The easiest way to manage & pay your freelancers worldwide

Enjoy swift freelancer onboarding, compliance, invoicing, and payments. Seamlessly make freelancer payments in over 150 countries on one simple & comprehensive dashboard.

Trusted by innovators and industry leaders for freelancer payments

Hire & pay freelancers confidently without worrying about misclassification risks or payment woes

The preferred choice of leading global organizations

Level up freelancer payments with Multiplier’s powerful features

Generate locally compliant contracts on the platform in minutes. Multiplier’s airtight employment contract makes sure your business is protected from unnecessary risks.

Freelancers can submit invoices based on agreed payment terms, in seconds. Once that’s done, you can initiate payments for submitted invoices or reject invoices with clear communication to freelancers.

Don’t miss a beat. Pay all your distributed freelancers at one go without any errors or miscalculations.

Benefit from multi-currency payments in over 120+ currencies. The best part? You can pay in a single currency to Multiplier & we will ensure your freelancers across borders get paid in their respective local currencies.

Your freelancers can claim expenses via the Multiplier platform and you can reimburse these expenses in the most simple manner.

With Multiplier, freelancers can choose to get paid in the cryptocurrency of their choice. Businesses can send payments to freelancers in two ways:
Make payments in fiat where Multiplier will handle the conversion into the desired cryptocurrency.
Make direct cryptocurrency payments.

How it works?


Hire the freelancer best suited for the job


Onboard on Multiplier & generate a contract instantly


Your overseas freelancer receives an onboarding email from Multiplier


Freelancer gets onboarded & raises an invoice for a specified duration


Approve & initiate payments for multiple freelancers at one go

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Frequently Asked Questions

Onboarding an overseas freelancer on Multiplier can be done within 1-2 days. The steps involved are straightforward to help you activate your freelancer on the platform quickly.

Using Multiplier, you can onboard and pay overseas freelancers at $40/month per freelancer.

No, Multiplier does not charge freelancers in order to get paid. Our flat fee is $40 which will be charged to employers once every month per freelancer.

After the invoices have been submitted by your freelancers, you can pay Multiplier in three ways: bank transfer, credit card and crypto payments. Once we receive the payment, we will pay your freelancers within 2-3 business days.

Yes, in a few simple steps you can onboard and start paying your freelancers via Multiplier effortlessly.

Yes, you can use Multiplier for freelancers & contractor agencies alike. The steps to onboard and pay freelancers and contractor agencies on Multiplier remain the same.

Get your overseas freelancer onboard in a matter of minutes