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Learning, Training & Development


About OnLoop

OnLoop is a habit-forming, AI powered platform that helps managers build high functioning teams. The mobile-native solution drives everyday goal clarity, builds a culture of frequent and constructive feedback sharing and equips managers with all the information they need to drive productivity and growth in their teams. drive everyday goal clarity and feedback sharing for their teams. OnLoop uses AI to eliminate the need for manually writing performance summaries saving teams precious time and effort.

Key features

  • Help employees build a habit of frequent and constructive feedback sharing through AI-assisted prompts and vocabulary
  • Help managers and teams set clear business and personal goals and monitor progress daily
  • Save everyone time by enabling automatically generated, AI-assisted, comprehensive performance summaries
  • Give managers full visibility on their team’s progress against outcomes and their overall wellbeing for timely checkin and support
  • Personalised suggestions for managers and team members on exact actions to take to level up in their career


  • AI-powered leadership assistant

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