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Work Permit in Bangladesh

Why is Work Permit Needed?

For any foreign national who wants to work abroad, a valid work permit is important. A Bangladesh work permit is a document that legally gives you the right to work in this country. To secure this important document, you can approach a work visa agency in Bangladesh.

About the Bangladesh Job Market

Here are a few details about Bangladesh’s job market scenario for expats:

Bangladesh Map

Number of Expats:


Popular Industries for Expats:

Textile and garment industry, Leather products, Infrastructure, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Light engineering, Agriculture processing and Exports.

Types of Bangladesh Work Visa

While getting a work permit visa from Bangladesh is relatively easy, there are different types of work permits available. These visas depend on the purpose and length of your visit here. 

Bangladesh work permit is essentially divided into Long Term Visas (allow stay for more than 3 to 6 months) and Short Term Visas (Validity of 3 days to 3-6 months).

Employment or Work Visa: 

A Bangladesh work permit is for a person who is appointed in any government/semi-government body or by autonomous bodies in Bangladesh. 
Those who are employed in local or foreign government offices or commercial organizations also come in this category. 
It also includes individuals who are working with registered NGOs in the country. It is initially valid for three months and can extend up to 3 years later. 

Business Visa: 

A business visa is issued to a businessperson who wants to visit Bangladesh for trade, commerce or investment. The applicant can be given this visa against an invitation letter from a recognized business organization or a local sponsor. 
With a business visa, you can visit sites for business establishment, meet with other employees or set up a company in Bangladesh. 
The time duration of your visa is dependent on the purpose of your visit. 

Investment Visa: 

The primary purpose of this visa is to allow an individual to conduct business meetings pertaining to investments in the country. 
It is valid for a year allowing a maximum of 3 visits per month. 

Journalist Visa:

‍As the name suggests, it is offered to newspaper/magazines, TV, or radio journalists for the purpose of their professional duty in the country. 

NGO Visa:

‍For those appointed with a registered NGO in Bangladesh, apply for this work permit visa from Bangladesh. 

Research Visa: 

This is applicable for foreigners who are willing to participate in research, training or internship programmes in the country. 
The aforementioned project has to be sanctioned by a government-approved organization in Bangladesh.

Requirements for Bangladesh Work Permit

Before you go on to find a work visa agency in Bangladesh, carefully go through the list of requirements. Since each work permit is specific to the purpose of the visit, the requirements vary as well.. 

  • For an employment visa, a recommendation letter from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)/ Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA) is necessary. 
  • A business visa requires an invitation letter from Bangladesh, along with a letter from the company that is sending the applicant to the country. 
  • For an investor visa, there should be a recommendation letter from the Board of Investment (BOI) or BEPZA. 
  • NGO workers’ visa requires a permission letter from NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh. 
  • Journalist visas require application forms along with a list of equipment the applicant will be carrying with them. 

A work permit visa agent in Bangladesh will guide you through the list of documents for your type of work permit. Here’s a general checklist of documents required for Bangladesh work permit:

  • Valid passport
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Duly filled visa application form
  • Visa fee payment receipt 
  • Appointment letter
  • Letter of invitation from respective authorities 
  • Proof of travel arrangements
  • Bank statements
  • Tax payment certificate

There is also a provision for the applicant’s passport to be returned via post. In that case, they must provide a self-addressed, prepaid envelope.

Bangladesh Work Permit Application Process

It is important to choose the right category of visa to get a work permit visa from Bangladesh, and then follow the procedure dutifully. 

  • Fill the visa application form on the official website of Department of Immigration & Passports in Bangladesh
  • Attach your photos 
  • Pay the fees
  • Print the completed form and submit it to the nearest Visa office
  • Wait till your application is processed
  • You can collect the visa from the Bangladesh embassy
  • A Bangladesh work visa for Indians can be applied through and collected via a visa agent.

Timeframe for Bangladesh Work Permit Application

The processing time for a Bangladesh work visa depends on the embassy. It can take at least 5 working days to a maximum of 1-2 weeks to get your visa.

How Does Multiplier Help With Work Permit? 

As a global EOR solution, Multiplier has local entities in over 100+ countries. Hence, we can smoothen the process of onboarding people from around the world. Our HR suite led by qualified experts guarantees end-to-end solutions to all users.

Using our SaaS-based solution, you can request a Bangladesh work permit instead of scouting for a work permit visa agent in Bangladesh. Our in-house experts will take care of the application process, handling all the documentation and costs. You will be kept in loop with the progress at every step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There is a requirement for a Bangladesh work visa for Indian nationals. After applying online, all the required documents have to be submitted at the Bangladesh High Commission in New Delhi.

The fees for Bangladesh work permit differ from country to country. It can also vary depending on the embassy you choose.

Foreigners must submit an application for an extension of their work visa on the Bangladesh Online MRV Portal ( Visit the Immigration & Passport Office in Dhaka and pay the necessary fee

Bangladesh Visa On Arrival (VOA) is a type of visa which you apply for only after you have arrived in Bangladesh. However, first you have to complete the Bangladesh visa application form online. While filling the form, select the option of “Visa on Arrival.” There is separate eligibility to obtain a Bangladesh VOA.

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