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Product  Designer

Job Overview

We are on the lookout for a Product Designer who is able to provide a definition to the product specifications, create digital outlines and design products that cater to consumer needs and wants. You will be responsible for building products that are easy to use and attractive to the eye of the consumer. You must be willing to conduct thorough market research and also have a keen eye for detail, colour and shape. Product Designers should be able to understand competitor trends and translate their research into practical products.

Job Responsibilities for a Product Designer

As a Product Designer, you should be able to produce rough sketches of your product designs after identifying customer requirements and trends in the market. You will be required to have excellent communication skills to understand customer requirements better. You should also create new solutions as well as work effectively with cross functional teams to optimise product offerings. The ideal candidate must be creative and have the vision to design products that can satisfy customer needs and wants.

  • Look out for new opportunities to create new products and services
  • Present ideas to various teams for brainstorming
  • Conduct market research to understand market needs and customer preferences
  • Set design requirements via information provided by internal teams
  • Understanding materials and product processes
  • Negotiating and deciding on budget constraints, time scales and various contractual agreements
  • Producing prototypes to test functionalities
  • Design sketches and various blueprints to receive feedback
  • Use 3D software to create designs and prototypes
  • Use metrics to analyse customer experience and improve on the results received
  • Conduct test groups and modify products as per feedback received from these groups
  • Keep up to date with the best practices, tools and trends in the industry
  • Pursue new business opportunities

Product Designer Salaries

  • A person working as a Product Designer earns USD 8,573 per month.
  • The exact salary is however dependent on the company, location and nature of the employer’s business

Product Designer Job Qualifications

  • A person working as a Product Designer earns USD 8,573 per month.
  • The exact salary is however dependent on the company, location and nature of the employer’s business

Product Designer Skills Required

A Product Designer needs to possess a variety of skills in order to be successful in the work environment – they include both job related technical skills as well as interpersonal traits.

  • Firm grasp of market trend and consumer needs
  • Sharp analytical skills
  • Good technical and IT skills
  • Artistic and creative flair
  • Ability to work with 3D softwares
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ability to use CAD
  • Strong portfolio of well rounded client work
  • Excellent eye for detail
  • Ability to draw using softwares such as Sketch and Adobe Illustrator
  • Good and fluent communication skills
  • Ability to receive and give constructive criticism
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Provide assistance to product engineers
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Critical thinker and problems solving skills
  • Work in cross-functional teams to understand client needs and requirements
  • Knowledge of the various industry practices
  • Meticulous and diligent attributes

What to expect as a Product Designer

To be a Product Designer, you must have a clear visual creative vision and strong organizational skills. Here’s what you can expect in this role:

  • Ability to sit in the front of the computer for long hours
  • Prior practical experience
  • Working with various cross functional teams to receive criticism and act on it
  • Expert advice from professionals in the field and industry

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