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Your epic guide to finding the best HRIS for your company

Whether you’re a growing startup, a blossoming bootstrap business, or a well-established enterprise, leveraging the capabilities of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) can greatly accelerate your commercial success.


HRIS systems are powerful tools in today’s remote working age. To help you on your quest for human resources success, here we’re going to look at the best HRIS systems on the market right now.

An HRIS tool is a valuable asset that provides insightful information across all aspects of your human resources activities. It empowers you to enhance employee engagement, uncover crucial internal trends, and optimize talent sourcing processes.

Fun fact: Many organizations with 0 to 499 employees rely on an HRIS for improved functionality. It’s a compelling reason because improved functionality leads to streamlined processes, which in turn drives greater efficiency. With enhanced efficiency comes clearer insights, ultimately resulting in more engaged employees.

In today’s era of remote work, HRIS have become indispensable tools. To aid you in your pursuit of human resources success, let’s explore the top HRIS systems available in the market right now.

But first, explore the…

Essential features to look for in a perfect HRIS tool

Before you invest in a human resource information system for your business, you should know what you’re looking for. While many HRIS systems cross over when it comes to core features and functionality, any platform worth its salt will have certain key features.

So, mull over this HRIS software list to make sure the platform you choose will tick all of your organization’s human resources boxes.

1. Detailed data insights

From global payroll data to essential employee insights, attendance information, onboarding statistics, and beyond, the best HRIS systems will serve up a wealth of valuable HR analytics.

Not only will the best HRIS systems be able to curate quality HR data from a number of sources, but they’ll also present these insights in a way that’s actionable and digestible to all. 

Armed with the right insights, you can streamline every aspect of your HR strategy for continual success—and your HRIS system should play a pivotal role in this analytical success.

2. Employee self-service features

This is a big one. The most popular HRIS systems (the ones that actually deliver the HR-boosting goods) come equipped with a raft of self-service features that drive down time-consuming HR admin and improve the employee experience.

HRIS-centric employee self-service features will give your staff the autonomy to access their benefits while taking charge of things like holiday requests and leave.

Did you know? Studies show that HRIS-based employee self-service features boost productivity by 44%.

3. An easy-to-use interface

Another key feature that the best HRIS systems share is a navigable interface that is easy to master. Any HRIS worth its salt will come with features and functionality that you don’t need to be a tech whizz to use.

Any HRIS platform worth its salt is designed to make life easier while streamlining essential processes and providing business-boosting intelligence. So, if you come across an HRIS that appears clunky or complicated, give it a wide berth.

4. A tip-top knowledge base or user support

Following on from our last point, in addition to having an accessible interface, the best HRIS vendors are also known for their exceptional user support. Some even have platform hubs or knowledge bases equipped with content to help you use their platform’s various features with ease.

So, when you’re choosing the best HRIS system for your needs, check out any user reviews and look into the level of user support your potential vendor offers. It’s a big deal.

5. Slick international payroll processing power

Facilitating a slick international payroll provider is essential if you have a largely remote company that you’re looking to expand overseas.

So, if you’re looking for an HRIS that will scale with your business while remaining completely compliant in a number of regions around the world, you should pick a platform with superior global payroll features.

These features should be easy to use, reduce payroll admin time, and convert payments to various regional currencies with ease.

6. Robust security features

In the Age of Information, cybersecurity is rife. There are hackers looking to breach your company’s most sensitive data around every virtual corner.

So, it’s worth noting that the best HRIS systems will come fitted with robust security and compliance features, including encryption and data safety alerts or analytics. Always check potential HRIS’ security features before making a firm commitment.

Top HRIS systems features: a quick summary (checklist)…

  • Detailed data insights
  • Employee self-service features
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • A tip-top knowledge base or user support
  • Slick international payroll processing power
  • Robust security features

The top-rated HRIS systems…as picked by Multiplier

Now you’re up to speed with the most essential features of a human resources information system, let’s look at the best HRIS companies around right now.

