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Work Permit in Chile

Why is Work Permit Needed?

There have been innumerable cases where illegal workers have been reported and penalized in Chile. Therefore, you must promptly fulfill the Chile work visa requirements to avail your work visa.

About Chile Job Market

Chile’s job market is one of the high-income market economies in the world. The primary industries in Chile include mining, agriculture, forestry, services, wine, finance, and tourism.

Work Permit in Chile

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Popular Industries for Expats:

Computer technology, electronics, healthcare, tourism, hotel, and restaurant

Types of Chile work visas available

Once you have your offer letter, it’s time that you apply for a Chile work visa. Generally, the work permit here depends on the type of job or employment contract; therefore, the applicant needs to re-apply for a work permit if they opt for a job change in Chile. There are majorly three types of Chile work permits:

Temporary visa

If you have been posted to Chile while working for a foreign company, you must opt for a temporary visa. To apply for the same, make sure you have these documents handy:
– A certified letter where the foreign company agrees to bear all the costs during your stay in Chile.
– An endorsement from the company based in Chile where you will be joining.

PET: Work Permit as a tourist

PET is not a visa but a work permit that is valid only for a month. And you have to keep visiting the immigration department every month for renewal. Moreover, though the name mentions ‘tourist’, it is not at all a tourist visa. This Chile work permit is meant for companies who want to send their employees to Chile for a short period to finish an ongoing project. The charges of PET are also high and are nearly 150% of the standard Chile work visa cost.

‘Subject to contract’ visa

This is the most prevalent type of visa in Chile that allows any foreign national to work in a Chilean company. If you still haven’t moved to Chile, you can apply for this visa in Chile or through their foreign consulate. But before applying, keep the following in mind:
– Make sure you have a signed employment contract with specific clauses. 
– Next, the immigration department will formally receive your documents and grant you a work permit. This work permit allows you to work only for the employer with whom you have signed the contract. Under this permit, you can also bring your family to Chile, subject to the clause that you can financially support them. 
– The visa expires automatically if either the employee or the employer steps back from the contract. If you want to apply for a new job in Chile, you must sign a new contract and apply for another visa. However, there is no limitation on the number of Chilean jobs you can apply for with the proper paperwork.

Apart from this, the Chilean government has introduced three new visa categories since 2018. These Chile work permits allow foreigners to work in Chile even without a legal contract signed by the employer.

Temporary opportunity visa

Though the prerequisite of this visa is a Spanish diploma with at least a B1 level, this visa allows foreigners to stay in Chile for a year while searching for a job. 

The Temporary National Orientation visa

As per these visa norms, graduates from the best 150 academic institutions can live in Chile for a year and make a suitable job application.

The Temporary Opportunity Visa for Entrepreneur

This allows aspiring foreign entrepreneurs to start their business in Chile, provided they have a Spanish diploma with at least a B1 level.

Requirements for a Chile work permit and by Chile Employers

Getting a work visa in Chile may not be smooth for many. Before applying for a work permit, make sure you meet the following Chile work permit requirements:

  • A colored passport-sized photo taken with a plain background
  • Copy of passport that is valid at least for six months
  • Copy of flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other bookings
  • Past three months, bank statements
  • The joining letter from the employer

You have to attach those in PDFs while making an online application. In addition, make sure you bring those documents in original when you visit your nearest Chile consulate to obtain a visa.

Chile Work Permit Application Process

The next question arises, how to get a work visa in Chile? The application process for the Chile work permit has wholly gone online. You can apply through the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and submit your application. Once the application has been submitted, approach your nearest Chile consulate to get the visa. The steps to apply for getting a Chile work visa include:

  • Go through the rules and regulations thoroughly before applying online.
  • Upload the soft copies of the required documents.
  • Wait till your visa application gets processed.
  • Visit your nearest Chilean consulate on the mentioned day and time.
  • Once your visa is granted, you have to pay the visa charges.
  • Finally, collect your visa.

Timeframe for work permit application process

Typically, a Chile work permit takes 15 to 20 days to get ready. Therefore, it is advisable to apply for the same within a timeframe of 30 to 60 days before your journey date.

Chile Work Permit Fees

Depending on the type of visa and the applicant’s nationality, the Chilean work permit fees vary from $50 to $150. The prices need to be paid at the Chilean embassy when one visits to pick up their Chile work visa.

Here’s How Multiplier Can Help with a Chile Work Permit

Being a global EOR solution with a presence in 100+ countries, we ensure hassle-free employment of the right people from all around the globe. Our experts ensure your company gets the best talent that perfectly fits your requirements. 

There are various categories of Chilean visas depending upon your requirements. This may be confusing at times as well. Our in-house specialists make sure that your visa application process is smooth and without any troubles. We also keep you updated about every development in the application procedure so that you can enjoy a one-stop visa solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

‘Subject to contract’ visa allows foreigners to work in Chile provided they have an endorsed copy by their Chilean employer.

Yes, you can also bring your family to Chile, but the family personnel cannot work here without a proper work visa.

Yes, you can work in Chile with a tourist visa. It is one of the easiest ways to get into Chile, where you can avail yourself of 90 days’ permission for your stay. In the meantime, you can apply for another Chile work permit as per your requirements.

You can get a permanent residence in Chile by fulfilling the below criteria:

  • You must be a holder of a ‘subject to contract’ visa for two years.
  • You hold a student visa for two years and have completed your higher studies in Chile.
  • You hold a temporary resident visa for one year.

Chile’s work visa gets ready in about 15-20 days. Therefore, apply for the visa planning 30 to 60 days ahead. Thus, you’d have sufficient time for all the official processes.

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