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Comprehensive Guide to Employee Background Checks in Pakistan

Pakistan is a South-Asian country and is the world’s fifth most populous country, with an estimated population of around 243 million citizens. The government has managed to ensure a literacy rate of 62.3%, highlighting the growing abundance of education and talented individuals. 

Factors like affordability and an undeniable skill set have attracted the attention of several companies to hire employees in Pakistan. When hiring local talents, private employers must abide by local rules and regulations. They are also encouraged to conduct a pre-employment background check on potential candidates to avoid legal and financial liabilities. 

Employment background checks allow employers to find suitable candidates for the company while maintaining workplace integrity. Any company can avoid potential issues with a suitable system of employee screening in place. Read this article to understand the procedure, rules, and regulations related to background checks in Pakistan. 

What is an Employment Background Verification? 

An employment background verification scrutinizes a shortlisted candidate’s employment history and background. The primary motive for conducting an employment background check is to confirm the accuracy of information provided by a candidate. 

An employer or a third-party partner agency can conduct an employment background check on potential candidates and employees. Background screening might comprise several reviews per a job requirement. However, some standard checks are as follows.

  • Education verification
  • Reference checks
  • Social media verification
  • Criminal records

Benefits of Background Checks in Pakistan

A pre-employment background check in Pakistan benefits both the employer and the employee, as an applicant can directly cement their credibility and trustworthiness. 

False information

  • Conducting reference checks allows an employer to validate an applicant’s claims. Conducting a background check ensures employers hire candidates with accurate qualifications and experience. 
  • Employers can also identify forged documents through background checks. 

Reduced liability and employee safety

  • With a thorough pre-employment background check in Pakistan, an employer can identify candidates who might pose a risk to a company’s internal and external atmosphere. 
  • Companies usually get scrutinized for their employees’ activities. Hiring a candidate with no criminal record can reduce legal liabilities. 
  • Specific roles require an employment background check in Pakistan. Conducting background checks allows an employer to abide by the legal rulebook and negate unwelcome ramifications. It might vary per position and industry, but it allows an employer to meet the background screening standards set by the federal system in Pakistan per industry.   

Background checks are legal in Pakistan, as no such laws prohibit an employer or their partner agency from conducting employee screening. 

An employer or a third-party agency is authorized to obtain information when a candidate applies for a listed job. Procuring medical records, criminal records, or any other document from governmental organizations is relatively straightforward. However, the candidate should provide their consent that allows a company to run background checks. 

Things to Know When Performing a Background Check in Pakistan

A background check in Pakistan is mediated nationally, making it hassle-free and convenient for an employer. A list of this must-have information is listed below. 

Employment history

  • A company can expect the application of both experienced and non-experienced candidates for specific job listings.  
  • Cross-verification allows a company to establish the trustworthiness of an applicant. Furthermore, employers are also able to identify any fraudulent claims.

Education history

  • Pakistan enjoys a literacy rate of 62.3%, which ensures that a company can expect abundant talent. However, the falsification of educational achievement is a common phenomenon. 
  • Verifying the educational history with the concerned authorities allows an employer to deter instances of falsified information. 

Criminal record

  • Companies are held liable for the misdeeds of their employees, even outside work. 
  • Checking an applicant’s criminal records allows an employer to negate any chances of being held accountable in the future.  

Credit report

  • Specific roles in finances and accounts require an employee to handle company assets. 
  • A candidate with a good credit report in Pakistan allows an employer to weigh their capability in the mentioned roles. 

Social life

  • The positive attitudes of the workforce drive the work culture of a company. A good culture allows exponential growth of a firm and vice-versa. 
  • Screening applicants based on their social life helps an employer understand their personality type. It further allows an employer to bring the right mindset to add more value to their existing work environment. 

Information Essential for a Background Check in Pakistan

An employer should always ensure they have the mentioned data while conducting a background check in Pakistan. 

  • Candidate’s name per government records 
  • Date of birth per government records 
  • Institution name, address, and contact number for education verification 
  • Copy of certification with the date for educational verification 
  • Past employer’s names, addresses, and phone numbers, for employment verification 
  • Job titles held by an applicant and the reason for resignation for employment verification 
  • Police verification certificate
  • Authorization form

No such rules prohibit an employer from conducting an employment background check in Pakistan. Therefore, an employer can perform the required verifications to ensure a candidate’s credibility. A resume can also be used as an authorization form, in most cases, as an applicant provides authorization to conduct the necessary checks. 

Process Involved in Background Checks in Pakistan

An employer looking to conduct an employee background screening in Pakistan must follow and complete the steps mentioned below. 

Gathering information

  • Information for specific screening processes might require different types of data, as several authorities and organizations are involved. 
  • An employer can rely on the information provided by a candidate to conduct background checks on employment and education. 
  • Records that outline criminal activities or credit reports will require an employer to reach out to the concerned authorities. 


  • Once an employer procures the required information, they can correlate and start verifying the report based on the data provided by an applicant. 
  • Certain records like employment and educational history are confirmed and verified by the issuing organizations on the spot. However, records such as credit reports, medical reports, and criminal records might take time to acquire and verify.            

Adding to the records

  • A successful background check in Pakistan is usually followed by job confirmation, given an employer gets satisfactory results. 
  • Once an employee joins a company, an employer must ensure that their employment history is updated for future use.  

Industries and Situations That are Most Suitable for Background Checks in Pakistan 

An employment background check in Pakistan is typical for every industry. Some of these industries include: 

Financial roles

A credit report check should be done on candidates that apply for any finance-related role. It allows an employer to understand one’s efficiency in handling finances.

Healthcare and educational roles

Criminal records must be checked before hiring a candidate for roles related to healthcare or education.


A candidate’s driving record is crucial for hiring employers for transport-related responsibilities such as driving heavy-duty vehicles. 

How Multiplier Helps With Background Checks

Conducting a background check in Pakistan is relatively hassle-free and involves minimal cost. However, employers must put in a lot of time in manual work to individually reach out to the concerned authorities and acquire and validate the information provided by a candidate. Ideally, such a process requires several weeks of consistent effort. 

Transferring responsibilities has always been the most convenient and cost-effective option. Multiplier is a global SaaS-based EOR platform that can mediate the mentioned issue and save employers from hours of manual work. Making global employment affordable and hassle-free for companies of any size while eliminating all related risks are two of Multiplier‘s main objectives, which any company can leverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee background screening in Pakistan is hassle-free and convenient. No such laws deter an employer from obtaining necessary information about a candidate in Pakistan.

An employer can conduct, acquire, and store information about a candidate in a digital format. There are no data protection laws that inhibit the mentioned acts an employer is entitled to.

A criminal background check in Pakistan can ideally be completed within 6 to 8 days. However, this figure might vary per the work inflow of the concerned authorities at a given time.

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