks
Four years to Seven years` Eight Weeks
More than Seven years Twelve Weeks

In Malta, there is no statutory law for severance pay.

Visa and Immigration

The employment visa in Malta is of two types:

  • Key Employee Initiative: The employee has to provide all the necessary documents with the employment contract. The annual salary of the employee must be at least €30,000.
  • EU Blue Card: This is given to employees with high skills who earn 1.5 times the average gross salary in Malta. This is valid for only one year, which can be renewed.
Malta Visa Flag
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Visa & Immigration