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Work Permit in Morocco

Why is Work Permit Needed?

An employee who wishes to work on foreign land needs to acquire official permission to do so. A work permit acts as an official document supporting your stay and work in a foreign country. 

Morocco allows entry for people of many nationalities, but to work from here legally, foreign employees require both a work permit and a work visa. 

About The Moroccan Job Market

The key sectors that make up the Moroccan economy are agriculture, textiles, construction, energy, and mining. Tourism is a major industry within the service sector, but situations in the neighbouring countries have also affected this sector. For expats, there are job opportunities in the technology and business backgrounds. 

Work Permit in Morocco

Number of Expats:


Expats Job Websites:

Popular Industries for Expats:

Hospitality, IT and Communications, Language teaching

Types of Morocco Work Visa Available

Morocco allows citizens of several countries, including the US, EU, Japan, Australia, to enter the country without having a visa. However, to work in Morocco, all foreigners will need to apply for a work visa in Morocco. There are different categories of work visas, but the most preferred one for foreign employment is the long-term visa. This visa is further divided into three subtypes depending on the reason for entry into the country. 

Morocco Work Visa

‍This is the most common type of work visa issued to foreigners who wish to seek employment in Morocco. Besides this, the person will also have to apply for a Morocco work permit. 

Morocco Student Visa

‍This visa is issued to international students who want to study at Moroccan educational institutions. 

Morocco Visa for Family Reunification

‍This long-term visa is issued to foreigners who want to join a family member living in the country. 

Morocco Work Visa Requirements

For foreign employees wishing to work in Morocco, they must first have a Morocco work permit. It is the employer’s responsibility to obtain this work permit for their foreign employees. Once the employee gets their work permit, they can apply for the visa application. The list of requirements may differ from nationality to nature of work, but here’s a general list of documents needed to get a work visa for Morocco:

  • Morocco visa application form 
  • Passport and photocopies of passport
  • Recent photos
  • Employment contract certified by the Ministry of Education
  • Flight tickets
  • Proof of accommodation in the country
  • Bank statements as proof of sufficient funds to support stay in the country
  • Travel insurance
  • Morocco visa fee payment receipt
  • Company invitation letter or recommendation letter from appropriate industry (for a business visit)
  • Medical certificate confirming good physical health
  • Employees are also required to show a certificate from the police in their country of residence confirming no criminal record against an individual.

Morocco Work Visa Requirements by Employer

The government of Morocco is keen on hiring local employees over foreign workers, so it is mandatory for an employer to take certain permissions. For an employee’s work visa, the employer has to provide their work permit. The employer must indicate how a certain foreign candidate is suitable for the available role in their company. Here’s what the employer is required to do:

  • Obtain a certificate from ANAPEC: The employer needs to get a certificate from the National Agency for the Development of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC), confirming the non-availability of any Moroccan candidates to fill the position offered to the foreign applicant. 
  • Approval from the Ministry of Employment: Those wishing to employ foreign workers have to seek approval from the Ministry of Employment. All foreign employment contracts must follow the model established by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. 
  • The employment contract has to be certified by the Department of Employment in the Moroccan Ministry of Employment.

Morocco Work Visa Application Process

Here’s how to apply for a work visa in Morocco: 

  • Take an appointment with the Morocco consulate or embassy
  • Accomplish the Morocco visa application form 
  • Gather and submit all the necessary documents
  • Pay the visa fees
  • Wait for the processing of the visa 
  • Get the visa 

If there is no Moroccan embassy or consulate where your employee lives, they can directly apply to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The visa can be collected at the airport. But, first, check if the Moroccan government handles visa submissions with another diplomatic authority or foreign agency. 

Timeframe for Morocco Work Visa 

The processing time for a Morocco work visa is about two weeks. But it can take longer depending on the type of visa. Therefore, employers should start applying for an employee’s work permit in advance, so that the employee can show it and apply for a work visa in Morocco right after. 

Morocco Visa Fees

Morocco visas are divided into transit visas (which includes short visits) and long-term visas. Here’s a lowdown of the costs of Morocco visa fees depending on the entries:

Visa TypeFees (USD)
Transit Visa$19
Long-Term Visa (Single Entry)$24.5
Long-Term Visa (Multiple Entry)$36

How Does Multiplier Help With Work Permit?

As a global EOR solutionMultiplier has local entities in over 150 countries. As a result, we can smoothen the process of managing your employees around the world. Our HR solutions with qualified experts provide seamless and end-to-end solutions to all users.

With our SaaS-based solution, you can request a work visa for Morocco, and the rest will be taken care of by our in-house department. Let the experts handle all particulars, from necessary documentations to costs incurred. We will keep you informed at all points, making it a breezy process to obtain a Morocco work permit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need a visa for Morocco depends on your nationality. Citizens of many countries are exempt from Morocco visa requirements. Check the visa policy of Morocco to confirm whether you are applicable for a tourist visa.

The validity of a Morocco long-term visa is 90 days. It allows a holder to apply for a residency card, which legalizes your stay and work in the country.

The Morocco registration card, also called the Residence card, allows foreigners to reside in the country. An application must be submitted along with relevant identity documents to the nearest “National Security” office. The registration card is issued for all visitors (tourists), those arriving for work, and even students.

Yes, Indian tourists will have to apply for a visa to visit Morocco. In addition, a Morocco work visa for Indians is also necessary to work in the country.

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