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Meet Multiplier: Expand Your Team With Our Global System of Record

Thanks in part to COVID-19 and the move to remote working, small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly likely to hire from across the globe. But establishing entities and remaining compliant in multiple countries remains an ongoing battle—not to mention a headache!

Recently, our Head of Revenue Enablement, Timea Bara, and Senior Product Marketing Manager, Supriya VS, appeared on LinkedIn Live to give a walkthrough of our global system of record platform and how it not only assists your global expansion but makes your life much easier in the process.

If you missed it, don’t worry! The recording is there for you to peruse at your convenience. But if you’re looking for a written digest, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of what they had to say.

Five steps to international hiring heaven

They started with a scenario: A CEO of a San Francisco-based company with 300 employees is looking to hire software developers from the Philippines. But without an entity in the Philippines, she is unsure where to start. How can Multiplier help?

Well, via a simple, five-step, five-minute process—as Supriya demonstrated.

1. Enter employee information

You start by filling out information collected from your employee, such as their name, nationality, etc.

2. Select pay package

Then, it’s time to set up their pay package. Selections include what payroll cycle a candidate will fall in and cutoff dates for onboarding completion—before choosing the salary, payment frequency, and whether there are any deductions during the probationary period.

At this stage, the platform is flexible enough to allow you to include bonuses you might like to add to the final contract as well.

3. Choose benefits

Now, it’s time to look at the benefits you’d like to offer—such as insurance. The Multiplier platform helps you choose the nature and level of insurance you want to give and whether it extends to dependents. Unlike competitors, Multiplier takes the time to partner with local insurance firms to work out plans and premiums in such a way that premiums are not exorbitant and are cost-effective for both parties.

4. Adjust allowances

Using the Multiplier platform, businesses can set leave allowances and probationary and notice periods, with mandatory legal requirements for that particular employee’s jurisdiction automatically fed in.

5. Create the contract

Once all the information is entered, users can seamlessly generate an automatically compliant contract with one click. 

Then it’s a question of reviewing it, hitting send, and the platform does the magic of sending it directly to the employee. It’s as easy as that!

Compliant every step of the way

It’s worth reiterating just how automated the process is, particularly regarding compliance. Mandatory local elements like minimum wage or leave periods are auto-filled at every stage, so businesses aren’t caught short. As Supriya put it: “The platform is designed so that you always stay compliant. Any country-specific legality is auto-populated by our platform to indicate its importance.”

What that means is businesses no longer have to sweat the small stuff. “Our technology simplifies the employment process by managing the complexities of local compliance, benefits, taxes, and many other things, too,” said Timea. “That means companies that work with us can focus on their core functions.”


Timea and Supriya also took the time to answer some of the questions asked during the stream. Here are a couple of highlights!

Immigration support

“Visa and immigration support are add-on services that Multiplier also helps with. Once you help us identify the person who requires a visa and provide details or documentation, we will coordinate the visa immigration details,” said Supriya. “That’s something our infrastructure team can take care of so you can be stress-free.” 

IT assets

“If you’re sitting in the US and the candidate is in the Philippines, you have to figure out how you’re going to send IT devices across,” said Supriya. “This is something that Multiplier provides as an add-on. Using our platform, you get to choose which asset you want from a list of options and submit a request to our infrastructure team. We’ll then contact you to help ship this asset wherever the employee is based.”


“Using our platform, you can see a list of details, like which country an employee is based in, their details, the base salary, and so on. That same interface also allows you to make any edits for our payroll team to pick it up. We pride ourselves on 99.95% accuracy. That’s unheard of and unprecedented in the industry today,” Supriya explained.

Those are just a sample of the insights Timea and Supriya served up—if you’re interested in hearing everything they had to say, head to the recording and have a watch!

Access game-changing global talent with Multiplier

We’re just getting started on our LinkedIn Live adventure, so stay tuned for future events we plan on hosting on the platform.

While you wait, you strike us as the kind of person ready to scale their global workforce and access the skilled workers they desperately need. It may interest you to know that, as Timea said: “We are a customer-obsessed company, and we put a lot of attention to customer feedback. Currently, we have 4.6 stars on G2, where we were recently named the “most implementable” EOR.”

Multiplier is here to help businesses boost their productivity with global talent, so why not talk to our experts and book a demo today?

Supriya VS
Supriya VS

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Supriya believes in doing > thinking. She is a product marketer with a decade of experience across e-comm, ed-tech and SaaS industries, including over 500 customer conversations that have been instrumental in charting consumer personas and understanding customer pain points, buying patterns, and concerns at various levels of the decision-making funnel. Her mantra is “Done is better than perfect!”

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Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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