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Global HRIS Solution

Choosing our SaaS based PEO/EOR Solution enables you to build and manage 100% pure remote teams and expand into new markets 90% faster.

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Understanding Global HRIS Software

Global HRIS solution stands for Human Resource Information System, a software designed to meet pivotal HR needs. An international HRIS solution aims to enhance employees’ and managers’ productivity, owing to its advanced data synchronization and automation abilities. Such software makes the HR department more efficient.

Why is a Truly Global HRIS in Demand?

HRIS offers globally expanding companies a scope to connect their staff for increased collaboration and streamline HR management affordably. A global HRIS solution can do wonders for companies functioning overseas with a diverse workforce.

Here’s why HRIS solutions for global companies are the need of the hour:

Universal coordination

Imagine a situation where you’re planning to expand your business to four countries. That means hiring in each country with unique laws, different local structures, various compliance regulations, etc. In such a scenario, the perfect solution would be to opt for an international HRIS solution.

Implementing HRIS ensures that all these differences are managed under a single umbrella. Its centralized approach promotes inter-departmental collaboration, keeping the geographical barriers aside. A global HRIS solution lets you legally, ethically, and efficiently monitor employee performance and collaboration while managing a vast workforce via a single dashboard.

Integrating Payroll

When employees are scattered worldwide, there are high chances of payroll mismanagement. A global HRIS solution allows your organization to seamlessly monitor and manage the entire HR process, irrespective of location and time zones. Plus, it becomes easier to clear payments on time and comply with domestic laws by replacing manual processing errors with automation.

Transparency and accuracy in all aspects

An international HRIS solution lets you access vast volumes of global employee data in just a few clicks. Thus, it fosters unparalleled transparency within the HR department because everyone gets access to the same employee record in real-time.

Global hiring

Why restrict your talent acquisition to a local level when you can go global with a global HRIS solution? This system lets you search for highly qualified candidates from across the world. Additionally, it also allows HR staff to assign employees to multiple projects simultaneously, both for domestic and foreign projects.

Improves workflow

While expanding a business overseas, HR teams have to juggle information across different countries. With a global HRIS solution, you can improve the organization’s workflow by eliminating incompetent information handling across multiple locations. Such a system collates crucial information, like payroll, employee benefits, contracts, etc., within a single place.

Features of Global HRIS

HRIS platforms can cater to businesses of different sizes. The key features of an international HRIS tool are as follows:

Local presence

One exceptional feature of a robust global HRIS solution is its presence in multiple countries backed by equally strong local infrastructure to ease international hiring.

Onboarding global talent

Onboarding your new recruits can be tiresome, especially for cross-border onboarding. A recruiter can face various issues like linguistic barriers, compliance, local benefits, etc. A robust international HRIS solution streamlines onboarding by sending new hires their paperwork, nudging them to build their profiles in the necessary applications/pages, collecting their payroll and tax information, etc.

Expense and work time tracking

An international HRIS solution should have expense and time tracking features to simplify payroll and sanction expense requests. Tracking your employee’s work schedule is easier with an HRIS because everything is automated on a single platform. So, companies can manage employees across different countries easily. Plus, the expense tracking feature makes it easier to review and sanction employee expense requests.

Payroll management

Managing global payroll requires significant time and effort. Crediting salaries to the wrong account, wrongly converting currencies, etc., are a few payroll management mistakes that can cause serious inconvenience to employers and employees. However, an international HRIS solution can help mitigate such risks. The system’s payroll feature automatically consolidates employee expense sheets and calculates the accurate payment for each employee. The feature includes automatic tax and benefits calculation to give you the exact payment amount.

Benefits of a Global HRIS

HR departments often use innovative HR software to reduce their burden and complete more work in a limited time. An HR Information System offers easy employee management, payroll clearance, policy formulation, etc.

Global HRIS systems can offer you the following advantages:

Better data organization

An international HRIS solution makes it easier to swipe through your array of spreadsheets by organizing necessary data in a single place. HR staff can access this consolidated data in just a few clicks.

It saves your time

Thanks to automation, an HRIS tool can save valuable time for the HR staff, allowing them to focus on more critical activities. It simplifies HR schedules for easy management. For example, since you can track your employee’s work time and attendance, sanctioning their time-offs and leaves becomes more clarified.

