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Dominica Employment Guide

Your quick guide on talent and labor compliance norms in Dominica




East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)


English, Spanish, French Patois, Dominican Creole

Payroll Frequency


GDP per Capita


Employer Tax


Talent Overview

Dominica is an island nation located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is a member of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU). Its main economy relies on agriculture, financial services, and passport sales. Dominica’s main export is banana however, the country is now exporting small quantities of coffee, patchouli, aloe vera, and other citrus fruits and vegetables.

Major economic hubs:


Skills in demand:

Tourism Professionals, Marketing Professionals, ICT Professionals

Dominica Map

Local Universities

The top local universities in Dominica are as follows:

Dominica Uni1

Ross University School of Medicine


Local: 1

World: 5850

Salary Data

Some common jobs in Dominica with average monthly salaries are mentioned below;

Job Title Average Monthly Salary (XCD) Average Monthly Salary (USD)
Information Technology Manager 2,490.00 921.35
Network Engineer 1,200.00 444.03
Developer / Programmer 1,470.00 543.93
General Manager 2,590.00 958.35
Database Administrator 1,490.00 551.33
Dominica Talentsource

Talent Sourcing Tips

Top Local Job Boards:

Jobs Island (Dominica), Caribbean Jobs Online

Number of LinkedIn users:


Top Recruitment Agencies:

Mampa Employment Agency

Employing in Dominica

Hiring in Dominica requires you to be aware of the local employment laws, benefits, payroll, and taxes. Below is everything you need to know on how to successfully onboard talents from Dominica.

Employee Contract

Employing in Dominica requires employers to have a written labor contract for their employees fourteen (14) days before starting employment. The employee must sign the document three days before starting. Contracts in Dominica must be in English.

Probation Period

The probationary period for employees is up to six months.

Public and Provincial Holidays 2023

Date Name Type
1 Jan New Year’s Day Public Holiday
2 Jan New Year’s Day observed Public Holiday
20 Feb Carnival Monday Public Holiday
21 Feb Carnival Tuesday Public Holiday
7 Apr Good Friday Public Holiday
10 Apr Easter Monday Public Holiday
1 May Labor Day / May Day Public Holiday
29 May Whit Monday Public Holiday
7 Aug Emancipation Day Public Holiday
3 Nov Independence Day Public Holiday
4 Nov Community Service Day Public Holiday
25 Dec Christmas Day Public Holiday
26 Dec Boxing Day Public Holiday

Employee Leaves

Type of leave Time period Mandatory
Annual leave/Earned Leave 3 weeks Yes
Maternity Leave 12 weeks Yes
Sick Leave 6 weeks Yes


Payroll 1

Payroll Cycle

Workers in Dominica are paid monthly.

Payroll 2

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Dominica is XCD 7.50 (USD 2.78) an hour.

Payroll 3

Overtime Pay

Employees doing overtime work are compensated at least 1.5x their regular salary.


13th Month Pay

The 13th-month pay is not mandatory in Dominica.

Employee Benefits

  • Short Term Benefits
  • Sickness Benefit
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Maternity Grant
  • Employment Injury Benefits
  • Disablement Benefit
  • Disablement Grant
  • Medical Expenses
  • Death Benefit
  • Long Term Benefit
  • Age Benefit
  • Age Grant
  • Invalidity Benefit
  • Invalidity Grant
  • Survivors Benefit


Employer Payroll Tax

Classification Employer Contribution Rate (%)
Dominican Social Security (DSS) 7.5%

Employee Payroll Tax

Classification Employee Contribution Rate (%)
Dominican Social Security (DSS) 6.25%

Employee Income Tax

Over Not over Tax rate (%) Tax liability (XCD)
0 30,000 0
30,000 50,000 15 3,000
50,000 80,000 25 7,500
80,000 And Over 35 184,100


Standard VAT in Dominica is 15% (10% on hotel and diving activities).

Offboarding & Termination

Terminating employees in Dominica are legally bound under the Labour Contracts of Dominica for the valid reasons below:

  • Serious misconduct
  • Unsatisfactory performance 
  • Breach of Conditions of Employment 
  • Redundancy
  • Extended lay-off

The notice period before termination for regular employees are from 1 – 4 weeks while probationary employees can be terminated anytime without prior notice.

An employee employed for more than three years but less than five years is entitled to severance pay of one week’s pay for the first three years of service plus two weeks pay for each year after three years.

Employees who served more than five years but less than ten years are entitled to nine (9) weeks of pay plus two weeks of pay for each year after five years.

Employees employed for more than ten (10) years are entitled to 19 weeks of pay plus three weeks’ pay for each year after ten years.

Visa and Immigration

Entering Dominica does not require visas for certain countriesIf you need to conduct business within the country, you can apply a business visa. You’ll need to have the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Ticket
  • Letter of endorsement 
  • Address of residence/lodging
  • Bank statement 
  • Police clearance certificate

You can also apply for an Entrepreneur’s Visa needing you to invest at least $50,000.00 to the government’s investment fund or $100,000.00 to a local financial institution. You need to stay in the country for at least 3 months every year to be eligible for naturalization. This will speed up the process of your procurement of your business visa.

Dominica Visa
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Minimum Wage

Overtime Pay

Visa & Immigration