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Marketing Manager

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Marketing Manager

Job Overview

As a marketing manager, the job starts from understanding people, evaluating their patterns, designing marketing strategies and campaigns to cater their needs and ends after the sales of the product. The marketing manager should be ready to learn about upcoming trends in the market and be quick to respond to those trends in time. The manager should be able to carry out the daily marketing activities that keep in line with the long term objectives of the company.

Job Duties for Marketing Manager

Here is a list of the duties for which a marketing manager will be responsible:

  • Core marketing strategy ideation, formulation and implementation
  • Ensuring marketing strategy correlates with the business objectives
  • Laying out the implementation plan for the marketing strategy and decentralization of work among other executives
  • Team building and alignment of group objectives with individual objectives
  • Budget allocation and distribution on a quarterly and annual basis to meet the marketing objectives of the company
  • Determination of marketing channels to use to maximise viewer traffic and attract the optimum audience
  • Strategic relation building in order to partner with industry players, vendors and service providing agencies
  • Oversee and approve marketing materials like contents, website advertisements, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Understanding the marketing strategies of competitors and laying out plans keeping them in consideration
  • Analyse ongoing marketing campaigns, assess the effectiveness of them and make necessary changes on a quarterly or monthly basis.
  • Analyse consumer behavioural patterns and adjust the marketing strategies to suit those patterns
  • Hire necessary talent required for the marketing campaigns and allocate them roles and responsibilities
  • Presenting quarterly and annual marketing reports to directors and show the change in relation between revenue generation and spending on marketing.

Marketing Manager Salaries

  • The average salary for a marketing manager is USD 14,100 per month.
  • The salaries vary over geographies, responsibility portfolio and company and operations size.

Marketing Manager Job Qualifications

Here is a list of the qualifications which hiring managers across the globe look for while hiring marketing managers:

  • Either a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business or related fields or equivalent practical experience in the industry or both
  • Experience in using marketing automation and CRM tools
  • Proven experience with developing marketing strategies and the effectiveness of the same
  • Strong project management, multi-tasking and decision making skills backed with prior experience
  • Around 8+ years of experience in the marketing industry as a marketing executive or similar roles

Marketing Manager Job Skills required

Here is a list of few skills which will be helpful in the daily functioning as a marketing manager:

  • Analysis of consumer specific data and projection of such data over a timeline
  • Writing and content creation for advertisements and marketing campaigns
  • Knowledge and experience in operating SEO
  • Up to date knowledge of social media websites, trends going on and marketing campaigns on social media
  • Technological proficiency
  • Flexible to adapt to current trends and mould marketing campaigns accordingly
  • Ability to take calculated risks and work on intuition derived from results of data analysis
  • Have the ability to create a team and work in a collaborative manner to achieve the goals.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of the products and services to the clients and act as representatives of the company
  • Generation of leads for the current products
  • Developing new strategies for upcoming products and services and formulate their marketing plans

What to expect as a Marketing Manager

Here’s what it’s like to be a marketing manager:

  • You will get in the habit of putting your customer first. A successful marketing manager is one who can satisfy their customers. Thus they have to think from the customer’s point of view.
  • Owing to the nature of the industry, a marketing manager needs to be creative as well as a revenue generation sense at the same time
  • As a marketing manager, one can expect stability of income along with a good work-life balance.

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