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Background checks / Employee screening in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a preferred location for businesses to establish a company here due to its low tax rates and excellent infrastructure. The country offers employers and employees a low cost of living and various job opportunities. It receives one of the largest European funding for development and infrastructure, creating several options for foreign companies to invest. 

With companies entering the Dominican Republic market, the country has seen a decline in unemployment, creating job opportunities for employees. However, while iring, companies and employers should ensure that a pre-employment background check in the Dominican Republic is organized to check applicants’ authenticity.  

Read this guide to learn about an employment background check in the Dominican Republic here. 

What Is Employment Background Verification?

An employment background check allows companies to verify the accuracy of job applicants’ background information, such as employment history, education, criminal record, and references. It confirms applicants’ identity and qualifications and helps employers make informed decisions about potential employees.

Benefits of Background Checks in the Dominican Republic

Background search in the Dominican Republic offers several benefits to companies while hiring, which include: 

  • Hiring compliance: The Dominican Republic background check law ensures all hiring processes comply with existing regulations, including labour laws. It is imperative as employee verification is essential to avoid credit checks and criminal records checks. An employer should look for the required documents before hiring a potential applicant.
  • Screening for unqualified applicants: Employment background screening is critical in determining whether a potential employee meets all the requirements for the job. It also helps employers get a clear picture of the applicant’s educational qualifications and work experience. At the same time, employers can use this information to hire the most qualified individuals.
  • Reduced liability: A company background check in the Dominican Republic can benefit employers who want to avoid criminal activity. Mandatory checks allow employers to ensure that trustworthy and reliable individuals work for the company. Not to mention, it also reduces the risk of legal action, such as wrongful termination.
  • Identification of fake documents: A HR background check in the Dominican Republic can help employers rule out potentially fake documents, streamlining the hiring process. Spotting counterfeit diplomas and false employment verification for a potential job is more accessible, making decision-making easier.

Yes, an employee background check in the Dominican Republic is a legal process while hiring. 

Under the Dominican Republic’s background check law, Article 27(4) of the Data Protection Law, employers may request a background search on a prospective employee after obtaining the employee’s consent. Employers can use this information through the company’s official email.

However, the government prohibits companies from possessing and retaining the following information

  • Any private information that is vulnerable to a data breach
  • Sensitive employee data, such as political, religious or moral affiliations
  • Data related to union activities
  • Medical reports of any kind

Note: If the employer intends to obtain the information from a credit reporting agency, it must do so with the potential employee’s consent.

In the event of any discrepancies, the applicant may contact law enforcement or these agencies:

  • Ministry of Labor
  • Dominican Institute for the Prevention and Protection of Occupational Risks (INDOPPRIL)
  • National Institute of Professional Technical Training (INFOTEP)
  • Social Security Treasure
  • National Social Security Council and
  • Superintendency of Pensions (SIPEN)

Things to Know When Performing a Background Check in the Dominican Republic

While conducting a background check in the Dominican Republic, employers need to keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Employment history: It is critical to the job and one of the first areas to look at when hiring an employee. Verifying a prospective candidate’s employment history includes reviewing employment dates, job titles, and other employment history details.
  • Educational history: The Dominican Republic background check law identifies education as an important aspect of a productive work environment. Educational history provides employers insight into applicants’ academic performance while promoting their qualifications.
  • Criminal record: Checking a potential applicant’s criminal record gives the employee an advantage when making security decisions. Employers can also use this information to protect the company and its employees’ interests.
  • Credit report: A credit report can highlight the applicant’s financial responsibility and reveal their character. It can also shed light on previous employee problems with bills and finances.
  • Social life: It helps to understand where the potential employee stands regarding opinions and if they can handle the social pressures of the company. The educational background in the employment background check also allows the candidate to stand out from a pool of competent applicants.
  • References: An employee background can help in areas where credibility is most important. It is usually a good practice to check the applicant’s references. They provide information about the applicant’s status in their previous positions and their skills. This history helps in understanding the credibility of the potential employee.

Information Essential for a Background Check in the Dominican Republic

When conducting a background check in the Dominican Republic, the following information is critical for the administration:

  • Full name and aliases
  • Date of birth
  • Current and permanent addresses
  • Verification of the tenant
  • Social security number
  • Educational qualifications
  • Previous work experience
  • Criminal history
  • Credit history
  • Military service record, if applicable
  • Professional licensing information (optional)
  • Immigration and naturalisation records
  • Bank account numbers and related information
  • Financial records
  • Real estate ownership records
  • Review of business owner’s profile
  • Social media accounts
  • Identification documents (passport, driver’s licence, etc.)
  • Motor vehicle driver’s licences (MVRs), if required
  • Criminal records check
  • National and international criminal records checks
  • Due diligence check

Process Involved in Background Checks in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, pre-employment screening is conducted in several ways – one for domestic workers and another for foreign workers. The process of conducting a background check is mentioned below:

  • Ask for the candidate’s consent: The Dominican Republic makes it mandatory to acquire the candidate’s consent before moving forward with the norms of background screening. Start with an email asking for an electronically signed consent form. 
  • Reach out to references the candidate offers: References play a huge role in determining your work capacity and eligibility. Put in a word with the concerned authorities and ask them questions to confirm the authenticity of the candidate’s skills. Businesses can also opt for meet-ups and video chatting to confirm the same.
  • Employ background check websites: When the candidate has given consent, ensure to check for criminal and civil cases via an inbuilt or third-party background checking service. Businesses can also pay a fee to access public records.
  • Review obtained results: Per the norms of the workplace and the requirements of the position, businesses can determine which candidate to take on for the company. If a candidate does not suit the position or has any sort of discrepancy, you may choose to inform them and move on to the next candidate.

Note: In the case of domestic employees, they may prepare a criminal record themselves and submit it to the relevant authorities.

Industries and Situations That are Most Suitable for Background Checks in the Dominican Republic

Certain industries, such as childcare, healthcare, hospitality, education and others, require background checks in the Dominican Republic. These industries have specific requirements regarding education and experience, which must be verified before hiring employees. 

Employers can also conduct a background search in the Dominican Republic in the following situations:

  • Banks and financial institutions: In areas such as banking, officials may conduct a background check to ensure the legality of banking transactions. At the same time, financial institutions may grant loans to the individual after a successful background check.
  • Business deals: Background search ensures that companies act with the correct and factual information in a questionable exchange. It is a significant advantage when dealing with high-value and sensitive information because it provides proof of legitimacy for all parties involved.
  • Government contracting matters: Companies interested in government contracts should ensure compliance with the parties involved. A background screening will determine overall legitimacy in all respects. 

How Multiplier Helps With Background Checks

Multiplier helps with background checks by providing a safe and efficient way to hire talented employees globally. We help employers comply with global employment laws and eliminate the risks of hiring abroad. You can explore different markets and let us hire skillful employees for you to help you grow and save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

A background screening in the Dominican Republic requires the consent of the potential candidate and can only be acquired through the screening bureaus.

The employer holds all rights to hire someone with a criminal record.

Background screening is an absolute must-have for employers looking to enhance their business. Therefore, it is mandatory to get a background screening done.

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