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Work Permit in Myanmar

Why is Work Permit Needed?

A work permit is a legal document that authorizes your stay in Myanmar while at the same time guarantees you a degree of protection in the country. While illegal labor migration is common across the globe, work permits provide you legitimacy and a proper paper trail during your stay in Myanmar. A work permit is also a more ethical and safe way to migrate for work.

Job Market in Myanmar

Myanmar opened up its economy and relaxed government control over it in 2011. This ushered Myanmar into a golden period of lucrative foreign investment, especially in the manufacturing, construction, and service industries. 

The domestic labor force participation in Myanmar is to date concentrated in agriculture. This leaves the industry and service sector as prime candidates for work opportunities for expats.

According to a World Bank Report, Myanmar’s worker participation was divided among the following sectors:

  • Agriculture – 52%
  • The service sector – 36%
  • Industry – 12%. 

Thus, while Myanmar has tremendous potential for economic growth, it lacks the skilled labor to achieve said target. Therefore foreign investors and MNCs who have set up a base in Myanmar require skilled foreign workers to meet this labor shortage.

Work Permit in Myanmar

Number of Expats:


Expats Job Websites:

Popular Industries for Expats:

Service Sector, Education, Management, Translation, Tourism, Banking, Construction, Manufacturing

Types of Myanmar Work Visa

All those who enter Myanmar for work, are issued either one of the business visas or an employment visa. Myanmar issues 4 different business visas with different validity periods. 

To enter and work in the country, visas and work permits for foreigners in Myanmar are of the following types:

Business Visa: Single entry

Granted to foreigners who wish to either establish a business in Myanmar or business organizations (and their employees) that has a base in Myanmar already. The validity of this visa is for 70 days with a stay extension possible. 

Business Visas: Multiple entries

These visas are granted to an individual who had previously been granted the Single Entry Business Visa and now wants to extend their stay in Myanmar. 
An applicant is only allowed to apply for a 3-month extension the first time, then a 6-month extension, and then a 1-year extension. The application and approval for the same, however, vary from case to case. 

Employment Visa

Granted to individuals who wish to work in Myanmar. This visa is issued for a 70-day stay, and a stay extension is possible. 

Stay Permit

While a Business Visa grants a stay of 70 days, if an individual wants to stay in Myanmar for more than 90 days, they have to apply for a Stay Permit.

Foreign Registration Certificate

An individual who has to stay in Myanmar for more than 90 days has to apply for and get the Foreign Registration Certificate. 

Multiple Re-Entry Visa

In case an individual has to leave Myanmar for any official or personal reasons during their permitted visa period, they must apply for a Special Re-Entry Visa to re-enter and continue their stay in Myanmar. There are two types of re-entry visas available:
Single Re-Entry VISA – This grants re-entry only once.
Multiple Journey Special Re-Entry VISA – This allows multiple re-entries and allows foreign travel to people staying in Myanmar. This Visa is granted only in some special cases and the applicant has to prove that they had previously traveled to Myanmar on a Business Visa at least 3 times. The applicant also has to be a high-level employee, working as a manager, or director in the company to be eligible for this visa. 

If you leave Myanmar without obtaining a re-entry Myanmar work permit but want to re-enter and continue to work in the country, you will have to reapply for a Stay Permit as the previous application and permission will become invalid upon your exit. 

In addition to the visa application that is to be completed in the home country itself, Myanmar offers an alternative Business Visa on Arrival (valid for 70 days) to people from a few countries. A list of countries eligible for this can be found here.

Requirements of a Myanmar Work Visa For Business

The following documents are required by the Myanmar Embassy to get a Business Visa. 

  • Completed Business Visa application form
  • Completed Entry Visa application form
  • A passport that will be valid for a minimum of the next 6 months along with a photocopy of it, including its first 6 pages.
  • Passport size photographs with white background 
  • Letter of Recommendation from the Company where the individual will work and is sponsoring the applicant. The document should mention the nature of the work and the applicant’s personal details, including the position in the company, dates of the travel, passport details of the applicant.  
  • Letter of Request from the Myanmar Ministry, Company, or Organization on official letterhead.
  • A copy of the company’s registration certificate with the Myanmar government. The guarantor who provides this document to the applicant should either be the owner of the company or a senior official in the company/organization. The guarantor will be contacted by the Myanmar authorities during the visa process.  

While the aforementioned documents are required for a work permit for foreigners in Myanmar, the Myanmar Embassy often demands an additional set of documents that differ for each country. You will, thus, have to check with the Myanmar Embassy of your country on what else you have to bring with you at the time of the Visa application.

Requirements of a Myanmar Work Permit For Employment

To apply for an Employment Visa, all the documents mentioned in the Business Visa requirements section have to be submitted but you don’t have to fill the Business Visa application form. Additionally, you have to write a cover letter giving details about the business organization and the type of employment that you have secured in Myanmar. The rest of the process and documentation will remain the same.

Application Processing Time in Myanmar

The processing time for the Visa application for Myanmar work visa differs depending on your country. Myanmar has a more clear timeline for those of you who have already entered Myanmar and wish to apply for a Stay Permit or the Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa.  Your application for the above mentioned permits will be processed by Myanmar’s Ministry of Immigration and Population office in 7 days. 

Cost of Myanmar Work Visa

We have outlined the cost of the different work visas in Myanmar.

Document TypeFee
Business Visa – Single Entry50 USD*
Business Visa – 3 Months Entry200 USD
Business Visa – 6 Months Entry400 USD
Business Visa – 1 Year Entry600 USD
Employment Visa – Single Entry50 USD

*While Myanmar’s government websites mention prices in USD, Myanmar Embassies around the world give fee details in the respective country’s local currency. As such, there might be certain price variations corresponding to fluctuating currencies. 

This Is How Multiplier Can Help With The Myanmar Work Visa

We are a Global EOR company that has experience in handling and providing HR solutions, with a local presence in over 100 countries. Our expert team can tackle the process of onboarding and managing employees for global business organizations that want efficient employee management. 

Work permit in Myanmar is infamous for its complicated procedure. Partnering with Multiplier and its in-house experts can offer you a one-stop solution to this entire process by taking care of the application from the very beginning itself and keep you abreast of the development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Business Visa differs from an Employment Visa even though their validity period and visa fee may be the same, as in the case of a Single Entry Business Visa. The difference comes from the nature of work.

An Employment Visa is issued to those foreigners who wish to stay and work in Myanmar i.e. fund employment in Myanmar. On the other hand, Business Visas are issued on a case-to-case basis, usually issued to those who wish to conduct either a business meeting, or business negotiation, or want to set up a business in Myanmar.

There is no additional fee at the end of the stay period. However, if a person overstays their visa period, they are liable to pay a fee of 3 USD per day for each day they’ve stayed past their visa validity. This fee will be charged to an individual at the time of their departure from Myanmar.

Foreigners whose visa is about to expire need to reapply for a visa in the Ministry of Immigration and Population, before their current visa completes its term. You will have to give documentary evidence of the previous visa issued to you at the time of reapplication.

Are work permit hurdles slowing down your hiring process?

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