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Basic Economic Summary


  • Local Languages: Ukrainian, Polish, Russian,Bulgarian, English
  • Capital: Kyiv
  • Currency: Ukrainian Hryvnia
  • Population: 44.39 million
  • Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy

Useful Information

  • GDP Per Capita (in USD): 3,659.03 (2019)
  • Exchange Rate (UAH/USD): 0.036
  • PISA Ranking (2018): 44
  • Number of University Graduates (2018): 412,900

Local Universities

Top Local Universities

University No. of graduates Rankings
National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic Institute 4500 Ranking in Ukraine: 1, World Ranking: 701
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv 21,400 Ranking in Ukraine: 2, World Ranking: 601
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy 4000 Ranking in Ukraine: 5, World Ranking: 2201
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv 20,000 Ranking in Ukraine: 3 World Ranking: 1001
Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University 8,100 Ranking in Ukraine: 12, World Ranking: 2286

Salary Data

Average Salary of Jobs (Per Month)

Job Title Salary Range (in UAH) Salary Range (in USD)
Technical Product Engineer 17,945 - 31,333 652.33 - 1139.01
Software Developer 10,400 - 35,000 378.06 - 1272.31
Data Analyst 4,070 - 11,400 147.95 - 414.41
UX Designer 23,574 – 40,952 856.96 - 1488.68
Project Manager 14,300 – 40,900 519.83 - 1486.79
Sales Executive 9,980 – 24,100 362.79 – 876.08
Chief Accountant 7,550 - 25,400 274.46 – 923.33

More information about average salaries in Ukraine can be found on SalaryExplorer.

Talent Sourcing Tips


Employer Payroll Tax

Employers need to contribute 22% of the wages to social security.

Employee Payroll Tax

Employees pay 0.6% into the state fund for unemployment benefits.
Income tax is levied at 18% to all incomes received as salary and other benefits under the employee and civil service agreements. This rate also applies to passive income such as dividends, royalties, interests etc. There is also an additional temporary 1.5% of military tax being levied on personal income until the reformation of the Ukrainian Military Forces is completed.

Minimum Wage & Payroll

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Ukraine is UAH 36.11 per hour and 6000 UAH per month.

Payroll Cycle

Workers are paid twice a month with an interval between payments not exceeding 16 days (advance payment and final salary payment).


13th month salary

Ukraine does not require a 13th month bonus.

Working Hours & Statutory Leave

Working hours

The general working hours as per law in Ukraine is 40 hours a week, which is essentially 8 hours for 5 days a week.

Overtime pay

Any hours exceeding the regular 40 working hours a week is considered overtime and should get paid at 100% over an employee’s normal salary. The maximum number of hours an employee can overwork in a day is two.

Public Holidays

There are a total of 21 public holidays in Ukraine. The list of public holidays can be found here.


Annual Paid Leave

The allowed minimum amount of annual leave for each employee in Ukraine is 24 calendar days. However, it is higher in the following cases:

  • 31 days of calendar leave for employees under 18
  • Between  26 to 30 days of calendar days of annual leave for disabled employees

Sick Leave

Employees are entitled to sick leave and are given benefits based on the duration of their employment - 

  • 60% for 5 years or less
  • 80% for 5-8 years
  • 100% for more than 8 years

Parental Leave

  • Maternity Leave

A female employee is entitled to 70 days of maternity leave before the expected delivery date and between 56-70 days after delivery. She is also allowed to take a partially paid leave until her child reaches the age of 3 years.

  • Paternity Leave 

There is no paternity leave offered.

Offboarding & Termination

Termination Process

The contract can be terminated by the employee in the following cases:

  • He may not perform his duties due to his illness.
  • He is recognised disabled
  • If such termination is a result of relocation of employee, pregnancy, medical reasons - all of which need to be supported by documents.
  • If employer violates terms of labour

The contract can be terminated by the employer in the following cases:

  • Staff reduction
  • Liquidation of the company
  • Violation of labour agreement
  • If sick leave of the employee exceeds 4 month term
  • Professional or medical non-compliance of employee

Notice Period

Notice period for an employee is two weeks when an employee terminates their permanent employment.

Severance Pay

The severance pay given is usually one months salary. However, it may extend to three months if an employee is leaving due to the employer breaking the contract or Ukrainian Labour Laws.

Probation period

Generally, probation periods in Ukraine are three months.



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