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Comprehensive Guide to Conducting Background Checks in Malta

Situated in Europe, employee screening in Malta is highly meticulous and comprehensive. Be it small-scale industries or large corporations; Malta is inclined to do background checks for every employee to ensure the company’s safety. 

Malta has its own background checks and screening companies that provide them with details about the employees. This further helps to make employee screening in Malta easier and hire employees with complete confidence. 

Background check companies in Malta typically have access to extensive databases that enable them to conduct thorough screening checks and provide high-quality services to businesses.

In this article, learn in detail about the norms of Malta’s background check law and other critical employee screening in Malta. 

What is Employment Background Verification? 

Different companies or countries adopt employee verification to check the candidate’s credibility before joining the company. Employers often employ third-party organizations to conduct these background checks. 

Typically, background checks involve reviewing a candidate’s employment history, including their positions in previous jobs. These checks also assess the candidate’s job performance, qualifications, and other relevant information that aligns with the requirements of the organization they are joining.

A background check in Malta helps the managers filter through the employees and choose candidates suitable to the organization’s needs and ethics.  

Benefits of Background Checks in Malta

A background check in Malta is pivotal and the primary step to examining someone’s candidature. It helps the employer understand whether the job role suits the candidates. Let’s see the benefits of doing a background check in Malta. 

Avoids criminal liability and highlights criminal history: If the candidate has a criminal history and is trying to conceal that detail to seek employment, background checks are useful in such situations. This helps the organization flag those candidates with potential criminal convictions. Making these background checks help in avoiding company liability and protects the employer from legal obligations. 

Maintaining a positive work environment: Malta’s government often emphasizes having a positive work environment. Therefore, in some instances, the wrong choice of the employee can even negatively impact the work environment. This often occurs due to formidable work ethics. Hence, to have an agile work environment, the Malta government specifically stressed running background checks to ensure the company’s safety but also the safety of the employees as well. 

Certification verification: Using embellished skills and job titles is common in the corporate world. Candidates often do this to make their CV look more approachable. Hence, running pre-employment background checks confirm these embellishments and authenticates the genuineness of the resume. 

Saves time and resources: Time management is essential in commercial entities. Therefore they employ a screening procedure to cut around 90% of the applicants, which helps them sit through a tedious, time-consuming interview with applicants. These background checks are exponentially crucial and are done in every post, no matter how senior the position might be. 

Background checks and employee screening in Malta are legal. The Malta government permits employers to run background checks on potential employees based on references, identities, addresses, credit cards, and financial and medical history. 

Malta follows the laws put forward by the European Union. According to the Data Protection Directive of 95/46/EC, Malta can run background checks on their employees and potential employees to ensure company safety. The law also facilitates protecting personal data and how they are collected and handled. 

According to Chapter 44 in Malta, the individuals must provide their employer written consent before any prior background checks are conducted. 

The European Union takes data protection seriously. They do not believe in trading data for the sake of incurring profits. Hence, the data of these employees are safeguarded for privacy measures. 

Things to Know When Performing a Background Check in Malta 

While performing a background check in Malta, the employer or the third-party organizations would have to keep specific pointers in mind to avoid deviating from the provisions given in the Malta background check law. Let’s get to know them. 

Employment history 

  • To verify the details about the previous employment and confirm the work experience. 
  • The verification must include the employer’s name, the employment data, and the reason for leaving the company.  
  • The employment history should also specify the rehiring eligibility. 
  • The salary information in the previous organization should also be mentioned. 

Educational history 

  • To verify a candidate’s academic credentials, which includes confirming their educational accomplishments at the high school and college levels, and in specific cases, for post-graduate studies.
  • It should also include the institution’s name, attendance specifications, graduation date, and degree.

Criminal record 

According to European Union Laws, checking for the candidate’s criminal history without a data breach is not permitted. However, it is necessary to go through the candidate’s past endeavors to avoid any kind of company liability in the future. 

  • A criminal background check in Malta is also looked after, safeguarding the candidate’s privacy. 
  • The EU laws also emphasize safeguarding the candidates’ rights against discrimination. 

Credit report 

  • There are no specific laws by the EU and Malta government to check the potential employee’s credit report. 
  • EU laws prohibit publishing financial reports to credit or debit cardholders with any company without prior authorization.

Social life 

  • Employers are liable to check the social media availability of the potential candidate. 
  • Employers are liable to conduct a background search in Malta to ensure that the employee’s social life adheres to their report.  
  • Employers can even request the candidates to put them in touch with their previous employers to collect relevant data about their job roles. 

Information Essential for Background Check in Malta 

Perform a background check in Malta; it typically requires the employees’ basic information. They are: 

  • Full name of the candidate
  • Current residence
  • Social Security number
  • Email address
  • Educational qualifications.
  • Past employer details. 
  • Identity card (s). 
  • Resume checks. 
  • Date of birth. 

Concerning professions related to digital marketing and social media internships, it also includes gathering information about their online presence, the posts they are likely to share, and also the viewpoints that are not invoking political or social distress amongst the people. 

Process Involved in Background Checks in Malta 

The procedure incorporated for employee background screening in Malta has to adhere to the Malta background check law. There are a few methods to conduct background checks in Malta easily. They are: 

Step 2: Collect essential and relevant information 

It is pivotal to maintain the privacy of individuals and not tarnish their reputations in any way while performing background checks in Malta. The employers or the third party has to be extremely careful while performing these background checks about work history, academic information, criminal and credit history, and other important information. 

Step 3: Verify the information collected about the potential employees 

Once the investigation is conducted, the next step is to verify the information. In this case, employers can contact the potential employee’s previous employer colleges and other references for clarity. 

Step 4: Analyze and review the results

The last step is to review and analyze the result. This is a very crucial step that determines the candidate’s eligibility for the position. Once the verifications are made, the organization can finally hire suitable candidates per the requirements. 

Industries and Situations That are Most Suitable for Background Checks in Malta 

Background checks are generally helpful for employers across various industries in Malta. However, specific industries and situations may require more thorough background checks. Here are some industries and situations that are most suitable for background checks in Malta:

  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry requires extensive background checks due to the need for trust and reliability in healthcare providers. This includes verifying medical degrees, certifications, and criminal record checks.
  • Education: Background checks are essential for jobs in the education sector, especially for those who work with vulnerable populations such as children or individuals with special needs.
  • Government: Government agencies and departments require background checks for all employees, as these roles typically involve access to sensitive information and decision-making powers.

How does Multiplier help with Background Checks? 

Multiplier provides a one-stop solution for performing screening for other companies. Multiplier partners with the top company to do background checks and employee screening, saving time and resources. They have a SaaS-based solution that easily hires new employees after comprehensive background checks in a hassle-free way. By incorporating Multiplier into a company, the entrepreneur or the organization does not have to concern themselves about these tedious tasks and can focus on other essential business activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The companies in Malta have to perform background checks on employees to ensure the company’s liability or safety. Malta companies must hire trustworthy, honest employees without criminal or credit records.

Individuals committing violent crimes and cognizable offenses like murder, kidnapping, and genocide are prevented from hiring in Malta. Crimes like theft and robbery are also considered to be violent crimes that can tarnish the company’s reputation.

Failure to do a background check in Malta can result in employers getting several penalties in the company. Besides, without a proper background check, it can also lead to companies going bankrupt or experiencing other financial losses.

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