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Work Permit in Nepal

Work Permit in Nepal

Why is Work Permit Needed?

To work in Nepal, every non-citizen needs a valid work permit in Nepal. The process includes the validation of various documents from official governmental departments. Employers have to ensure that their foreign employees have the required permits to work in the country.

About the Nepal Job Market

Work Permit in Nepal

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Nepal Mero Expats Job,

Jagire Recruitment Expat Nepal,

Ramro Expats Vacancies Nepal

Popular Industries for Expats:

Aviation industries, Medical Professionals, Law experts, Bankers, Engineers, IT Professionals

Types of Nepal Work Visa Available

There is only one type of working visa in Nepal, which allows the holder to work legally in the country for a specified timeframe. Interested foriegn employees can enter the borders of the country with a tourist visa and apply for a work visa for the specified organization post receiving a job offer. 

When foriegn employees apply for a work visa, they must agree to pay a base monthly fee. If the employees want to travel outside the country multiple times, they can also pay for a multiple re-entry visa. The re-entry option ensures that the employees can stay legally in the country during their employment tenure without having to reapply for the work visa.

Requirements for a Nepal Work Permit and by Nepal Employers

In order to acquire a Nepal Work visa, one has to apply at the Department of Immigration along with a series of documents. Here are the requirements for a work permit in Nepal for foreigners: 

  • You must submit an appointment letter or a contract for employment.
  • You must submit a valid passport or a copy of your passport. 
  • You must submit a copy of the current visa, like the tourist visa. 
  • You must submit a work visa application. 
  • You must submit valid documents from various government departments. 
  • You must submit a tax clearance issued by your company.

Nepal Work Permit Application Process

Foreign nationals interested in working in Nepal can enter the country with a tourist visa. However, post arrival, one has to apply for a work permit in Nepal.

The following lines explain the application process to obtain a work visa. 

  • Foreign employees have to submit a proof of employment contract to the Department of Immigration. The appointment letter must have the term of the employment. Based on this, your timeframe for the visa will be decided.
  • Post this, the employees have to get a work agreement granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs before applying for a visa.
  • Now the employees have to contact the Department of Labor and Occupational Safety to receive a work permit. There are many labor departments, and one has to identify the appropriate sector according to your industry. 
  • After submitting the required documents and paying the designated fees for the work visa, wait for the approval of the work permit. Once your work permit for Nepal is approved, it will override the tourist visa status. 

Overview Of Nepal Work Permit Fee

The employee or employer has to incur the cost of approximately 8,798 every month as written in the employment contract. A single re-entry cost will be an additional cost of NPR 2,346 whereas multiple re-entry will be about NPR 8,094.

How Multiplier Can Help

We’re a global EOR solution with local entities in  150+ countries. We are on a mission to simplify the onboarding process for companies like you and help hire talent from across the globe. Our HR suites are a brainchild of our in-house experts who offer end-to-end solutions to our users. 
With the help of our SaaS-based solutions, you can raise a request for a work permit for Nepal. Our team of experts will ease your task by driving the entire process from the processing time to the document checklist to the costs. During the whole process, you will be kept notified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the dependent visa, one must have the following documents:

  • A recommendation letter issued by the Ministry of Nepal Government
  • A recommendation must have details like dependent’s (name/passport number/relationship with the applicant)

For a 15-days working visa, the cost will be 30 USD, and if it exceeds 15 days, it will cost 60 USD/month. The duration of the visa is decided based on the labour permit granted by the Department of Labour, and one cannot apply more or less than that.

Yes. The work permit for Nepal can be renewed by filling out a re-employment form available at the Labor Permit department’s official website.

No. The dependent of the work permit holder cannot work in Nepal. For employment, they have to get a separate working visa.

No. You can enter Nepal with a tourist visa on arrival or from a Nepalese Diplomatic Mission abroad. If you’re traveling to invest or run a business in Nepal for a long time, you have to apply for the business visa.

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