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Work Permit in Kazakhstan

Is a Work Permit Required in Kazakhstan? 

In Kazakhstan, a work permit is essential for foreign nationals due to the country’s specific economic policies and labor market conditions. One of the primary reasons for this requirement is to protect employment opportunities for Kazakh citizens. With a developing economy and a focus on reducing unemployment, the Kazakh government prioritizes local employment to ensure that its citizens benefit from economic activities. By requiring work permits, the government ensures that foreign workers are employed only in positions where there is a clear shortage of local expertise, thereby safeguarding jobs for Kazakhs.

Kazakhstan’s work permit system also supports the country’s economic diversification and development goals. Traditionally reliant on oil and gas, Kazakhstan is working to develop other sectors such as mining, agriculture, technology, and finance. The work permit process allows the government to attract skilled foreign professionals who can contribute to these key areas, filling critical skill gaps and promoting innovation. This targeted approach is crucial for enhancing productivity and fostering sustainable economic growth in Kazakhstan.

Ensuring compliance with labor laws and standards is a key aspect of Kazakhstan’s work permit system. The government uses the work permit process to ensure that foreign workers are employed under conditions that adhere to Kazakh labor laws. This includes guaranteeing fair wages, safe working conditions, and access to social security benefits. By enforcing these standards, the government aims to prevent the exploitation and abuse of foreign workers, ensuring that all employees in Kazakhstan are treated with respect and fairness.

The work permit system in Kazakhstan involves rigorous background checks and verification of qualifications to maintain national security and uphold professional standards. The government ensures that foreign workers possess the necessary skills and credentials and do not pose any security risks. This scrutiny helps maintain the integrity of the Kazakh workforce and ensures that foreign workers contribute positively to the economy and society.

About the Kazakhstan Job Market

Work Permit in Kazakhstan

Number of Expats:

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Expats Job Websites:

Popular Industries for Expats:

Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Service industry

Types of Kazakhstan Work Visas Available

Kazakhstan offers five types of work visas to foreign employees:

M1 visa

M1 visa is granted to expats who have been issued a work permit from a Kazakhstan employer.

M2 visa

This visa is granted to the dependents of foreign workers who hold M1 visas.

M3 visa

This visa is issued to expats who need to travel to Kazakhstan to finalize their work permit with local authorities.

M4 visa

M4 visa is issued to “business immigrants” or entrepreneurs.

M5 visa

Seasonal employees apply for this type of visas

The M1 visa is the most common Kazakhstan work visa among expats looking into working there.

However, there are two effective ways to obtain a Kazakhstan work permit:

  • Work permit for managers, specialists, and qualified workers: This visa is for all foreign individuals who are going to work in Kazakhstan (whether for an LLC, representative, or branch office)
  • Representative Office Work Visa for Chief Executives: First category workers or chief executives going to a representative office in Kazakhstan can opt for this type of visa. As this visa needs no prior application, the process is much quicker. However, an expat should be on local payroll and contract in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Work Visa Requirements

To obtain a Kazakhstan work visa for your foreign employee, your organization will require visa support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kazakhstan. You should submit the following:

  • Invitation letter of the employee
  • A notarized copy of the organization’s current charter
  • The employer’s power of attorney
  • Proof that the employer has no outstanding taxes
  • A notarized copy of the work permit
  • Proof of payment for the consular fee

The following documents are required to obtain the M1 visa:

  • Completed visa application form
  • The passport of the applicant
  • The payment receipt of the consular fee
  • One passport-size photograph

Kazakhstan Work Permit Application Process

Kazakhstan government grants work permits only to a limited number of foreign nationals. Therefore, Kazakhstan’s work visa process is relatively complicated. 

In most cases, the employer chooses to hire Kazakhstani employees. However, under extreme conditions, preferences are given to highly skilled foreign employees.

The visa application process varies according to the type of visas for your foreign employee, their job title, salary, etc. The steps involved in the Kazakhstan work permit application are:

  • The employer conducts a labor market search to determine if any eligible candidate in Kazakhstan could fill the position. 
  • Once he establishes the need for an expat, the foreign employee should undergo a complete health screening. 
  • The employer must submit a work permit application on behalf of the foreign employee to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • After the work permit is issued, the foreign employee needs to visit the embassy or consulate of Kazakhstan in their country to apply for an entry visa. 
  • The foreign employee should provide documents like an employment contract, CV, proof of accommodations in Kazakhstan, etc. 
  • After obtaining a work visa and traveling to Kazakhstan, foreign employees should register with the Migration Police.

Once the foreign worker is granted a Kazakhstan work permit, their dependent family members can submit their application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After obtaining the original work permit, the expat and his family can apply for an entry visa at the Kazakh diplomatic post.

Kazakhstan Work Visa processing time

It takes two to five months for managers, specialists, and qualified workers until they enter Kazakhstan. As for the representative office work visas for Chief executives, it takes anywhere between one to three months until their entry to the country and an additional day for the entire process to be completed. 

Kazakhstan Work Permit Fees

(Data taken from szp)

Depending upon the employer’s business and expatriate’s category, Kazakhstan’s work permit fees range from USD 950 to USD 1,729.

How can Multiplier help with a Kazakhstan Work Permit?

We are a global EOR company with experience in handling and providing HR solutions around the globe. With a presence in over 150 countries, our team of professionals efficiently handles the process of onboarding and managing employees.

Obtaining a Kazakhstan work permit is a multi-tiered and complex procedure. Partnering with Multiplier and its in-house experts will offer you a one-stop solution to this process by taking care of the application procedure from the beginning till the final receipt of the work permit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • M1 Visa: For expats issued a work permit from a Kazakhstan employer.
  • M2 Visa: For dependents of M1 visa holders.
  • M3 Visa: For expats finalizing their work permit with local authorities.
  • M4 Visa: For business immigrants or entrepreneurs.
  • M5 Visa: For seasonal employees​
  • Employers must submit:
    • An invitation letter for the employee.
    • A notarized copy of the organization’s charter.
    • The employer’s power of attorney.
    • Proof of no outstanding taxes.
    • A notarized copy of the work permit.
    • Proof of payment for the consular fee.
  • Employees must provide:
    • A completed visa application form.
    • Their passport.
    • Payment receipt of the consular fee.
    • One passport-size photograph​

The processing time varies. For managers, specialists, and qualified workers, it takes about 2 to 5 months. For representative office work visas for chief executives, it takes 1 to 3 months

Yes, a Kazakhstan work permit is typically granted for up to 12 months and can be renewed annually thereafter​

The fees range from USD 950 to USD 1,729, depending on the employer’s business and the expatriate’s category​

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