Reduced paperwork

Recruiting employees, their onboarding process, tracking their attendance, payroll management, etc., manually requires much paperwork. However, an international HRIS solution moves all HR processes online, saving HR teams from hefty paperwork. This saves a ton of money and also reduces duplicate work.


An HRIS tool offers a self-service option to both managers and employees. For instance, any employee can enter the system to modify the present data, like changing their address, contact number, etc. Similarly, managers/supervisors can also access the system to modify employee data, like updating their performance reviews periodically.

Refine your employee’s performance

Using an HRIS tool, HR staff can automate routine processes and focus more on building better employee policies, organizational strategies, etc. They can create inclusive training programs for employee upskilling. These measures go a long way in enhancing employee productivity and retention.

Reduces manual error

An international HRIS solution lessens the chances of manual error and replaces it with high data accuracy. It speeds up and simplifies data entry and manipulation.

Ensuring compliance

By using an HRIS solution, you can say goodbye to compliance issues. HRIS service providers ensure law and rule adherence by continuously updating their systems. With centralized data and lesser manual errors, there remains complete compliance with dynamic local laws.

Enhances employee experience

A global HRIS solution can promote greater employee satisfaction by offering them a chance to surf through their benefit options, request time off, and understand more about the company’s work culture. Thus, an international HRIS solution reduces the number of visits and calls to the HR office while making employee onboarding a hassle-free affair.

Picking the Best HRIS for Your Business

Companies can choose from many different HRIS tools, including operational HRIS, strategic HRIS, tactical HRIS, and comprehensive HRIS.

But how do you particularly pick the one right for your business optimization?

Keep these things in mind when choosing an HRIS system for your business:

Know your organization

The primary step in choosing any HR Information System for your business is to understand your organization’s needs. Know the pressing HR issues and how they affect your business growth. Understanding these details will give you a clear picture of what you need from an HRIS system.

Ask your team

Choosing the best HRIS solution can be confusing, but you can ask the opinion of your HR personnel, stakeholders, payroll employees, managers, etc., to identify the different pain points.


Research is a crucial step in choosing any HRIS tool. There are multiple options with varying features available today. You can narrow down your search based on your business needs – compare different HRIS solutions to see which one fits your requirements. For instance, you can choose Multiplier if you need an international HRIS solution to manage employee benefits and payroll.

Evaluating constraints

All organizations must consider certain limitations, like budget, time, technological constraints, etc., before choosing any HRIS vendor. To select the right global HRIS solution, you must evaluate your technical infrastructure to ensure you’re ready to include an HRIS tool within your company structure. For example, if you don’t have enough server space, storing huge data volumes might be a hurdle for an HRIS system.

Why Multiplier?

Setting up a business entity in a foreign nation and hiring employees often demands professional intervention.

By partnering with a global PEO-EOR firm like Multiplier, you can enjoy smooth employee onboarding, payroll management, and international employee management. Plus, our experts ensure total compliance with domestic and international laws to help you avoid legal troubles. With a presence in over 150 countries, Multiplier offers global HR services at an affordable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is an HRIS tool crucial to global business expansion?

An HRIS tool helps reduce manual error, eliminates data redundancy, and offers centralized data storage. It can also track employee performance by providing real-time information.

Q. Are HRIS and HRMS the same?

HRIS or Human Resource Information System and HRMS or Human Resource Management System can both aid in managing various HR-related needs. This includes compliance, payroll, onboarding, etc. However, they differ in performance and talent management, which is usually the core domain of HRMS.

Q. Who can use a global HRIS solution?

Any business facing difficulty in managing its evolving workforce and its work complexities should opt for a global HRIS solution. This service is a perfect solution for those entities which aim to grow by keeping aside geographical barriers and want to tap the global talent pool.

Hiring and onboarding using Multiplier ensures you hire remote talent with locally compliant, fool-proof job contracts, offer emphatic benefits and disburse salaries accurately with absolutely nil errors in payrolls.

Hiring and onboarding using Multiplier ensures you hire remote talent with locally compliant, fool-proof job contracts, offer emphatic benefits and disburse salaries accurately with absolutely nil errors in payrolls.​

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