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Angola boasts a rapidly growing economy, making it worthwhile for global companies to expand their business. The country attracts foreign investment due to factors like high political and economic stability, strong government support, a booming labor force, access to renewable energy prospects, and strong government support. The country ranks 61st globally in terms of GDP

Companies can find top talent in Angola. To avoid future complications, it is crucial to hire a reliable candidate for the job. Global companies planning to hire local talents can count on background checks in Angola to get the right fit for their company. Conducting background checks helps avoid financial and legal risks.

The background checks benefit you with a responsible hiring practice. They help companies easily understand the employment rules and protect them from vulnerabilities of legal liability.

The following guide explains the local rules and regulations for performing pre-employment background checks in Angola.

What is Employment Background Verification?

The employment background verification process authenticates the personal and professional data of employees. Commonly, employers conduct this process to validate employment records, academic qualifications, financial records, credit records, criminal records, social media records, etc. Companies can conduct this process on their existing and potential employees.

Companies can conduct appropriate employee screening internally or use services from a third-party firm experienced in background checks in Angola. The process involves gathering, storing, and processing employees’ professional and personal data. Hence, companies should ensure they conform to the relevant data protection laws. The employee screening process differs based on industry and local regulations.

Conducting these checks before hiring candidates helps to maintain workplace integrity. These checks ensure that the candidate is fit for the organization and doesn’t pose a risk. During a pre-employment screening, employers verify whether the candidate is truthful or not.

Benefits of Background Checks in Angola

Conducting a pre-employment background check in Angola offers the following benefits.

Decreases cost and potential loses

  • The background checks of candidates confirm the genuineness of the data specified in the application. Usually, the checks include checking educational qualifications, personal data, legal requirements, etc.
  • Screening potential job candidates can significantly decrease costs that will be incurred if the wrong candidate is hired otherwise.
  • The process of background checks retains only reliable candidates for the job and maintains workplace integrity and productivity.

Controls employee turnover

  • Performing background checks on potential hires will significantly reduce your rate of unwelcome turnover.
  • If employers have more information on a new hire before creating a job offer, there will be fewer chances of making a wrong hiring decision.

Find the most appropriate candidate

  • Background checks guarantee that the workplace stays productive and responsible.
  • It saves resources and time by preventing repeat hiring for the same job position.
  • It helps companies to focus on reinforcing their team rather than continuously filling vacant positions.

Prevent legal and financial liabilities

  • Hiring an unfit employee makes employers vulnerable to financial and legal risks.
  • Performing credit checks on candidates before hiring for finance-related positions and executive positions will decrease the company’s financial threats.
  • Conducting a background check ensures workplace safety for various industries.

Decreases workplace theft

  • The choice of an inappropriate or fraudulent candidate can lead to regular loss of the company’s assets and other belongings.
  • Conducting background checks leads to hiring reliable candidates only. Thus, it ascertains that the company’s assets and sensitive information are not vulnerable to workplace theft.

 Are Background Checks Legal in Angola?

Employers commonly conduct background checks in Angola. But, collecting and processing personal data for employee screening in Angola requires employers to comply with Angola’s Data Protection Authority (APD).

Angola’s Data Protection Authority (APD) controls processes associated with an employment background check in Angola. Moreover, the authority restricts employers from gathering information inappropriate to the position.

Employers can conduct background checks in Angola to determine whether the candidates are fit for the job position. The candidate’s consent is necessary if companies want to gather information from third parties, for instance, educational institutions.

Things to Know When Performing a Background Check in Angola

Different laws apply to employee background screening in Angola. The following section discusses various searches and factors that control them. 

Criminal record

  • The Angolan background check laws are restrictive for authenticating criminal records.
  • Companies can perform a criminal background check in Angola only if it is pertinent to the position.
  • Employers can validate criminal records in insurance, financial security, and teaching institutions.
  • Criminal background check is required if the job involves working with kids or vulnerable persons
  • Conducting a criminal background check in Angola is also required when employers work with sensitive information, for example, if the job is in central or local government.
  • If an employee has a criminal history, a background check may contain information about the particular activity.

Social media check

  • When conducting an HR background check in Angola, companies can look around an applicant’s social media profiles.
  • Companies can verify publicly-available data on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Employers should comply with the general data protection principles and access the information only for recruitment-related tasks.
  • This check also discloses the candidate’s interests and how effectively they can fit into the company’s culture.
  • This check may contain information about applicants’ social media use and their online interactions.
  • The applicants must be able to justify the correctness of the information revealed by employers during social media checks.

