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Background checks / Employee screening Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the most favorable destinations for setting up a company by recruiting local staff to expand a business. With its capital in Tashkent, the country is known for its fail-proof tax regime, attracting investors worldwide. 

The international banking situation in Uzbekistan is showing promising growth, providing opportunities to businesses looking to capitalize on such instances. According to World Bank reports, the GDP of Uzbekistan was recorded to be 69.24 billion in 2024. Setting up a business organization in Uzbekistan is profitable. However, as an international company, it is always a safe practice to check and verify a candidate before hiring them. 

Hiring employees from among the locals requires a strict background check in Uzbekistan. From ensuring the protection of assets to preserving the company’s reputation, employment background check is crucial. 

Conducting a pre-employment background check in Uzbekistan requires the verification of employment history, academic credentials, financial status, criminal reports, and other records per the job. If you seek to recruit global talent, read on to learn more about conducting a background search in Uzbekistan.

What Is Employment Background Verification?

Employee background verification is a process to verify an applicant’s information. During this stage, the recruiter verifies the employment history, academic certificates, criminal records, and any other information related to the job.

The HR of the business organization conducts a background verification to ensure that the candidate will ensure better hiring. Private and public sector companies engage in employment background screening in Uzbekistan to establish the candidate’s authenticity and hire suitable candidates.

Benefits of Background Checks in Uzbekistan

A few advantages of conducting an background search in Uzbekistan are as follows:

  • Confirmation of the international employment records of the candidate
  • Improvement of compliance with the industry, federal, and state laws and regulations
  • Secures the organization against frivolous liabilities
  • Selection of perfectly eligible candidates during the recruitment process through up-to-date decision-making
  • Ensures retention of the employees after the training period, thereby preventing loss of the investments made in the employees during the training period
  • Confirmation of the candidate’s academic credentials helps ensure that the candidate is fit for the job role.
  • Authentication of the license held by the candidate ensures that the candidate is eligible for the profession.
  • Reduction of risks associated with neglectful hiring

The Law on Personal Data legalizes background screening in Uzbekistan as long as the background check is in the job context. As per the Administrative Responsibility and Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, background checks must respect a candidate’s privacy. The law permits a security investigation and medical check-up of the candidate before making a final job offer. The business organization has to obtain written consent to conduct an employee background verification in Uzbekistan. 

An employer can conduct a background check in-house or by third-party agencies. The background check law allows employee screening in Uzbekistan based on the following records:

  • Records of criminal and civil wrongs
  • Education and employment records
  • Motor vehicle records

Things to Know When Performing a Background Check in Uzbekistan

Employers must erfy certain information while conducting an employee screening in Uzbekistan. All the essential checks are as follows. 

Employment history

  • While applying for a job that requires work experience, candidates disclose their work experience details in their application.
  • As data tampering during an interview is possible, it is of the utmost importance to verify the applicant’s experience. 
  • Conducting a company background check in Uzbekistan allows employers to identify such misdeeds. 
  • Employers can identify tampered data in the process and take the necessary actions.

Education History

  • Few candidates might resort to changing their educational documents for better job opportunities. 
  • Therefore, an essential part of an employment background check is the verification of the academic record of a candidate. 
  • Such tests allow employers to identify and screen out applicants with wrong data. 
  • An educational background check is mandatory if the job requires the candidate to hold a professional license.  

Criminal record

  • A criminal background check in Uzbekistan allows an employer to identify past convictions of a candidate, if applicable. 
  • Thorough criminal background checks in Uzbekistan reduce potential risks and ensure the safety of the employees. 

Credit report

  • Understanding a candidate’s ability to manage finances is a vital factor for selection for wealth and accounts management jobs. 

Social life

  • An employment background check includes checking a candidate’s social media profiles. 
  • A thorough background check of the profiles of a candidate allows the recruiter to comprehend the candidate’s personality. 
  • Conducting a background check on the social profile is crucial for employers looking to build a great team. 
  • During the social media profile search process, the company has to comply with Uzbekistan background check law to ensure the non-infringement of the candidate’s privacy.

Information Essential for a Background Check in Uzbekistan

The information essential for conducting an exhaustive background check are as follows.

Employers can ask for documents if they need to be added to the candidate’s application. 

  • First name and last name of the candidate
  • Current residential addresses
  • A recent colored photo of the candidate
  • National ID proof and passport copies
  • Offer letters, salary slips, experience letters, exit letters, and other documents on previous employment
  • Academic degree certificates, mark sheets, and other relevant documents
  • Documents of internship experience, where applicable
  • International employment and educational records, where applicable

Process Involved in Background Checks in Uzbekistan

The step-by-step process of conducting an employee screening in Uzbekistan is given below:

  • The recruiter of the business organization must disclose the background search to the candidate. 
  • Employers must notify the candidate that the background search in Uzbekistan is a pre-condition to be satisfied for accepting the job.
  • The hiring company must also issue a notice during the involvement of a third-party agency. 
  • Only written consent from the candidate to the background search in Uzbekistan is necessary. 

Step 2: Gathering data

  • The hiring company contacts the references in the candidate’s resume. 
  • The references provide the necessary information to the hiring company. 
  • Employment history and academic records are obtainable through the references. 
  • Employers must contact the relevant governing body to acquire criminal records, credit history, etc.

Step 3: Final verification

  • The hiring company receives and verifies the data accordingly. 
  • The recruiter also examines criminal records, credit reports, and other related records. 
  • Based on verification and assessment, employers can make the hiring decision. 

Industries and Situations That are Most Suitable for Background Checks in Uzbekistan

Companies of every sector or industry conduct thorough background screening in Uzbekistan to protect their reputation and assets. While an educational and employment background check is common in Uzbekistan, some jobs need more verification. A list of the industries and sectors that engage in conducting pre-employment screening in Uzbekistan is given below:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal services
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Energy and utilities
  • Transportation and construction industry

How Multiplier Helps with Background Checks?

The professionals at Multiplier provide extensive help in expanding your business into Uzbekistan. Multiplier provides many end-to-end solutions to recruit a highly qualified workforce, from setting up payroll to running background search in Uzbekistan. Setting up a subsidiary company in Uzbekistan can take several months and years without the professional assistance of Multiplier. Reach out to Multiplier today to conduct employee screening in Uzbekistan for recruitment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Employment verification processes can vary depending on the specific circumstances, policies, and procedures of the employer and the relevant authorities in Uzbekistan. Generally, the time it takes for employment verification in Uzbekistan can range from a few days to several weeks or even longer in some cases.

In Uzbekistan, employers may have access to certain public records and databases that could provide information about a potential employee’s criminal history, such as court records, criminal records, and police records.

In Uzbekistan, the Law on Employment of the Republic of Uzbekistan prohibits discrimination during the hiring process based on several characteristics, including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity or national origin
  • Religion or belief
  • Political opinion
  • Social status
  • Family status

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