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Syria Employment Guide

Your quick guide on talent and labor compliance norms in Syria




Syrian Pound (SYP)



Payroll Frequency


GDP per Capita


Employer Tax


Talent Overview

About 20% of the country’s gross domestic product comes from agriculture, and as of 2022, its GDP is expected to be at 16 billion USD. The war-torn country is on the path of rejuvenating its economy depending on agriculture, energy, and mineral resources.

Major economic hubs:

Aleppo, Damascus, Homs

Skills in demand:

Labor force, Petroleum industry, tobacco industry, food processing


Local Universities

The top local universities in Syria are as follows:

Uni1 40

Damascus University


Local: 1

World: 4571

Uni4 33

Al-Baath University


Local: 2

World: 5816

Uni2 35

Tishreen University


Local: 3

World: 6970

Uni4 Syria

Al-Hawash Private University


Local: 4

World: 7243

Uni5 29

Arab International University


Local: 5

World: 7545

Salary Data

Some of the popular jobs and their monthly salaries are listed below:

Job title Average Monthly Salary (SYP) Average Monthly Salary (USD)
Accountant 109,000 43.38
Financial analyst 194,000 77.21
Office manager 138,000 54.92
Secretary 67,600 26.90
Customer service 102,000 40.59
Talentsource 1

Talent Sourcing Tips

Top Local Job Boards:, Unjobnet

Employing in Syria

The employment laws of Syria is based on the Labor Code of the country as well as the Employment Law 17/2010. Get to know the various regulations associated with employment in the country.

Employee Contract

It is mandatory to have a written employment contract in Arabic.

Probation period

In Syria, the probation period must not exceed three months.

Public and Provincial Holidays 2023

Date Name Type
1 Jan New Year Public Holiday
8 Mar Revolution Day Public Holiday
21 Mar Mothers’ Day Public Holiday
16 Apr Orthodox Easter Day Public Holiday
17 Apr Evacuation Day Public Holiday
22 Apr Eid al-Fitr (Tentative Date) Public Holiday
1 May Labor Day Public Holiday
6 May Martyrs’ Day Public Holiday
28 Jun Eid al-Adha (Tentative Date) Public Holiday
19 Jul Muharram (Tentative Date) Public Holiday
27 Sep The Prophet’s Birthday (Tentative Date) Public Holiday
6 Oct October Liberation Day Public Holiday
25 Dec Christmas Day Public Holiday

Employee Leaves

Type of Leave Time Period Mandatory
Annual/Earned Leave 14 days Yes
Sick Leave First 90 days with 70% wage and next 90 days with 80% Yes
Maternity Leave 120 days Yes


Payroll 1

Payroll Cycle

Syria follows a monthly payroll cycle.

Payroll 2

Minimum Wage

Syria’s monthly minimum wage in the private sector is 71,515 SYP.

Payroll 3

Overtime Pay

Syria does not have any limitation on the hours of overtime. Working on rest days is paid at a premium of 100% of the normal hourly wage, while for weekdays, the pay is at a premium of 37.5% of the normal hourly rate.


13th Month Pay

There is no statutory law for 13th month pay in Syria

Employee Benefits

  • Social insurance
  • Maternity leave


Employer Payroll Tax

Tax item Tax contribution
Old age, disability, survivors 14.0%
Work injury 3%
Lum-sum disability benefits 0.10%

Employee Payroll Tax

Tax item Tax contribution
Old age, disability, survivors 7% ( extra 1% for voluntary supplemental disability and death benefits)

Employee Income Tax

Taxable Income (in SYP) Tax Rate (in %)
Over Not Over
0 15,000 0
15,000 144,000 5
144,000 192,000 7
192,000 240,000 9
240,000 288,000 11
288,000 360,000 12
360,000 600,000 16
600,000 900,000 19
900,000 and above 22


Syria does not follow VAT, but consumption taxes are imposed on some services, ranging from 1.5% to 40%.

Offboarding & Termination

An employer may terminate the fixed-term employment contract at any time but must pay the salary for the remaining contract period. Similarly an employee can terminate the contract with a two-month notice to the employer.

In Syria, the notice period is not more than three months

For employees not covered under the social security law, compensation of one month’s salary for every year of service needs to be paid.

Visa and Immigration

In order to work in Syria, a work permit is a must for any employee. An individual must apply directly to the consulate or embassy to get the work permit or can apply directly with the employment contract.

Visa 1
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Minimum Wage

Overtime Pay

Visa & Immigration