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The Forecaster - Multiplier’s digest of industry updates, trends, and insights from the world of global employment.

Global Employment Updates, Trends, Stats and Insights

Sick of clambering around the internet in search of industry updates, trends, and insights? We bet you are. Luckily, that’s the sorta thing we live for: the kind of dirty work that someone has to do so that you can save precious minutes out of your day while helping you understand the quick-shifting sands of the future of work.

Welcome to a new weekly addition to the Multiplier blog, THE FORECASTER: an easy-reading, no-filler, executive summary of what’s next in the world of international employment, business, and talent resources.

In each issue we’ll pull together insights from stories across the globe to give you the inside track in the race for what comes next. Now all you have to do is spend all the time we saved you on executing on these expertly curated insights.

Here’s what THE FORECASTER has in store for you this week…

Work Culture

Work to live or live to work?

When employee satisfaction starts to dip, workers increasingly have the option to “find something better”—or at least feel empowered to fight for what they want… especially when the cost of living continues to rise, wages stay the same, and companies bring in record profits. (Vox)

Let’s get digital

With an increasing proportion of the global workforce working in hybrid or fully remote teams, digital skills are a must. However, a majority of employees feel that their digital skills are lacking, to the extent that it negatively affects collaboration with their teams. (Employernews)

The Great Reshuffle

Remember the Great Resignation? And how it sort of turned into the Great Can I Have My Job Back? Now we’re facing the Great Reshuffle, keeping employees happy is of the utmost importance. Here’s what you need to know about employee recognition. (Inc.)

Hybrid Working


“The biggest clue that the return-to-office push won’t work, though, is the fact that executives themselves privately predict that remote work will keep increasing” (HBR)

The WFH Revolution

The pandemic changed the working landscape forever, but the ways we work continue to evolve. Do people prefer in-office experiences over at-home/hybrid models? Unsurprisingly, it’s not at all that linear. We’re in the age of the WORK FROM HOME REVOLUTION. (The Guardian)

Talent Crunch

¡AI caramba!

Just when you thought the talent crunch couldn’t get any more threatening, the recent leap forwards of generative AI is promising to further widen the global skills gap. To succeed in this new era, businesses must shift their perspectives, embrace new ways of working, and look to new sources of talent. (IBM)

Mind the Skills Gap

“98% of HR leaders report that their organization faces significant skills shortages, with the potential to derail plans for business transformation.” (Mercer)

Global Employment

Talent Relocation

We’re in the midst of a talent crunch, yet there are thousands of tech experts who can’t find work. Global talent relocation offers a lifeline to businesses and employees — encouraging growth, diversity, versatility, and a solution for skill gaps. (Forbes)

Continued Global Employment Industry Updates from Multiplier

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