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Bi-weekly payroll

What is bi-weekly payroll?

Bi-weekly payroll is a pay schedule in which employees are paid every two weeks typically resulting in 26 pay periods per year. It means that employees receive two paychecks per month during ten months of the year, and three paychecks the other two months. Because this structure helps companies manage their cash flow, it’s one of the most common schedules across the globe.

The main benefits of bi-weekly payroll for employees are also related to cash flow and convenience. With a consistent pay schedule, employees can budget around when they’ll receive their paychecks and set up automatic direct debits for bills. They can also better plan for savings.

For employers, bi-weekly payroll often lines up well with labor laws which makes compliance easier. For example, by ensuring timely reporting about tax, retirement contributions, and other benefit deductions, it makes it easier for companies to meet reporting requirements.

The only downside of bi-weekly payroll for employers is that processing every two weeks can result in an increased administrative burden. However, with an automated payroll solution such as Multiplier which can manage calculations, oversee compliance, and produce documentation, this isn’t an issue.

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