The Complete Onboarding Checklist For Global Teams

What’s stopping you from crafting a comprehensive and meaningful onboarding experience for your new hires? Follow this onboarding checklist to walk through all the questions you need to answer and ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

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Why Should Global Organizations Have This Onboarding Checklist?

Onboarding is more than completing new hire paperwork or attending an orientation. Successful onboarding is an intentional, collaborative effort and a strategic approach that helps new employees adapt to a new environment with the needed with essential information, tools, and resources.

In this checklist

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Provide a seamless onboarding experience from start to finish

Automate the purchase, setup, and return of IT assets such as laptops, monitors, headsets, and more for new hires with a few simple clicks and ace the onboarding experience

Transform employee onboarding with Multiplier

Create a world-class team by simplifying international employment