1. Multiplier

Well, it would be rude not to put ourselves in this best HRIS software list. As one of the industry’s fastest-growing HRIS vendors, we’re trusted by companies including The Economist, Darwinbox, and THX.

As an all-encompassing HRIS, Multiplier streamlines every human resources process imaginable while facilitating slick international payroll and optimizing the onboarding process. Multiplier is also known for its robust security and compliance features as well as its industry-leading employee self-service offerings.

Pricing:  Multiplier’s price plans range from $40 to $400+ per month, depending on the size and scope of service you need.

2. Zenefits

As a cloud-based SaaS HRIS, Zenefits is perfect for mid-sized businesses looking to improve their employee experience while reducing cumbersome human resources administration to a minimum. Zenefits boasts a navigable employee self-service interface and also offers international payroll as well as compliance features.

As Zenefits integrates with a number of solid partner apps, you can create a cohesive HR ecosystem that will improve engagement while boosting productivity.

Pricing: Zenefits’ price plans range from $8 to $27 per employee per month. There are three definitive price plans.

3. Bamboo HR

Another multi-faceted HRIS that covers all essential human resources bases, BambooHR offers a clean interface with easy-to-use features and attractive data visualizations.

This popular addition to our HRIS software list has a particularly effective applicant tracking system as well as a balanced mix of employee analytics features. The platform also offers international payroll for dozens of global regions as well as benefits administration functionality.

Pricing: BambooHR’s pricing plans are flexible and tailored to the specific needs of the business.

4. Paylocity

As one of the industry’s best-known HRIS software companies, Paylocity is a platform with a broad mix of finance-based features, including tax services, on-demand payments, and global payroll to several regions worldwide.

In addition to its robust payroll features, this intuitive HRIS is also great a tracking time and attendance while creating workflows with ease. Oh, and Paylocity also offers a mix of features designed to create a sense of community in the workplace while boosting employee motivation.

Pricing: Paylocity costs between $15 and $22 per employee per month.

5. ADP Workforce

As one of the top-rated HRIS systems in the biz, ADP Workforce is a self-proclaimed ‘all-in-one human resources software system.’

A decent option for small-to-medium sized businesses, ADP Workforce boasts slick, simple, and secure global payroll features. It also has a mix of accessible HR analytics tools to improve onboarding as well as employee management strategies across every core industry. Its interface perhaps isn’t quite as slick as some other additions to the list, but it is reliable.

Pricing: ADP’s price plans are also flexible and tailored to individual business needs.

6. Gusto

Boasting thousands of four and five-star user reviews, Gusto is an HRIS system specifically designed for small, scaling businesses.

In addition to offering tools to tackle all key human resources activities, Gusto’s easy-to-master platform is particularly effective for employee benefits administration as well as talent management tools that offer outlets for offering feedback and making your employees feel consistently valued. A great all-rounder for small yet ambitious companies.

Pricing: Gusto’s plans are between $6 and $12 per employee per month. The vendor also offers tailored plans.

7. Workday HCM

 A highly analytical HRIS platform, Workday HCM does offer its fair share of payroll processing power as well as onboarding tools, but the platform’s core expertise lies in serving up analytics that help to optimize operating costs as well as a number of additional human resources processes.

The platform isn’t quite as easy to master as some of the others on our list, but it is a secure, compliant, and reliable option that offers plenty of HR-boosting scope for scaling businesses with big plans in mind.

Pricing: With a price tag of between $45 to $62 per employee per month, Workday HCM comes at a cost.

8. Rippling

Boasting all of the features of HRIS worth shouting about, rippling is a platform designed to help spark growth for scaling SMBs looking to develop their HR offerings.

In addition to its robust onboarding and talent tracking features, Rippling is often celebrated for its incredibly slick employee self-service and benefits administration features. As such, Rippling is a good option for businesses looking to create a sense of workplace community and improve the employee experience.

