Correct and compliant independent contractor classifications

Avoid misclassifications with our Agent of Record solution and protect your business - anywhere in the world. 

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Safe and simple independent contractor hiring

Our Agent of Record (AOR) solution is your partner in independent contractor hiring and management. We’ll take care of everything from order form generation, legal agreements, invoicing, payments, and more, so you can focus on the important things - like growing your business.

We'll classify your independent contractors correctly, ensuring that you avoid fines and any legal hassles.

One solution. Multiple benefits.

You can now manage everything in one place; from contracts to global payments.


Peace of mind

We take full responsibility for classification of your contractors, so you don’t have to


Stress-free payments

Pay your contractors quickly and easily with smart multi-currency support


Reclaim your time

You can implement Multiplier’s AOR in a few easy steps - there’s no complex process


Open up a world of choice

Our platform expands your reach, connecting you with the very best talent from around the world

How does it work?


Correct classification

Multiplier will assess and correctly classify your new workforce as either an employee or independent contractor. 

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Contract management

Once classified, we’ll manage all the legal agreements between Multiplier and your new workforce, including contracts and documentation. 

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Invoices and payments

You and your independent contractor will both be able to access Multiplier to manage your working relationship, including invoices, payments and timesheets.

Contractors identified by you, hired by Multiplier

Stay confident while working with independent contractors across the globe.

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The preferred choice of leading global organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Agent of Record is a third-party entity providing correct classification and administration for independent contractors. An AOR company assumes responsibility for ensuring your contractors are paid compliantly with all applicable regulatory considerations wherever they are assigned.

An Agent of Record is a company or individual with legal authority to represent the assigned party and manage their business affairs on their behalf.

With Multiplier, you can hire and onboard independent contractors in a few minutes. We’re significantly faster than traditional AORs, which can take weeks or even months.

Get in touch. Our team is present to take you through the AOR onboarding process and show you in detail what it is all about. To summarize, 

  • We will send an AOR Master Service Agreement between your business and Multiplier that will consist of the scope of work.
  • Once signed you are free to generate as many order forms as you need which must be signed by your company signatory. 
  • Soon after that we will generate an independent contractor agreement between Multiplier and the contractor. 
  • After that the contractor is successfully onboarded on Multiplier and we will handle invoices, payments and termination while you take your business forward.

Our AOR solution covers everything from independent contractor classification, contract administration, invoicing and payments. During onboarding, we collect a deposit equivalent to the notice period of the contractor. Since we have hired the contractor, we are obligated by law to pay them and hence collect a security in advance. Future pricing will be based on the invoices raised and approved by contractors and you (admin).

The Agent of Record helps facilitate the onboarding and payment process for independent contractors, ensuring compliance with worker classification and legal agreements. On the other hand, an Employer of Record takes on the full employer responsibilities for employees, handling payroll, benefits, and all aspects of employment compliance. The choice between AOR and EOR depends on the specific workforce needs and engagement model of the business.

Speed: Multiplier can help you hire and onboard contractors in as little time as possible, while traditional AORs can take weeks or even months.

Cost: Multiplier is more affordable than traditional AORs, as you only pay for the services you use.

Ease of use: Multiplier is easy to use, with a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to manage your contractors.

Compliance: Multiplier takes care of classification of contractors, so you can focus on growing your business.

Highly rated by global teams

Multiplier makes independent contractor hiring, payments and management effortless and stress-free.