Credit report

  • -Through a company background check in Angola, employers can validate a prospective employee’s financial records.
  • Employers can validate a candidate’s credit history to confirm whether the candidate is financially sound to occupy the position.
  • Employers can perform these checks only after the candidate’s consent.
  • The check may indicate the candidate’s financial history, including any missed payments or outstanding debt.

Work history

  • No restrictions exist when performing this type of employment background check in Angola.
  • It allows employers to verify the details potential employees have stated in their job applications.
  • This check indicates the place and duration of the potential employee’s past employment.
  • If it is required to contact a third party (for example, the candidate’s prior employer), they should get their consent beforehand.
  • This check helps employers confirm that the potential employee is reliable and fit for the job.
  • It also confirms that the potential employees have the required work experience and that their resumes being applied for the role are accurate.

Education history

  • Employers commonly verify academic qualifications and employment history in Angola.
  • According to Angolan background check laws, employers do not need consent if the candidate provides the information.
  • However, if they want to verify information from a third party, they require consent.
  • All employers can conduct this background check in Angola to ensure they have the necessary academic credentials of potential employees.
  • The check involves verification of employment history and academic qualifications.
  • As per the Angolan background check laws, employers don’t require consent if the candidate offers the information.
  • But, employers need consent if they aim to authenticate the information from a third party.

Information Essential for a Background Check in Angola

Employers may require the following information when conducting an employee background screening in Angola.

  • Name of the candidate
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Candidate’s educational details like school name, date of attendance, location, degree certificate, major, and release form.
  • Details about their former employment like employer name, duration of employment, job description, contact information, and release form

Companies should acquire the candidate’s written consent if needed before conducting a background check in Angola. Also, they should mention the intent of gathering the data.

Employers can use services from third-party firms to perform these background checks. Moreover, the company should inform Angola’s Data Protection Authority (APD) about those activities.

Angola’s Data Protection Authority (APD) may impose a fine ranging from USD 75,000 to USD 150,000 or can revoke the company’s license. They can do these if they find the companies violating explicit requirements for processing personal data or conducting non-compliant background checks.

Process Involved in Background Checks in Angola

Employers can follow the below steps when conducting an employment background check in Angola. 

Step 1: Notify the candidate and obtain consent

  1. Employers can notify the candidate regarding the information they are collecting and the relevant purpose.
  2. They must get the candidate’s consent to collect information from a third party.

Step 2: Collect information

  1. Employers can collect all the necessary information to perform a background check.
  2. Companies should comply with the regulations and only collect data pertinent to the job position.

Step 3: Conduct a background check

  1. Employers can conduct a background check only after they have collected all the information.
  2. Employers can either appoint an in-house team to conduct the background checks or use services from third-party solutions well-versed in background checks.

Industries and Situations That are Most Suitable for Background Checks in Angola

Background checks in Angola are not compulsory, but they are vital to ensure reliable hiring processes. All employers are recommended to conduct these checks to maintain integrity, productivity, and safety in the workplace.

Companies can perform medical checks if they find relevancy to the job position. Health checks are required for employees working in restaurants, hotels, nurseries, and as pilots and drivers to ensure the candidate’s eligibility for the vacancy.

Employers are permitted to conduct criminal background checks in Angola in the security, teaching, finance, and insurance industries.

Employers can also verify the academic background and employment history for almost all job positions to authenticate whether the candidate is fit for the position. 

How Multiplier Helps With Background Checks

Owing to culture and language barriers in Angola, the process of hiring and handling employees can be challenging. Employers should abide by Angolan background check laws to accomplish employee screening. Usually, the corresponding processes are complex and laborious. Hence, employers can partner with third-party solution providers like Multiplier to eliminate these complications.

Multiplier provides international payroll management services for a compliant business expansion in 150+ countries, including Angola.

Multiplier has reliable partners for global employment and hiring abroad. It doesn’t directly involve background searches in Angola. Moreover, our PEO-EOR platform significantly simplifies your employee onboarding and payroll management procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the employers aiming to conduct background checks in Angola should comply with Angola’s Data Protection Authority (APD).

Yes, employers can conduct background checks on their current employees if it is essential and significant to the job position. Examples of instances in which employers can decide to do so are security threats, harm to business, insurance reasons, and conviction that a current employee has been arrested.

Basic employment verification covers information like company name, employment start date, and employment end date. The process is swift if that’s all the information you require. However, employers often require more details, and the more they ask, the longer the employment verification process can become.

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