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Importance of global onboarding for international employees

Recently, a survey conducted by Northpass revealed an interesting fact – organizations that follow structured onboarding have seen 60% revenue improvement year-over-year (YOY). The data indicates one thing – the importance global onboarding holds for businesses.

Global onboarding refers to the process of turning a selected candidate into a performing employee, which includes lengthy administrative paperwork, making them feel welcomed, and familiarizing them with the work culture and resources involved.

Importance of global onboarding for international employees

Global onboarding is of great significance for international businesses. It helps companies create a standardized process in place and thus ensure uniformity in treating its employees worldwide.

Any newly hired employee will have their own uncertainties upon joining a new company. It is during the onboarding process, a new joiner resolves confusions, gets detailed orientation, receives professional welcome, and gets briefed about the work culture. In case of lack of proper communication, the employee feels lost and takes longer than usual to connect to the organization. In worst cases, the employee might not gel up and ends up lost, disconnected, and aloof.

Terrible, isn’t it?

This is what happens when a company lacks a standardized global onboarding process. You do not want that to happen in your company.

To summarize the significance of global onboarding:

  • Awareness of company culture
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Uniform access to resources and tools
  • Ensuring local benefits in different countries

The employee experience in the onboarding process can directly impact productivity even, says Bamboo HR. As per the study, good onboarding can result in employees being 18 times more loyal to the company.

Key elements of global onboarding process

Onboarding paperwork can be lengthy and tiresome, but they are unavoidable. Every organization needs to follow a few mandatory steps to onboard its employees smoothly.

Eligibility and basic details

Global employment is widespread today, allowing employees worldwide to work for any organization. As an employer, you are obliged to confirm the selected candidates’ country of employment and if the person is eligible to work from that country. Also, collect essential information regarding the candidate, including the starting date and the type of employment.


The detailed salary information for the employee is considered, along with the mode and currency of payment. Since professionals from any country are employed, they must have their compensation provided in their national currency. Also, the date of issuing the payment needs attention to ensure uniform disbursement.

Compliance and insurance

Different countries have different labor laws dictating different benefits. The employee must have the benefits based on their country of employment to ensure global compliance.

Also, some countries have mandatory insurance schemes while some do not. In such cases, it will be the prerogative of the employer whether to give the insurance or not. Have some insurance plans handy, so you can gift them as a supplementary benefit to your employees, thus bettering your chances of retaining them for a more extended period.

Employment contract

Generating employment contracts based on the information from all the above steps forms a crucial step in employee onboarding. It helps create clarity and better understanding among both the employer and the employee.

Once both parties sign the contract, the challenging part of onboarding is half done.

Sharing office essentials and work resources

Once the employee returns the signed contract, the rest of the administrative signings are on the shoulder of the employer. After completing these, it’s time to provide infrastructural-setup assistance.

What does an employee need to work peacefully and with focus? Well-performing infrastructure backup – smooth and fast laptops, office essentials, and wellness products for employees’ health are some of the support systems employers need to provide the selected candidates.

Tips and tricks for your global onboarding

If you are an employer sincerely wishing to create a mechanism of uniform global onboarding in your company, there are a few tips to remember before your next onboarding.

Use digital platform

Onboard your newly hired via a digital onboarding platform. It helps ensure uniformity in sharing resources and to follow standardized processes for all the new hires from different countries.

Having a digital onboarding platform also reduces the resource disparity between employees from highly developed countries and others. In addition, the organization has to provide standard facilities to diverse employees, ensuring equal treatment for all.

Keep contract generation time low

Suppose an employer uses manual contract generation instead of a digital contract for its global onboarding. In that case, it will take weeks to compile the entire details, including the local benefits and considerations.

Keeping a low contract generation time will ensure quick onboarding of the employees, thus indicating greater efficiency and performance from your organization.

Ensure compliance

It is important to onboard your employees compliantly according to the local rules and regulations. The labor law of individual countries prescribes the number of holidays, paid time off, maternity and paternity leaves, overtime pay, working hours, and all such aspects associated with employment. By ensuring compliance, these are easily met and effortlessly provided to the employees.

Include facility to incorporate benefits and updations

Many countries have both mandatory and supplementary benefits. Ensure to mention the benefits you wish to provide for employees in the onboarding process and indicate the monthly deductions employees need to do, if at all anything,

In addition to that, as we discussed above, labor laws change from time to time. As a responsible employer, you need to reflect these changes for the employees, and your onboarding platform needs to be flexible for those changes. Ensure the platform offers the feature and your process is not affected.

Hire a global onboarding partner

There are several considerations to have a smooth, successful onboarding process. The best solution to ease the task is hiring a global onboarding partner.

Multiplier, a SaaS-based global employment company, offers swift onboarding, which only takes a few minutes against the months-long traditional onboarding process. We offer seamless assistance to your global onboarding efforts, whether in-house, hybrid, or remote employee onboarding. Right from the moment you choose your employee, the platform takes the reins of the process and even completes the contract generation in just 3 minutes!

We help you with the following:

  • Generate employment contract in 3 minutes
  • Incorporate changing labor laws in different countries
  • Provide guaranteed and supplementary benefits at your discretion
  • Pay employees in the local currency of their country
  • Ship laptops to international employees
  • Issue stock options and other premium benefits to employees

Get to know the detailed onboarding checklist and have a clear understanding of the aspects covered under onboarding.

On a final note, companies with formal onboarding are less likely to lose more than 60% of the workforce within the upcoming four years, as per a recent study. In the current turbulent market, hiring Multiplier as your global onboarding partner can be the next big thing your company needs to retain employees.

Do you wish to know more about how the global onboarding process works with Multiplier? Get the detailed step-by-step guide here and see how easily you can solve a cumbersome task simply with Multiplier.

Why spend your valuable time managing operational concerns? Pass us the baton of onboarding to us, and we will ensure your employees have the best onboarding experience. Book a demo Now.

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Ria Thomas

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Ria is a Product Marketing Manager at Multiplier

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Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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