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Labor law

What are labor laws?

Labor law, also known as employment law, is government legislation that regulates the relationship between employers and employees and the role of trade unions. Every country in the world has a complex system of rules that aims to establish a balance of power between parties, protecting the rights of workers while allowing businesses to operate effectively.

The most common labor laws provide workers with protection such as minimum wage and parental leave and regulate employment relationships by providing rules around wages, hours, and workplace conditions. There are also labor laws that protect people that are self-employed such as anti-discrimination regulations and safety guidelines.

Every country has a different system in place to manage the enforcement and regulation of labor laws. In the US, for example, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) oversees 180 of them. After monitoring and complaint investigation, companies found to be in breach can receive fines and other legal action.

For support meeting the requirements of labor laws such as payment regulations, it’s best to use an HR platform such as Multiplier. This will provide a clear oversight of compliance issues and a centralized place for you to upload documentation.

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