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How to Hire Employees in Belarus: Key Insights and Steps

Belarus is highly industrialized as an economy and offers investors access to markets in Eastern Europe and Russia. The workforce here is well-educated, highly skilled, and adaptive to the latest tech. 

The country has comparatively relaxed immigration norms, permanent residency rules, and simple company-related registration formalities. A lot is also being done to offer more remote work opportunities through labor code modifications in Belarus.

The country’s workforce amounts to around 5 million, while 53% of the population under age 25 holds a specialized degree at the secondary level. 90% of the overall population has had a basic education degree contributing significantly to the Belarusian workforce. The EU funds a VET or Vocational Education and Training System in Belarus that further underlines the impressive level of education among the youth.

Since Belarus has several free trade or special economic zones and parks, investment here is a solid bargain. The country has a well-developed infrastructure and well-flourishing sectors such as biotech, agriculture, and services. Belarus also has access to the Commonwealth Of Independent States, including Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Companies can use Belarus’s outstanding workforce and economic setup to expand their businesses further. Here is an extensive guide on how to recruit employees in Belarus.

Things to Know Before Hiring in Belarus

Before hiring staff and beginning the processes related to recruitment and selection in Belarus, here are some pointers about the hiring process in this country-   

  1. All hiring practices in Belarus must comply with the laws under the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus.
  2. The country has brought in several relaxations for off-site work and introduced remote working.
  3. Additional security on job stands is ensured with fixed contract-based extensions for up to three years.
  4. Immigration laws have been relaxed to allow easier entry for global companies.

When you start on a hiring process in Belarus, understand related employment practices too-

  • Across recruitment processes in Belarus, employers cannot exhibit discrimination or any bias on a single basis, including gender and disability.
  • The official language here is Russian and Belarusian.
  • Trade unions are prevalent in Belarus, and employers must keep union policy in mind when framing contracts.

Employment contract

In Belarus, employment contracts cover employees who may be –

  • Temporary or seasonal
  • Part-time
  • Full-time

Employment contracts are required for all employees in Belarus. These contracts should be drafted in official languages with translation provisions for more transparent communication.

The employment contract must mention the following-

  • Job description
  • Pay outline
  • Leaves and holidays
  • Termination and severance
  • Work hours


  • Usually, companies allow a probation period of three months.
  • Termination during probation is allowed with an employer notice of three days.

Termination and notice period

  • Employees can be terminated by giving a month’s notice or a month’s pay instead of the notice. 
  • On employment dismissal, employees are entitled to 3 months of severance pay.
  • This might vary per collective bargaining agreement terms, and the industry employer is part of.

Working hours and breaks

When hiring staff in Belarus,  you must track the range for working hours and break times.

  • It is usual for employees to work eight hours daily for employees and, weekly, 40 hours.
  • However, Belarus has a 12-hour/day limit of 10 hours per week and around 180 hours annual cap on overtime work.
  • The overtime pay is at par with the original payment.


  • Salaries get paid monthly to employees in Belarus.

Minimum wage

  • Belarus has a minimum monthly wage of 554.00 BYN (Belarusian Ruble). 

Maternity & paternity leaves

  • Women get 126 days of paid maternity leaves or 140 days in case of multiple births or complications.
  • Women can take three years of unpaid leave too.
  • Fathers can avail of 14 days of paid leave within the first six months of a child’s birth. Employers can decide if this will be paid or unpaid.

Annual leave

  • An employee is entitled to at least 24 days’ paid leave annually, having worked for at least six months.
  • Employees can carry forward unused vacation days on to the next year.

Other leaves

  • Employees get paid sick leave for 12 days at 80% of the average salary and 30 days more leave at 70% of the salary paid.

Holidays for employees             

The list of public holidays comprises-



New Year’s Day

1-2 January

Orthodox Christmas

7 January

International Women’s Day

8 March


9 days after Orthodox Easter

Labor Day

1 May

Victory Day

9 May

Independence Day

3 July


25 December

Social security

The social security system in Belarus comprises contributions as under-

  • Pension – Employer contribution at 28% and employee contribution at  1%.
  • Health – Employer contribution at 6% and 0.10%-1% for mandatory insurance for work-related illness.


  • Employee income tax is paid at a flat rate of 13%.

The Cost of Hiring an Employee in Belarus

The recruitment fees in Belarus depend on the complexity of the recruitment process that your company follows. Consider these costs for hiring in Belarus-

  • Job advertising
  • Costs related to applicant reviews
  • Background verification costs
  • Onboarding costs
  • Legal and paperwork costs
  • Taxes 
  • Salary and benefits
  • Social Security and bonuses

What Does a Company Need to Hire Employees in Belarus?

The entire setup for hiring in Belarus is based on the employer’s business model. You must keep the following in mind while hiring in Belarus-

  • Choose an agency that handles all hiring needs
  • Preparing a company seal and name
  • Opening a local bank account
  • Register the company and document notarization
  • Pay for registration of social security 

Conditions for hiring employees in Belarus

Employers should ensure they keep the following aspects in mind while recruiting in Belarus:

  • The applicant’s age should be at least 14 years. Such candidates can only be hired for easy work and should have the parents’ or legal guardians’ permission. 
  • Employees aged 16 or above can be hired for limited work up to 35 hours per week. 
  • Employees of 18 or above have working conditions per the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus.  

Various Options for Hiring Employees in Belarus    

To hire employees in Belarus, you must look over different employment types prevalent in the country. Companies can opt from the following options available:       

  • EOR service – When you decide on recruitment in Belarus, choose a dependable global EOR service provider for Employer of Record (EOR). Multiplier can offer solutions related to logistics sans the need to set up an entity in Belarus directly.
  • In-house HR team – You may have an in-house HR department to hire employees in the country. 

The Steps to Hiring in Belarus

There are no specific steps for recruiting in Belarus. The process varies as per the company and industry. The typical steps in the hiring process in Belarus are:

  • Advertise any openings on social media outlets, websites, and job boards. 
  • All details of the opening need to be mentioned along with the experience level needed from the candidate.

Connecting with potential employees

  • Employers can have an interaction round via a phone or video call. 
  • Depending on the phone calls, you can schedule an interview with the candidate/s.

Scheduling interview

  • The interviews can be organized online or face-to-face, depending upon the candidate’s availability.
  • You can organize multiple rounds and have a psychometric assessment per job post requirements.

Selection of candidate

  • The selection is confirmed and intimidated by the selected candidates over call or email. 
  • You can organize background checks on selected candidates to avoid legal or financial liabilities.
  • The later steps include offer letter drafting, contract signing, and onboarding for training on the job.

Let Multiplier be Your EOR Platform in Belarus

Recruiting employees needs a deep understanding of the process. This involves several intense steps, from advertising jobs to hiring a candidate.

You can collaborate with a PEO-EOR platform such as Multiplier for assistance with the processes. The team helps with the details of the recruitment process in Belarus using SaaS-based Employer of Record solutions for hiring talent. Multiplier may help employers comprehend local laws for completing the hiring process in Belarus.

Frequently Asked Questions

The official languages to be used on work contracts are Belarusian and Russian.

Foreign employees can apply for jobs in Belarus. Discrimination based on age, gender, disability, region of origin, race, ethnicity, or orientation is prohibited in Belarus.

Yes, the same is allowed in Belarus after the consent of a prospective employee.

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