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Bye-bye Chaos, Hello Reliability: Welcome to Global Payroll from Multiplier

Running a global business can be exhilarating, but managing global payroll? Not so much. At best an endless maze of tedium, and at worst a heart-pounding plunge into a terrifying abyss, running payroll worldwide means grappling with fresh, gnarly challenges in every location employees work from.

We’ve been listening hard to the problems businesses are facing, from the fiddly work of ensuring expatriate employees are paid correctly to the difficulties in finding secure, capable payroll partners. Seeing their struggles, we embarked on a quest to make the payroll processing journey silky smooth. And now, after much blood, sweat, and tears, we’ve cracked it.

Introducing Global Payroll from Multiplier, a reliable payroll-handling solution that gives you one less thing to worry about—letting you sit back, relax while we do the busy work.

But before you get too comfortable, we first need to understand just how bad things are in the payroll world.

Is managing global payroll really as bad as you say?

No. It’s worse. We’ve heard payroll horror stories capable of setting teeth on edge.

The desperate search for local payroll vendors, the stress of managing multiple systems, the headache of juggling currencies and regulations. When you’re paying employees across the globe, each with their own country-specific (and also regional) requirements, it’s no wonder things can feel a little… difficult. Stop us if you’ve heard any of these before:

High stakes, no control

You want to deliver an exceptional employee experience, but even the slightest payroll error can feel world-ending. Outdated, clunky, or scattered payroll processing can make payroll managers and employees feel powerless.

Global compliance blues

Keeping up with global compliance and ever-changing tax laws, employment regulations, and reporting requirements is daunting. The effort required to stay in the loop diverts valuable time and resources away from core business activities.

Systems, systems everywhere

Managing multiple currencies, tax regulations, and labor laws across different countries can—no judgment here—lead to miscalculations and incorrect payments.

Pointlessly complex

Many businesses use multiple payroll vendors for different regions, leading to fragmented payroll management and potentially inconsistent payment dates.

Zero Transparency

A lack of visibility into payroll data hinders businesses’ ability to analyze and gain insights into their activities. This lack of access to accurate and timely data hinders effective decision-making and strategizing, making spotting cost-saving opportunities near-impossible.

Sounds awful. But what’s the alternative?

We’re so glad you asked. New from Multiplier, Global Payroll offers a reliable and seamless experience—with built-in scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Global Payroll is all about getting rid of complexity to deliver a more innovative payroll process, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at what you get in the package.


  • One platform, limitless possibilities: Consolidate and streamline payroll operations across multiple countries in one fully-compliant location.
  • Insights for days: Optimize budgets, identify cost-savings, and align payroll with business goals
  • Total transparency: Understand all the charges involved up-front, meaning no hidden costs ruining your day
  • Pin-point accuracy: Preview and approve payroll data before hitting the run button.
  • Scale to the moon: Grow into new markets and let Global Payroll do the math for you.
  • Peaceful payroll: Reliability that boosts the confidence of employers and employees alike
  • Leave it to us: Trust us to keep your tax and legal-compliant – anywhere in the world.


Multiplier’s Global Payroll is your new one-stop shop for all your payroll needs. Think of us as your payroll partners. All you have to do is input the information, and we’ll own the reports and validations, giving you complete visibility and accuracy. Good, right?

And that’s not all. Global Payroll also means:

  • Full transparency: Global Payroll gives you an end-to-end view of payroll for every employee in every country.
  • Blazingly fast employee onboarding: We’re here to handle the heavy lifting of setting employees up on the Multiplier platform—letting you onboard employees and run payroll in minutes.
  • Automated accuracy: Leveraging automation and minimizing manual processes, Global Payroll ensures calculations, tax withholdings, and compliance are always right.
  • Tech integrations: Global Payroll seamlessly integrates with a wide range of HR, accounting, and timekeeping software, creating a unified ecosystem that eliminates data duplication, reduces manual effort, and enhances data accuracy.

OK, but what can Global Payroll do for me?

HR managers

We’re sure you’ve already got a lot going on. Do you dread the payroll process? Feel the cold sweat dripping down your back as the paperwork piles up? Here’s how Multiplier’s Global Payroll can help.

  • Streamline onboarding: Global Payroll simplifies onboarding and eliminates paperwork, letting you spend more time on fun things like employee engagement.
  • Enhance accuracy and compliance: With advanced algorithms and intelligent automation, HR teams can have peace of mind knowing that accurate payroll calculations and tax withholdings are all in hand.
  • Save time and resources: by integrating Global Payroll with other HR software, HR teams can eliminate manual data entry and reduce administrative overhead.
  • Improve employee satisfaction: Global Payroll ensures reliable payouts, leaving employees with a smile on their face.
  • Reduce workload: Self-service features and accessible pay stubs help employees to access their payroll information conveniently, reducing the time spent responding to individual inquiries.

Finance workers

More of a financial type? We’ve got you covered too. We know what it’s like to be besieged by a million facts and figures, which is why Global Payroll cuts through the noise to give a better understanding of the payroll process.

  • Visibility of payroll and headcount: Multiplier gives you quickly consumable reports to identify payroll costs and headcount by department or country
  • Compliance and audit readiness: Global Payroll ensures compliance with tax regulations and labor laws, reducing the risk of penalties and taking some of the stress out of the audit process.
  • Readily available general ledger files: Analyze files at your leisure, with documents available in a format easily uploadable to whichever financial system you use.

Whether you’re in HR, finance, or any other relevant business function, Multiplier’s Payroll product can streamline processes, enhance accuracy, improve compliance, save time and resources, deliver actionable insights, and increase operational efficiency. In other words: we’ve got you covered.

That’s great and all, but why Multiplier?

That’s easy! With Multiplier’s Global Payroll, you can expect:

  • Exceptional customer support, with dedicated customer support teams on hand to address queries and resolve technical issues—as well as a customer success manager for even more personalized help.
  • Easy administration, thanks to an intuitive user interface that enables efficient navigation, process automation, and payroll administration optimization.
  • Access to payroll and legal expertise from over 100 experts, who can guide you on international tax regulations, statutory compliance, and complex payroll scenarios.

At Multiplier, we’re empowering businesses with a new kind of Global Payroll that enables a new world of borderless work. Whether your company numbers in the tens or the thousands, if you’ve got workers around the globe, we’ve got the reliable payroll solution you’ve been searching for.

Want to find out more about how Global Payroll can help your business? Visit the product page or talk to our experts to find out more.

Ria Thomas
Ria Thomas

Product Marketing Manager

Ria is a Product Marketing Manager at Multiplier

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