Pay and take care of your international teams with 100% compliance and accuracy

Multiplier is a comprehensive solution that automates payroll, benefits and compliance for your international workforce

Trusted by industry leaders to support their global payroll and compliance

Establish trust with global teams by ensuring quick and timely payroll

Manage payroll in 120+ currencies and access employee taxes, social contributions and payslips on a single platform

One comprehensive platform for international payroll, compliance and benefits


and Secure

A cutting-edge solution that allows you to onboard, pay and provide benefits across borders compliantly and stay connected with your global teams.


Local business entities in over 150 countries across APAC, Europe and Americas


Secure cloud AWS, GDPR compliant and enterprise-class data protection policies


Onboard global employees in a few clicks—hassle-free yet completely compliant


Strong team of legal and tax experts on-site to craft compliant contracts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Partnering with international PEOs helps you explore untapped markets and leverage global talent. PEOs also reduce significant costs for your company by taking over your global HR functions so that you can concentrate on your business

You can pay your entire team in one click in their local currencies using our payroll solution. Multiplier offers a dedicated dashboard for you to manage your employees’ payments and invoices

An employee is bound to the labor laws laid by the government to whom he/she pays taxes.

All data is stored in AWS cloud servers. Hence, all of your data is ensured of security by Amazon’s highest security protocols and standards

Our experts in each of our local entities stay cognizant of employment laws 24×7. This ensures that the benefits you endow on your employees using Multiplier’s platform are compliant with employment laws

Yes. In most countries, employees negotiate benefits with their employers to cater the former’s requirements. Our in-house experts can help employees with setting the right benefits for your employees

Pay thousands of employees worldwide in minutes