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Background Checks / Employee Screening in Maldives

Maldives is an upper-middle-income country with a robust growth trajectory. With immense opportunities to offer, several companies are establishing a business and hiring in Maldives. 

Employee screening in Maldives becomes a crucial process that helps organizations make informed decisions about who they are hiring, especially in industries such as tourism, which rely heavily on customer satisfaction and safety. These checks help prevent potential legal issues, reduce the risk of theft or fraud, and ensure a safe work environment. 

How to conduct employee screening and background checks in Maldives? Have a look!

What Is Employment Background Verification?

Employment background verification involves collecting and inspecting candidates’ records to determine their employability. Employers may conduct background checks during or after an employee is hired. Background checks can include a review of a person’s commercial, criminal, employment, and financial records, and state laws vary regarding what information can be checked.

Employment background verification aims to help employers make informed hiring decisions, reduce the risk of theft or fraud, prevent potential legal issues, and ensure a safe work environment. It is a standard part of the hiring process for many employers and can improve a candidate’s chances of employment.

Benefits of Background Checks in Maldives

The benefits of conducting background checks in the Maldives are numerous. Some of these include: 

  • Employers can use background checks to verify the information provided by job candidates, such as education and employment history, to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the job post. 
  • Background checks can be used to identify any criminal records in the Maldives and internationally to ensure the candidate has no history of violent or fraudulent behavior. 
  • Employers can gain valuable insight into their behavioral patterns by conducting a comprehensive employee background screening in the Maldives.
  • Background checks allow employers to build a safe and secure workplace by ensuring that they are not hiring anyone who poses a threat to the company, its employees, or its customers. 

Are Background Checks Legal in Maldives?

It is legal to conduct pre-employment background checks in Maldives. However, the laws and regulations surrounding background checks may vary by country and should be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is recommended to seek legal advice before conducting background checks in Maldives. 

Additionally, it is important to follow ethical and legal guidelines when conducting background checks to ensure the privacy and rights of the individual being screened are respected.

Things to Know When Performing a Background Check in Maldives

Employers must consider certain parameters when conducting an employee background screening in Maldives. It includes:

Employment history

  • As a part of the employee background check in the Maldives, an employer must gather necessary information regarding their past employment with former employers.
  • Employers can contact previous companies by phone or email to verify employment dates, job titles, and individual salaries.

Education history

  • To verify a candidate’s educational history, an employer can use education verification checks, which help identify any discrepancies between their resume and their actual educational history. 
  • This is done by accessing a database of educational institutions or contacting the institution directly to confirm the candidate’s dates of attendance, degree, or credentials.

Criminal record

  • To conduct a criminal background check in the Maldives, an employer can follow the following ways:
    1. One option is to conduct a criminal record search through the Maldives Ministry of Public Safety. It’s important to note that this check is for employment purposes only, and turnaround times are estimated working days and provided only as a guide.
    2. Another option is to use a third-party provider offering an overseas background check in the Maldives. The check type is a local criminal record check, and the official source of information is the Criminal Court. The turnaround time is estimated to be four working days.

Credit report

  • One option is to obtain a Credit Information Report (CIR) from the Credit Information Bureau (CIB) of Maldives, a comprehensive report containing detailed information about a person’s credit history. 
  • Another option is to request a Self-Inquiry Report from CIB to check the credit report personally. Employers should also be aware of state-specific laws that may regulate using credit reports for employment.

Social life

  • An employee’s social life provides essential information about the social behavior of the employee. During employee background screening in the Maldives, the employer might contact people close to the employee for a thorough background check before hiring. 

Information Essential for a Background Check in Maldives

The following is the essential information that an employer needs to check while conducting a background check in the Maldives:

  • The candidate’s full name
  • Candidate DOB
  • National identity card of the candidate
  • Work permit (in case of foreign employees)
  • Proof of current and previous addresses of the candidate
  • The candidate’s employment history, including job titles, dates of employment, and salary history
  • The candidate’s educational qualifications, including degrees and institutions
  • The criminal record with the consent of the candidate adhering to privacy laws
  • The credit history of the candidate adhering to privacy norms
  • Reference of former employers and colleagues of the candidate 
  • A global monitor check

Process Involved in Background Checks in Maldives

Here is a general overview of the process:

Step 1: Authorization 

  • The authorization process for background checks in Maldives varies depending on the specific type of check being performed. 
  • Companies should get written authorization from the candidate after informing them about the background check process. 
  • Once companies get the candidate’s consent, they can start the pre-employment background check in Maldives. 

Step 2: Gather relevant information

  • To carry out a background check in the Maldives, it is important to gather pertinent information and paperwork from the job applicants. 
  • This can encompass various aspects, such as their criminal record, work experience, academic qualifications, and credit score. 
  • The applicants should provide their national ID number, proof of their educational degrees, and banking information to facilitate this process.

Step 3: Verification and review

  • After gathering information from various sources, including official records and references provided by the person being checked, the data is verified to ensure its accuracy. 
  • The individual or organization performing the check will review the information after verification. 
  • When conducting research, it’s important to identify reliable resources relevant to the topic. 
  • These resources should be from a trusted authority, and the author and publication should be credible. 
  • Additionally, it’s important to evaluate the criteria used to gather the information and ensure that it is unbiased and easy to access.

Step 4: Report

  • Upon completion of the background check, a report outlines the results. This report includes information about criminal records, education and employment history, credit history, and other relevant details. 
  • After the candidates pass these checks, they receive an offer letter from the recruiting company.

Industries and Situations That are Most Suitable for Background Checks in Maldives

In Maldives, employers commonly conduct background checks as part of their hiring process. However, the specific industries and situations where background checks are most suitable in Maldives are not explicitly stated as such. Generally, employers can conduct background checks on common fields like banking, transport, childcare, healthcare, and transport.

How Multiplier Helps With Background Checks

Multiplier is a global PEO-EOR firm that assists companies in conducting internationally compliant employment and reduces all risks associated with global employment and hiring. We have trusted partners to organize a thorough background screening to help you hire reliable employees worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common types of background checks include criminal records searches, civil records searches, education degree verification, employment verification, professional reference checks, global monitor checks, and directorship checks

Employers should only retain background check results for the duration of the specific employment decision.

Generally, background checks can take between two and five business days. However, some criminal background checks may take as little as one to three business days.

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