Pricing:  Rippling’s pricing plan comes in at a flat rate of $35 per month, plus an additional cost of $8 per employee per month.

9. Justworks

Another top-rated HRIS system for smaller businesses with big ambitions, Justworks is a solid all-rounder known for its great user support and its arsenal of straightforward platform features.

The accessible self-service features, in particular, empower employees to reward one another, access all of their company benefits with ease, and access 24/7 support when they need it. Larger businesses might find this platform a little limited in places, but if you’re a business on the rise, this is an affordable as well as reliable option.

Pricing: Plans range from $59 to $99 per month.

10. UKG Ready

A solid cloud-based time, talent, and payroll platform, UKG Ready boasts a punchy modern platform feel and a wealth of positive customer reviews.

This is an HRIS platform also known for its exceptional standards of user support as well as its range of HR features that extend beyond the usual bells and whistles of an HRIS system to help build employee relationships and make visions of company culture a living, breathing reality. A solid option for scaling SMBs, and beyond.

Pricing: UKG Ready also offers a mix of tailored pricing plans.

Best HRIS systems: final thoughts

To establish a remote workforce that harmonizes effortlessly (metaphorically, not literally… well, maybe sometimes literally), investing in the right cloud-based HRIS system is paramount. 

Beyond just boosting productivity, top-notch HRIS software liberates HR executives from the burdensome yoke of administrative tasks. This grants them valuable time (and valuable insights) to focus on talent acquisition, fostering company culture, and honing strategies in key areas. 

Our handpicked selection of HRIS systems reign supreme, allowing you to select the HR-boosting tool that aligns with your budget and organizational needs. 

Maximize your return on investment (ROI) by making the optimal choice.

Oh, and if you want to find out more about what we offer, or our flexible price plans or book a demo. We look forward to talking to you.

Best HRIS systems: FAQs

Q. What is the cost of implementing an HRIS system?

Good question. Get your budget sheet ready.

According to leading HR specialists, setting up  an HRIS costs an average of $20 to $30 per employee per month (PEPM) if you invest in a system with HRIS payroll capabilities. Typically, basic HRIS technology systems come in at around $6 to 12 dollars PEPM. So, there’s plenty of financial scope when choosing the right HRIS for you.

Q. Can HRIS software integrate with other business systems?

Absolutely. The best HRIS software will integrate with a number of tools in your HR ecosystem, from payroll platforms and analytics to onboarding software, employee databases, and beyond.

The right HRIS vendors will work with you to ensure their technology is compatible with your current business ecosystem while suggesting ways you can onboard some of your tools and processes to their human resource information system (streamlining your operations in the process.

Q. What are the key differences between cloud-based and on-premises HRIS?

The key differences between cloud-based and on-premises are largely down to geographical scope and flexibility.

On-premises HRIS systems usually require additional servers and support on-location as they’re designed to support largely office-based businesses. But cloud-based systems are generally smoother, slicker, and equipped to offer HR-boosting features and benefits to expansive remote workforces that span several nations or regions.

Q. How can HRIS improve compliance with labor laws and regulations?

The best HRIS systems are equipped with other AI-powered or autonomous technologies, they’re capable of overriding any human errors that may result in compliance issues.

Also, it’s possible to program an HRIS system to handle data and create reports that are 100% compliant with stringent labor laws and regulations. 

So, you can save time, boost productivity, and improve the employee experience without worrying about breaching labor laws or data compliance regulations.

Q. Are there HRIS solutions tailored for remote work environments?

Absolutely. There are a raft of cloud-based HRIS platforms available to suit a wealth of organizational styles, sizes, and goals.

As we migrate towards an increasingly digital age, remote and hybrid working is becoming the norm across industries. As such, the solutions exist to streamline every conceivable HR process across the board free from geographical restrictions. Check out our list above for more information.

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